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Perhaps Having 2-people play at the same time in adventure mode.

Black Pikmin, a special kind of pikmin immune to everything but it will only harvest halve of what it produced e.g. 10-pellet+ Onion = 5 Black Pikmin

Please List Your Ideas 4 Pikmin 3! PikminTy ;)

No comment ~CrystalRedpikminsprite.jpgLucario~ 12:28, 15 June 2008 (UTC)
You might like to create an article about your ideas here. GP 13:45, 15 June 2008 (UTC)
We really do need to advertise for that more.--Prezintenden 16:43, 15 June 2008 (UTC)

Well, everyone needs their time to shine. Isn't that why pikipedia came into the world? So everyone can show their Pikmin Knowledge? ReplayTy

Not precisely, but sort of. But what's that got to do with this, to do with anything here? Also, namechange? GP 19:51, 15 June 2008 (UTC)

Well, back to the subject. How about a never ending game? You know just collect equipment to help you in the game, then you just make more pikmin. They could also make the days a little while longer. PikminTy

You mean, like an Age of Empires-type RTS? It's been suggested before, but I don't really like the idea. Pikmin is more appealing as it is, with objectives. GP

You Got a point there... well what about after the game you can continue no matter what.

You can in Pikmin 2... GP 21:11, 15 June 2008 (UTC)
*Wincing* ~CrystalRedpikminsprite.jpgLucario~ 23:50, 15 June 2008 (UTC)

I already tried all the sites, what else do you have?

swerly pikmin. I am rocky0718 and i PWN

Lucario? did you know if you move your head from side to side of the comp. your piki avatar follows you with its eyes?

Yeh, that is a little creepy... ~CrystalRedpikminsprite.jpgLucario~ 10:35, 20 June 2008 (UTC)

I have some new pikmin ideas:

 Green = Can uproot Poison Ivy without getting poisoned
EDIT:  Cyan    = Can fly for 3 seconds when thrown (ReplayTy and I Quote: Blue pikmin are already in the game)
Pink     = Ignored by enemies (But the enemies will attack the Captain)

Bulbmin = Can possess small enemies (ex: Small Bulborb, Bulborb Larvae)

Now see, this is more like it. if you guys want there is my page with some of my other ideas, take a click to see what they are >>>PikminTy 17:47, 20 June 2008 (UTC)

And if you guys may. needs more members. I have an account so I know what im talking about. Please go here.[1]

Advertizing +Speculation = *Wincing* ~CrystalRedpikminsprite.jpgLucario~ 11:19, 21 June 2008 (UTC)

you know what they say..."if you got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" PikminTy

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^ You forgot to sign your post lolololol.--Prezintenden
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If you guys look, I put my name on there. PikminTy

What?! And sign you posts with ~~~~ ~CrystalRedpikminsprite.jpgLucario~ 21:47, 26 June 2008 (UTC)

Actually, I sincerely hope that they don't make Green Pikmin. If you look at how Pikmin attack neither Olimar or Bulbmin, it becomes apparent that Pikmin look at the stalk more than anything else when deciding what is friend or foe. If you make a Pikmin whose body is the same color as its leaf, it suddenly becomes very hard to tell whether it's a Pikmin at all from a Pikmin's point of view. There isn't really a human analogy I can use.... Imagine if there was a plant with flower petals that looked exactly like leaves. Without smelling it or taking a closer look, would you be able to tell that it flowered at all? Probably not. I just don't think it would make sense to have Green Pikmin. —Jimbo Jambo

True, diffrent shade of green maybe? I'm ~CrystalRedpikminsprite.jpgLucario~ And I approve this message.
Depends on how sensitive Pikmin's eyes are to color. It would have to stand out. —Jimbo Jambo
It could be potentially useful. No need for an onion if the Enemies are color blind. Camo could work pretty well... Aug! I'm speculating NOOOO what kind of twisted future is this! I'm ~CrystalRedpikminsprite.jpgLucario~ And I approve this message.
Well, presumably most of the enemies would eat anything that moves, the only reason they don't eat each other being that it would give you a lot less to do. —Jimbo Jambo
Lol I'm ~CrystalRedpikminsprite.jpgLucario~ And I approve this message.

Seriously, what would it be like if you looked around an area trying to find something to harvest, only to see a couple of Bulbears eating all your prey? —Jimbo Jambo

XD I'd laugh. Then go kill it. I'm ~CrystalRedpikminsprite.jpgLucario~ And I approve this message.
A mode where you put different enemies against each other just to watch what happens would be endless fun... Go Bulborb Larva army! GP
Go Votaliate Dweevils! I'm ~CrystalRedpikminsprite.jpgLucario~ And I approve this message.

Cool Idea. I approve.Learner4 21:42, 3 October 2008 (UTC)

Click to show story thing

The Creator[edit]

I began making this story at the age of 13(the age I am now). My love for pikmin and my great imagination inspired me to make this. It took a few monthes to make this. If there's credit to be given, then all goes to me, with a few inspirations from my friends. This story is exciting and has several twists to it. Enjoy!

