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There are different Challenge Modes in the Pikmin series.

  • Challenge Mode in Pikmin, where the player grows as many Pikmin as they can in one day.
  • Challenge Mode in Pikmin 2, where the player collects The Key and other treasures to advance to the next level; while doing so, they are trying to gain points as well (by collecting treasures, minimizing Pikmin deaths, and completing the levels quickly) to show their skill.
  • Mission Mode in Pikmin 3, where the player collects as much fruit as they can in a time limit (similar to Pikmin 2), kill as many enemies as they can in a time limit, or beat bosses as fast as they can.
  • Dandori Challenges in Pikmin 4, where the player completes a goal as fast as they can within a time limit, usually by collecting treasures like previous games.
  • Challenge Mode is the main option in Pikmin Adventure, where the player must make it to the end of a level with their squad of Pikmin.

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