The Story[edit]

Part 1: The Crash

I was on my way back to Hocotate alongside Louie and The president of the Hocotate Freight Transportation Company. We reached our destination moments later. When we did, I was overcome with happiness. All those months on that planet was very tiring and stressful and am glad to be back. Louie was immediately rushed to the hospital for medication. My Children were too busy at school to come see me. Oh, well. "Olimar, go unpack the treasure from the ship and put it in the back station." The President said. So I headed to the trunk of the ship and lifted the hatch. I pushed the door open and began unloading the treasure load. As I did, I noticed something weird, a leaf stuck out of the treasure. I pulled on the leaf as if it was a pikmin, and, well, a pikmin popped out! I fell back in surprise. "Who knows what the president will do if he sees that I brought back real, live pikmin to Hocotate!" I thought to myself. "It'll be Chaos!" Then, suddenly I noticed the pikmin was acting weird. The pikmin was a white pikmin and I also noticed a purple pikmin there too, but anyway -

The pikmin were acting strange. They seemed to be choking on something. And then it came to me. They can't breathe the same oxygen as me (which was weird because they didn't hove noses, plus the white pikmin should’ve been immune!)! I knew I had to bring them back immediately or they'll die. So I left quickly so that no one would notice my absence. I had to hurry so they won't die. So I went into warp speed. As we began to reach the atmosphere of their planet, I noticed they stopped choking. But then something worse happened. They went crazy and got excited about being in the S.S. Dolphin's (my ship's name) Cockpit! They ran around pressing every button they could. I tried to stop them but it was already too late! The ship came crashing down to earth...Again! I had no choice but to watch in terror! I tried to pull back and stop the collision, but it was impossible! My fate, along with the two pikmins’ fate, was concealed! And then I blacked out...Again!

As I woke, I thought to myself, "What a crazy dream!" but then I noticed where I was, and that it wasn't infact a dream! Although, the surroundings were new to me. I have never been in this area of the planet before. I stumble around amazed at the area. It was very like the "Wistful Wild". There were many of twigs. There was also a huge wall to the left of me. The wall seemed to be made out of a hard, rough concrete with iron bars in the middle of each segment of wall. Although the iron bars were far enough apart for me to pass through. It seemed to be day-time, around noon. There were many bushes that had lost it leaves and were, as it seemed, thirty feet high! The bushes were covered with huge cobwebs. About the size of a dweevil's cobweb! I stayed my distance from those bushes. Although, half of the bushes still had it's leaves and were quiet beautiful. "This area seems to be inhabited by Giant beings!" I inquired. I have never seen or recorded a giant being that was able to build such amazing feats! These being must have been the ones that left me all those treasure! After that, I went on my way. I followed a path until I saw something I never have seen before! Orange pikmin! Ten Orange Pikmin! They were peculiarly perched upon a large twig extending from the bush next to them! What I found to be most unusual was that these pikmin were a combination of yellow pikmin and red pikmin! It had both large ears and a long nose! They seemed other-wise normal to the point.

I saw their onion to the left by the wall. It was just an ordinary onion, but orange. I called the pikmin with my whistle and they came to me. I knew that these pikmin wanted to help just as the others had. Well we went on are way. We passed many bushes and twigs. It seemed like miles to me. Then we stopped to the sight of a large Bulblax. But not like any other! This Bulblax seemed to be made out of many electroplasmic atoms. This allowed it to shoot thunder waves from it backside! It's back was yellow with white spots, which I found unusual as well. It seemed to be very closely related to the Fiery Bulblax. The Bulblax had two eyes, one smaller than the other, and very large and crooked teeth. It seemed like a good time to observe the orange pikmins' attack style and powers. Plus the Bulblax (which I came to know as and Anode Bulblax) was sleeping, which acted as a bonus! I drew my pikmin to the back of the Anode Bulblax and threw the pikmin. I noticed that the pikmin were fierce battlers. They seemed quiet strong. Infact, they took down the full-grown Bulblax quiet quickly with only four pikmin! The other six just stood there and watched. We picked up the Bulblax and took it back to the onion. The onion produced twelve pikmin. I allowed the twelve pikmin to come with us and we were off again, but now with 28 pikmin.

After a few more steps I saw the white and purple pikmin laying, unconscious to the left, near the wall. As I called them they came to me and they joined my group which now had 30 pikmin. I took a few more steps further until I came in eyesight of my ship! It was, amazingly, still fully intact! I ran towards it, but right before I could touch it's metallic texture, a large hand came out of the sky and snatched it away from me! Pikmin 3 part 2 I fell back in terror as my ship was taken away by some large creature. VERY, VERY, VERY LARGE creature! My ship was a mere toy to it! I could hear the creature talking to another creature of the same kind, although I couldn't understand them. These creatures were like I have never seen in my life! They was very much like me. They had hair on their head, and five fingers with which they grasp my ship. They have a nose and two eyes. They had ears and two legs. And all their body parts were arranged like mine. Plus, they had a civilization similar to mine. But one thing was for sure. They were definitely not my size! Infact, they were twenty times my size!

They were very unusual indeed. But I knew I had to do something. I couldn't just let them take my ship like that! I gathered my pikmin and chased after them. They began walking to the north in which I followed them. We turned to the right, around a bush and further ahead. We kept on chasing them. We eventually met up to a ledge which blocked the way and was too steep for us to proceed so we went around it and onto the concrete (Sidewalk). We felt a sudden gust of wind and we all fell down! We struggled to get up only to be felled! I felt a sudden gust of wind blow right at us. It knocked down all of us except for the orange pikmin. I felt bewildered. We kept on. The winds blew us back several times. I noticed the orange pikmin far ahead. I also noticed the bushes on the left had disappeared behind us. And then I heard a screeching noise! I called the pikmin back and stopped. I looked back and I noticed a bus. A very, very large bus. Besides the size, their bus was the same as the buses on Hocotate. But this bus was similar to school buses. Which could only mean, children must be coming out! Several children ran out of the bus, and what was worse was that they were coming my way! Suddenly, the wind shot me down, along with the other pikmin. I couldn't get back up and move out of the way. Neither could my pikmin! We were trapped by the tough winds! All, except the orange pikmin. I looked back and saw the Giants coming our way! I struggled to stand. WHOOSH! I flew back! The Giants proceeded!

One of the Giants was chatting with another. One of the Giants even saw us! But made another noise, and walked over us. I saw two feet step over me, and two feet step over the pikmin. But one of the orange pikmin wasn't too lucky! Then I noticed three people walking together in a horizontal line! They covered the whole concrete pathway! They were sure to step on us! I had to get away. But there the wind blew so hard, that I couldn't move! I managed to call the pikmin out of the way. But they wouldn't leave without me. And then I realized it...The orange pikmin aren't affected by the wind! They were just waiting for me! I forced them to pick me and the two other pikmin up and take us to the grass on my right. That way I'll be out of harms way. So they did and we escaped. But the bad thing was that I lost sight of the creature with my ship, the S.S. Dolphin 2. The grass was very tall and loose. It wasn't easy to walk. I knew that the creatures went north, but I could no longer see them. So we intentionally followed one of the creatures. I hoped it would take us to my ship. We had to reach the dirt on the left to the concrete pathway. As we followed it we were trapped by bushes full of cobwebs. A dead end.

I noticed a Dweevil come out. Being that they are extremely cowardly, it avoided us and headed to the left. But then I noticed two more, and then another two. And another two. Soon, we were surrounded by the Dweevils! My pikmin tried fighting them but failed. Though my orange and purple pikmin should have them outmatched, but it was quite the contraire. A larger, bulkier Dweevil came out of the crowd. It had large bumps near it's arms and it's eyes seemed mad and glowed green. It was bright blue with a red face. I assumed it was the leader. It came out and shot one arm at the pikmin and it immediately threw the pikmin in the opposite direction! Even the purple pikmin! I tried me best to thwart the Dweevil's(I named it an Armored Dweevil) attack. But it was futile. It did the same to me as it did to the pikmin. I was sure we were done for this time! They surrounded us in a circle. I noticed many more of these Armored Dweevils. There seemed to be hundreds of them swarming from the inside of the bushes. I assumed they thought of us as lunch! And out of the corner of my eye, I caught glimpse of something. It was in the air. It was, as it seemed, a large Burrowing Snagret, but with wings and a full body! It had two legs, and large wings. It's feather were blue on the outside, and white on the inside. Very unusual. And what else was weird, was that it had no scales what-so-ever too! It was amazing! And then I noticed something… It was heading my way! I ducked as it's wings swept away at the Dweevils. Some of my pikmin flew back. Many Dweevils flew very far. It made a loud, high-pitched chirp and took a bite out of the closest Dweevil. It was a gruesome sight. I couldn't watch. And then I thought that it may try to eat pikmin like the Snagrets have! My pikmin were just getting back up when it blew them away with its wings! Some pikmin began attacking it's feet. I assumed it wasn't to happy about that. It was an amazing battle! Pikmin side-by-side with Dweevil against the huge, legged, Snagret (which I named a Blue Snarrit).

The victor so far was the Blue Snarrit. It kept blowing away the pikmin and taking bites out of the Dweevils’ heads! I turned around a saw a large tunnel in the bush leading to the other side! We could use it escape! I called my pikmin motioned them to run and with just a movement of my feet, and blow of my whistle, we were off. Suddenly a memory came to mind. The onion! I had left their onion behind! I was so worried about my own ship that I lost memory of their ship! Without it, my pikmin will have to face the challenges of night and could never repopulate or rest, but to get the ship, I would have to pass the giant, legged Snagret(Blue Snarrit)! I made up my decision! I am going to fight the Blue Snarrit! I threw my purple pikmin first. That made it tilt to the left a little. Then I threw four orange pikmin on it's wings and it's head. It fought back by blowing us off with it's wings. By now, the Dweevils all gave up and headed back to their nest. It tried at devouring my pikmin in which it succeeded twice. Two orange pikmin died! But moments after their death, the bird died. We had defeated it! But then I noticed it was getting dark.

I didn't see the time go by. In my past explorations, I noted that I if I hadn't taken the pikmin back into their onion before the sun went down, they would suffer from the nocturnal creatures! The creatures that are not so strong in the daytime are very alert and powerful monsters at night. Every creature is more strong and alert at night! And then I thought about my two purple and white pikmin. They had nowhere to go! They usual came in my ship with me (not in the cockpit). "Where am I going stay? My ship was taken!" We had reached the onion just as the sun went down. I put the orange pikmin in their ship. "Sorry pikmin but you'll have to go with them in their ship," I told the purple and white pikmin. They had nowhere to go. So they went in. The purple pikmin had trouble with that and when he got in, the ship sunk a little. There isn't enough room for me, now that they have extra guests, so I just went south. I wanted to observe the creatures at night. I never had a chance too. Then suddenly the sun went down. It began to get dark. I began walking down the path south of the crash site. I knew I would have to face the Dweevils if I headed north so I didn't go that way. I had my journal and pen ready at hand incase I some wild life. I noticed the Giants going into their houses. Their homes were much like the houses on Hocotate. Infact, Most everything in this area seems like a larger version of the things on Hocotate. The giants' houses lit up at night just as the ones on Hocotate. I turned my head back and went along. As I came further I noticed a nest of bulborbs resting up on top of a bush. I chotted it down and went along. In the path way, I noticed a huge anode beetle digging it's burrow. I also noticed a Snagret waiting for it's dinner. I saw it because Snagrets tend to poke their head out of the ground off and on to see passers. I also met very surprising things like more Anode Bulborbs and many new species of bulborb ranging from Burrowing Bulborbs to Black bulborbs. I also never knew there where so many Emperor Bulblaxs! I must have seen about seven in one nest! I went a long, going under the wall on my right from time to time. There were very amazing, yet frightening things behind it. I shouldn't have gone behind that wall in the first place! But it was too late for that.

Part 2: A Troubled Maze

I headed further and further in. The bushes behind the wall were huge! Most of which were pure green but some weren't as green. I saw several new types of weeds that shot out of the ground. I noticed Small yellow bulbs on the tops of each weed. Although the weeds were half the size of the bushes and were green with leafs sprouting out from the ends.Many of the bushes were dead and had no leaves what so-ever. As I moved along, I looked to both left and right and discovered that there was another wall blocking the left pathway! And on the right I saw two more Homes of the giants I had met earlier. After that, I kept moving along. As I walked further, past them I noticed the scenery began to change. The bushes got bigger, and more peach and dull. They weren't made of twigs and leaves like the others. These ones were made of straw. They seemed to me like they were fifty feet higher than the others! I headed down the path they made. The bushes made a labyrinth of pathways and intersections. The bushes acted as the wall, too thick to climb through. I couldn't see over them either. I found a few intersections and followed to the left every time. That way, I shouldn't lose track of were I am. I saw a few amazing things there as well. Like I saw several new species of animals.

As I moved ahead I heard noises. Much like that of a pikmin's voice, although they couldn't speak. But the sound sounded more coarse. It sounded much more like a scream. I head towards it. I had to go right in a few intersections. When I saw the noise maker, I dropped my pen and journal! I stood paralyzed. The sight was very frightening! I saw two glowing yellow eyes protruding from that horrible black face! It was a pikmin, I think. It had a flame rather than a leaf, flower, or bulb. It's skin was black and it's eyes were glowing mad. There were six of them. Two of them were sitting on a large twig. Three of them were sitting on a piece of straw that protruded from the bush. The sixth one was standing there next to a hole. He was farthest to right. Their eyes stopped me dead in my tracks. Not dead literally of course.

I couldn't move. Their eyes seemed hypnotic. They moved closer. All I could think about were those devilish eyes! I noticed that they had sharp claws. They took two steps forward and I took two steps back. I knew they had bad intentions! It wasn't safe to be there. The other five stood back. They let the lead black pikmin do it's own thing. I understood it was their leader. These pikmin were highly unusual. They were much more like those of the mushroom pikmin! Their fire illuminated the dark skies. They stared an evil glance. The glance of death! I managed to turn around and run. They chased me. Many of the non-nocturnal creatures woke up to noise. I hadn't noticed until later. I was too focused on escaping. The leading pikmin raised it's left claw and shrieked it's battle cry! I noticed the sun was beginning to come out. The pikmin stopped dead in their tracks. I felt more confident now. The pikmin shrieked and ran back. I followed. I wanted to observe what would happen next. They ran to the place where I met them. I could see that the sun came out and it was early dawn. I poked my head through some straw. I could see them clearly. They ran into the hole that the leader stood next to. I ran to it once they were gone. I poked my head into the tunnel and saw them acting weird. They seemed like they were having a seizure. Then suddenly their skin turned blue. Their fire turned into flowers. Their claws turned into soft fingers. I heard a noise coming from behind me. I turned around and I saw a small bulborb. The bulborb strayed from it's pack. It seemed like it was very young. I stood there but it just took a bite out of me shoe! I was about to yell, but I covered my mouth. Now I was a little angry at it. I checked on the pikmin. They stopped. I was surprised. They turned around and caught me in the act of spying on them. The young bulborb was quite satisfied and walked away. I was ready to pound it but the pikmin ran towards me. I was afraid that they’d attack me, but it was quite the opposite. Instead they ran to me and waited for commands. "What mood-swingers!" I complained. But of course they couldn't understand. I assumed that the pikmin turn into black pikmin at night. "They don't even remember it either. That must be how they survive at night."

I must remember that I shouldn't leave any pikmin out at night! I looked around. "Which way was the way back to the onion?" I pondered. Everything seemed so un-familiar. I looked at the intersection. "Was it left or right?" I took the left. The pikmin followed. I took right at the next 2 intersections. I saw the exit! I ran out of the bush maze and onto hard concrete. The pikmin followed. "Wait, there wasn't concrete next to these bushes!? There was woodchips and soft dirt with several Bulborb nests!" I took a few steps forward without looking down. I was more focused on the background ahead. The pikmin didn't follow this time. They just stood there. When I did look down, I found myself on a concrete path, but it wasn't the one before. I looked around. No onion. "Where could I be?" From all that running, I lost track of where I was! Ahead was a row of buildings. I saw a sign that read "Mark Jackson, 733-4545" at the bottom, "Vandenberg Insurance Agency" in the middle and "Constellation Center" at the top. One of the doors read "ACTA". I also saw the number 38756 on the wall. "I don’t think this could be the right way…" I pondered.

I turned back but something stood in my way. It was a Blue Snarrit! It came back for me since what I had done to the other! I wondered "Why didn't attack the pikmin behind me?" The pikmin weren't on the long black concrete path like the Blue Snarrit and I were. It chirped a loud, ear-piercing screech and it tried to bite me! I backed up but my shoulder was hit! I grasped my arm! I screamed in pain. I got back up and ran for it after that. It followed me. Although it was much faster than me! It pushed me back to the black strip of concrete. Then I heard a noise. It was the honk of a car!

Part 3: Stolen

I knew my fate was concealed at that moment! I stood no chance at survival. I tried running out of the way. The Snarrit just chirped and flew out of harms way. I stood, paralyzed in fear. I stood in it's way. I tried to run but it was too large and fast to escape! I jumped to the side and ducked. It went right over my head. I was safe. I ran back out of the road and onto the sidewalk, where the pikmin were. I would rather not risk my chances on that road again. I decided to take my chances trying to reach the ship instead. I noticed the big cars hadn't driven onto the sidewalk so I knew I was safe. The creatures' cars were much like the ones on Hocotate. I headed back the way I came and the pikmin made their usual "Meh-oh-ah" and followed. But everything seemed all to unfamiliar. I hadn't remembered the bushes in that form. And I remembered a large burrow made by a Burrowing Snagret which wasn't there any longer. I was getting worried. We traveled for a few hours.

We always took the right because I took the left on the way here. After a while of traveling, I found the pikmins' onion! A blue onion! I suddenly felt much better. Now I can raise my chances of survival by gaining more pikmin. And now I won't have to risk my six pikmin transforming into black pikmin again. They day was beginning to get dark. It seemed to be around 5:00. I hadn't noticed the time go by. I put the pikmin back in the onion and headed out. I knew I could probably fit inside the onion, but I decided not to. This time, I didn't go to far. I always stayed in-sight of the onion. I just stood far enough to examine the wild-life in their own habitats. As the sun rose, I called the pikmin out of their onions. And a few moments later, we were off again. I had no idea where, though.

We were just mindlessly wondering. I was trying to find the onion were I had left the orange pikmin and the two other pikmin. Ideas of what they might be doing began to pop into my mind. We traveled on for days, and every night, I would put the pikmin away and wonder which direction they were. We faced several enemies while we traveled such as dwarf red bulborbs and shearwigs. I also met the Armored Snitchbug. That wasn't the only new species I met of course. The bushes in the area were much shorter than the ones we had passed a while back. I was actually able to see over them if I stood back. I could see the wall, were the onion stood! We made our way past the bushes and past the greener bushes were the scenery had changed. I had finally made it back. It took a few days, but we made it. The blue onion flew overhead. I began to wonder why the orange onion didn’t do that when we battled the Blue Snarrit down by the Dweevils' nests.

It didn't matter now. As I got close to the wall that separated my and the blue pikmin from the other pikmin, something suddenly grabbed me and pulled me up to its face! It was that giant whom had grabbed my ship, the S.S. Dolphin earlier! It was wearing its back pack from school! And what made it amazing was that it had my ship attached to its back pack like some demonic keychain! "HOW DARE IT POKE HOLES IN MY SHIP JUST TO SHOW OFF IT ON IT"S BACK PACK!!!!" I yelled infuriatingly! I heard it make some weird noise that sounded like "Hey, cool action-figure! Well, finders - keepers." And then it walked away with me! I watched it pull me away from my pikmin. Farther and farther.

I saw the pikmin running towards me, trying to save me! I hadn't known what was going to happen to me. The giant was too fast for the pikmin to catch up! I saw the giant walking to a meeting point of several giants at the spot were I had been savagely attacked by the Blue Snarrit the second time. I tried to squirm out of it's grasp but I wasn't fast enough and it stuffed me into the back pack. I waited and waited in it for what seemed like hours! "What have I done to deserve this?" The back pack shook every now and then. And after a long times wait, I saw the zipper open up and revealing sunshine once more! "This is my chance! I won't wait any longer!" I shouted! The giant's hand extended into the back pack and I grabbed onto its arm! It yelled and waved its arm- trying to shake me off. I could see other giants staring at this giant, out of the corner of my eye.

I climbed up his arm and jumped onto some hanging wires on his backpack. I slid down them and climbed around the other side. I pulled myself up the straps, now noticing the giant’s anger as it grabbed for me. I quickly climbed and swung off another loose wire and jumped towards my ship! But then the giant grabbed me and hurled me into the nearest waste basket! The basket smelled like my son when he wouldn't take a bath for seven months! Even with a protected oxygen mask, it somehow seeped through the glass. The walls were slimy and gunky!

I grasped at the edge but slid off as soon as some piece of garbage hit me in the face! And then I got an idea. I stood back and watched the garbage can fill up. Eventually, it got full enough for me to climb up and jump out. Which I did. I slid down the edge and jump off the garbage can. And then I fell back in astonishment! The area was overflowing with these giants! I rolled out of the way of one of the giant's foot. "How am I going to escape this one?!" I asked, irritated. I decided to hide inside a patch of grass until the area died down. After a long wait, I heard a very loud bell, and saw many giants moving to the large buildings. The area seemed very familiar. Infact, it looked just like one of the schools in Hocotate! And then I thought to myself, "This must be a school!" No wonder there were so many giants.

This was my chance. Most all the giants were in their classes. I had to hurry! Who knows when they'll be back! I jumped out of the grass and ran to the west I thought it would be the way to the exit. But I was way off!

Part 4: Sighting of the Ship

I hurried to the right. I ran across a long, tall, painted wall. Near the middle of the building from which the wall stood, were two barrels and a doorway. I rushed past them but when I got near the second barrel, a giant foot came crashing down at me and I flew right into a small gutter near the door! I came rolling down into the gutter and fell about 12 feet off a steep ledge into the murky water. It seemed like I was in the middle of a sewage pipe-line. I had encountered one of these before. Only I had pikmin with me, and it want’s as littered.

There were tons of small, gooey pieces of crumbs and hair and junk all over the area. I walked forward along a pipe. I came upon several intersections and pipes and I encountered several new, and dangerous species while here. "If only I had my journal with me!" After a ways, I came upon a large mound of grass and sand. It looked like a garden. Light shone down on it from an opening above and I noticed several flowers growing upon it and Unmarked Spectralids flew above them. I walked up to it and the unmarked Spectralids flew away and out of the pipe-lines from that hole on the ceiling. Then it came to me! "What if I found away through that hole that they flew out of?" Just at that moment, I noticed a tall flower growing on a patch of sand that just about reached the height of the hole!

I climbed the flower and swung it back and forth so that I could grab onto the hole. I extended one arm while using the other to hold on. WOOSH! I swung past it! WOOSH! I swung back. WOOSH! Even closer this time! WOOSH! I was so close, I could feel the cold air brush against my arm! WOOSH! At that moment I made a jump for it, and by a tiny inch, I grabbed on! But loose gravel un-mounded and I loss my grip! I plunged deep below! As I hit the hard ground where the flower grew, my weight over exceeded the capacity and I plunged even deeper! I screamed as I fell. I looked down and noticed an empty chasm! Suddenly my arm grabbed onto an extended pipe and I pulled myself back up! But when I stood on the pipe that saved me I tripped and slid down it. Water poured down it. I slid all the way to the bottom with which I fell of and landed on a hard surface. Solid ground! Finally I had made it out of the pipes! Even though I wouldn't have been in that situation if one of those giants hadn't kicked me in the first place!

I walked along. I saw a large set of stairs and a pathway leading downward. I turned around and saw a parking lot on the right and another pathway on the left. In the middle seemed to be a large patch of some new, green plants. And out of the corner of my eye, I saw... The big walls where my pikmin were! They had to be there! I ran towards them but was stopped by the sight of a car coming toward me! I fled and hid under on the weird plants. I saw two giants come out! And one had a backpack with my ship on it! I knew I had to chase it! But I couldn't just leave my pikmin behind! I had to go back, but not after following that giant who has my ship!

I had to know where he kept his backpack and my ship. If I went there and speculated the location of my ship, I could risk the life of my pikmin and myself!

The giant walked toward the stairs and climbed the first one. The stairs were too far apart for me to climb them so I grabbed onto the heel of its shoe. It swung me back and forth. Back and forth. It was making me dizzy. But it didn't seem to notice me. Eventually we made it upstairs and we went down a hallway. Back and forth, back and forth I went. We passed two doors. One labeled STORE. One labeled 206. Finally, we reached its home. The door was labeled 207. We went in. As soon as we reached the inside I jumped off. The floor was a lot unlike the homes in Hocotate. The floor was soft and brownish-blackish. I walked forward and saw that there were two doors. One on the right and one on the left. Curtains hung in the front. Still, I followed the Giant with my ship.

He went passed the curtains just as I did. He went into a door on the far right Just as I did. We seemed to have just passed the living room. There were a whole load of giant vases in there. When I went in the room on the far right of the living room, I came into the kitchen. There was a giant table on the left and a row of countertops. I could see a refrigerator on the far left corner of the room. The giant was searching in it. It was still wearing its backpack. What I needed to know was where the giant keeps its backpack! That way I could just rush back, get the pikmin, and rush back and get my ship!

I followed it back to the hallway and into the first door on the left, his room. It walked passed its bed and threw its backpack down onto it! "So that's where he keeps it!" I said. So I ran back to the front door where I came in but something horrible had happened! The door was closed! And the door knob was too high to reach it! I ran back to the giant's room and peeked inside. He was typing something on its computer. On his computer it said his user name was "Pikmin_789?!". I wonder how he knew about pikmin?!

Anyway, next to his computer I saw a window! An open window! "But how was I going to get up there?" Suddenly it came to me! I'd have to climb up there! I jumped onto a teddy bear sitting on the floor next to a stack ob boxes on the left side of the door, right against the wall. I climbed the boxes and turned to see the giant. Still typing. "Good!" I turned around and climbed up a videogame controller and jumped onto the neck of a table-lamp. I climbed up that and jumped off the head of the lamp, onto a table that had no full surface. The surface was just a bunch of clay lines intersecting each other. When I got onto it, I climbed up the wires of the TV on the table. When I reached the top I climbed up the antenna. I could see the window right in front of me! I jumped and made a grab for the window. "Yes!" I got it! I climbed back on and ran for it!

That was because I saw the giant looking at me! It tried to grab me but I jumped and was on the outside! At that moment, I ran down the hallway, but halfway through, I heard the door slam open and I saw the giant sprinting towards me! I ran as fast as I could and jumped to the top step of the stairs and jumped off. I heard the giant yell and I could see it walk back. I was safe! After that, I just headed back to the pikmin. I watched the cars and I looked into the sky for more Snarrits occasionally. I even faced several more new enemies such as the Scorpons. A small, unusually colored scorpion, that are actually kind of cute. Their color was blue on their face, and pink on their back and tail. They all had four feet. They had two round eyes, similar two that of a Gattling Groink. Eventually I met up with the pikmin. I was so glad to have them back. And this time, there were nothing to take me away! But they seemed to have brought a friend there. Green pikmin.

They had the same qualities of blue and yellow pikmin, but they were green. So we headed back with the six blue, one white, one purple, ten orange, and ten green pikmin back to the giant's home. It was a very long and rough journey indeed. We faced numerous enemies. Some tougher than others. Some new as well. But when we reached the stair way, we were stuck. I couldn't find a way up the stairs. The first time I did it by grabbing onto its heel, but now there is now way up there! The stairs were too far from the ground! They were too high. I kicked the sand beneath me in frustration. Then I saw a green pikmin walk up to the stairs and just stand there. And then something amazing happened! Tall weeds shot up from the sand right by the stairs! "That's their ability! They grow climbable vines when they stand on sand!" We climbed up them and we were stopped again. "How going to climb up the second step. Weeds can't grow on concrete!" I shouted. "We'll just have to find another way around."

So we went down the path opposite of the stairs. When we jumped down those steps, we went left and into the grass. I saw a big tree ahead of me. And to the left of me were four balconies and four fences. I knew the second balcony would be the giant's home so I needed to find a way up there! But what? And then I noticed that the huge tree far ahead of me had a large branch extending near the second balcony! I ran towards it with my pikmin following me with the usual "Meh-moh-mah". Some even began singing. Now we were at the trunk of the tree. We climbed up some roots and made half way towards where it extended into five larger branches, when we were attacked by the Queen Dweevil! It looked a lot like a normal Dweevil, but it had had a larger body, and bigger legs, and huge fangs, that dripped of poison! And it appeared purple and had horns on its shoulders.

I commanded my pikmin to swarm it but three died by coming in physical contact with its fangs! Then I commanded my pikmin back and it drew closer. It charged us but we dodged (I dodged and commanded them to do the same) and hid behind a large bump on the trunk. It searched for us, and while it did so, I stood back up and threw several pikmin onto its back! It started bucking and thrashing to get them off. But the pikmin were too persistent. Or at least the orange and green were. The white and blue flew back and I called them back. Rather not risk them meeting the same fate as the others. After that, I threw the purple pikmin, which nearly knocked it out-cold! But it just made it angrier. Suddenly it quivered and threw its body back, knocking the pikmin off! It charged toward them but the pikmin moved and it crashed into the trunk of a branch, which killed it from a concussion. Ignoring its lifeless body, we rushed up the branch and jumped onto the edge of the balcony.

We jumped down to the floor and ran to the glass door, which was open. We carefully walked inside. We hid behind plants and vases occasionally. I noticed a treasure I had seen before which my ship named the "Possessed Squash," sitting on a table we passed under. We ran to the giant's room, which I already knew the location of from the past "reconnaissance task". When we entered the room, I noticed the bed in front of us with the back pack laying on it. But to our displeasure, the ship was gone!

Part 5: Scorpon Territory

I lay in awe of what had stood before me...and that was a backpack without my ship on it! Suddenly we heard a noise and we all turned at once. It was the giant! But this time, the giant was with another giant! I jumped under the bed. I looked back at the pikmin. They were just standing there, murmuring their usual noises. I couldn't believe they just stood like that! But the giants' feet loomed over them and landed infront of them. The giants didn't seem to notice them. While they walked over to the desk with the computer on it, I noticed something in one of their hands. It was my ship! One giant swung it around while the other sat down and began typing. I commanded my pikmin to hide like I did. I couldn't understand their strange language at all but I saw numerous images of ships and saucers of all kinds on the computer. Some larger than my own ship! The giant with the ship turned around and took a glimpse of a pikmin! But I grabbed it and pulled it back. The giant just shrugged and turned back around.

I heard them talking to one another (even though I still couldn't understand them). They walked past us and out the door. I heard them packing (putting on) their supplies (socks and shoes). We quickly followed, but laid low. Eventually, they opened the front door! "Here's my chance!" I quickly escorted my pikmin out the door when they opened it. The door began to close and my and two green pikmin were still inside the building! I threw the two and leaped out the door. "Close call!" I followed them, but it was hard...being that they were so fast.

I occasionally encountered bulborbs and Dweevils along with other creatures as I followed those giants, but those enemies were no match for my pikmin, and if they were, than we would just flee. We followed the giants down a long sidewalk. We crossed the road and reached the other sidewalk. We took the right and we went down. It seemed like several hours. Eventually the sidewalk disappeared, but was replaced with sand dunes. Giant weeds grew to the sides. Many Snitchbugs flew atop them. The weeds were almost as tall as one of the giants! We had just climbed up one of the tall dunes when the sand dispersed and we all fell back except for some of the pikmin in the back. Six Scorpons and one abnormally large Scorpon appeared out of the sand!

The large Scorpon had a large claw, similar to the Segmented Crabster's but it had two and wasn't as big. It had two grey armored pads on each segement of it's tail. It was purple in color. The Scorpons scattered, and the large one charged at the white pikmin and threw it's tail at it! Suddenly a light blue pikmin came out of nowhere and pushed the pikmin out of the way! The tail hit the ground and a Snagret pulled out! As the Snagret rose, so did the Scorpon! Its tail was jabbed into the snagret's head! The Snagret was hidden underneath the sand when it was pierced by the Scorpon's tail!

Although, the Snagret wasn't in pain - No, sir - it was angry! The Snagret shrieked its demonic battle cry and the Scorpon flew back. The Scorpon got back up and rushed into battle against the Snagret! Now the smaller Scorpons were in the battle and three more Snagrets appeared! As we watched the battle, a pikmin began pushing us out of the way. As if it was telling us to hurry out of here. And the weird part was that most pikmin can barely even walk without me! The pikmin was grey and had no unique body part what-so-ever! Neither did the light blue one. They just had a body, and two eyes. No nose, no ears, no hair, no gills, no big-eyes, nothing! The grey pikmin also seemed that it was super smart. Being that it had the ability to take command by itself.

The light blue one appeared to be the fastest and most hyper pikmin. It would always run in place and stay ahead of the others. We walked along a sandy hillside. The large wall followed along on the left side. I could see many Scorpons everywhere. They just seemed to ignore us. We walked along further. Occasionally a Mini-Scorpon would challenge us but we would defeat it. Only three pikmin died the purple pikmin and two blue pikmin. I noticed the green pikmin leaving behind a trail of grass. I looked down as I walked and noticed many giant footprints, much larger than my own. I could see the sidewalk ahead of us.

When we reached approximately seventy feet from the sidewalk a Giant Scorpon burst out of the sand like a Snagret! It pushed us away and revealed itself to us. It was orange in color, had six horns on its back, had two claws like the Armored Scorpon, and had six segments on its back rather than five. But above all, it was much larger! It was a bit bigger than the Empress Bulblax! But not so obese. It threw its huge claw at us and hit an orange pikmin! The pikmin died. The Scorpon (named Raging Scorpon) threw its other arm at the grey pikmin and its tail at the white pikmin! The grey pikmin dodged and the tail just barely missed the white pikmin. Meanwhile, I threw my pikmin rapidly at its back but the Scorpons's back was to smooth and hard to attack. It was as if it was wearing metal armor.

All my pikmin began swarming it at once, which didn't make it too happy. It dove into the sand. My pikmin stood their confused, except the grey pikmin. It ran to the right and the Scorpon dove out of the ground on the right side. Its left claw swung into the air and flicked a green pikmin into the air! As the pikmin fell back down, the Scorpon opened its secret mouth, which wasn't such a secret any more. Just then I hatched a plan! I grabbed the light blue pikmin and threw him at the green pikmin! The pikmin tightened himself to get maximum speed. The two pikmin collided in mid-air and landed safetly on the sand, not inside the scorpons mouth. That made it greatly furious. At that moment I called the pikmin with my whistle and ran for the side walk. It charged us and bumped into a rock that we went around. We finally touched the sidewalk! Out of Scorpon territory! The Raging Scorpon shrieked and burrowed away. "Man, Scorpons are more territorial than Dweevils and Bulborbs combined!"

We walked a ways on the sidewalk. "I wonder where the giants went." I said. We walked past a patch of tall weeds. "Are we going the right way? Did the giants go this way?" I asked the grey pikmin but it just tilted it's head and said "Meh." We walked further. "I think the giants took a different route." I said. Just then I saw the giants heading my way. They were talking and holding the ship up in the air as if it was transparent. We ducked and their feet flew overhead. They walked past us, still talking, still ingoring us. The pikmin and I chased them but stopped at the edge of the sidewalk. the giants walked back the way they came. Through Scorpon territory!

Part 6: On the road to Hocotate

"We had just barely survived last time! How in the world are we supposed to go through it again?!" I shouted. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a blue light. I rubbed my helmet and looked again. It was gone. So then I commanded my pikmin to run as fast as we could, which was easy for the light blue pikmin. The Scorpons were quite faster and took two green pikmin! Other than that, we escaped. The scorpons may have chased us and took two pikmin, but we made it to the sidewalk on the other side. By now, we were all out of breath, and by all, I mean myself. The pikmin are never tired. The Giants were far ahead, but we managed to catch up.

When we got to the stairs that lead up to the corridor that lead to its house, we went the other way around like we did last time. We climbed up the tree, and jumped onto the balcony, and ran to the giant's room.We hid under the bed again. I could hear the two giants talking. Eventually, the giants went out of the room. That's when we went in to get it.

We climbed a cloth that was hanging from the top of the bed. We managed to reach the top of the bed. When we got there, we climbed the pillows and jumped onto the table on the left. The Ship was on the second table to the left of the bed - Near the computer. We pushed a photo frame to the other table, using it as a bridge to get across to the other table. This time I actually thought we would get it! I was wrong. When the giants came into the room, I commanded the pikmin to stay behind the huge machine (printer) next to the computer. I hid behind the ship, keeping my grip on it. The giants lifted up the computer and picked up the ship. It was still holding on. Since the ship had a smooth, metallic texture, I began loosing my grip, but I managed to stay on. The pikmin ran to the edge of the table and watched me and ship leave the room, and possibly even the building! The giants walked to the living room with computer and ship in hand. They sat down and set the ship and me down on the table.

My hands ached. They openned the computer and began talking and typing. I didn't know what they were talking about or doing on the computer, and I think I didn't want to know. What I did know was that I had to move the ship or they might take it away again. I started pushing the ship to the right. I saw one of the two giants look at the ship and I hid. when he turned back, I continued pushing. Eventually, I pushed the ship off the table and jumped off with it. At that moment, the giants were searching for the ship. The ship and I hid safely under the table, behind the south-east leg. I checked to make sure the ship was okay. It was, except for the two holes punctured into the top of the ship, and that the ship had forty-two un-read messages, probably from the president. After checking, I hopped into the ship and flew out the glass door north-east from the table. The giants had continued their search in another room. Fortunately, the pikmin made their way out the glass door were I came out of.

I saw the pikmin run feely, and then I began to miss them. But I will always keep them in memory.

I headed back to Hocotate to apologize and report my actions to the president. I hoped I hadn't caused any grief. Little did I know, I caused more grief than ever before. When I got there I saw the president really dirty and ragged, and his clothes were torn. "Olimar! You're finally back...But where's Louie?" The president shouted with enthusiasm. "Huh?" I responded.

"I sent Louie to look for you! You were gone for so long, I thought you both died! I sent you many messages but you didn't answer! The Debt Collectors were looking for our treasure but you took them too! They even added more pokos to the debt! I had to go back to hiding!" I shouted at me. "Well forget about Louie, Unload the Treasure Hoard!" So I opened the hatch like before and what he found surprised me more than when I found the pikmin there! There was nothing there at all!

Part 8: The Search is On

"Well, don't just stand there! Get going! Go back, get Louie, and get those treasure!" So started the search for the missing treasure. I began by landing in the area where I met the black pikmin. I saw the blue, green, and red onion nearby. I ran to them. There was the white, light blue, and grey pikmin already outside, attacking a dwarf red bulborb. I called them, and then got the other pikmin out of the onion. I took them to the left path and then the right path. I got in a battle with three dwarf red bulborbs.

I kept moving further. Eventually I fought a Decorated Cannon Beetle. Eventually I reached the crash site. I found a treasure that my ship deamed "Delectible Arrowhead". I followed the north path. I found two treasures after a while. "Building Blocks of Age", and the "Dreams of Magnificence". I reached the Dweevil nest, headed backward a little, and crossed onto the sidewalk. I walked past the dweevil nest. "It isn't that windy today," I said.

I kept going down the sidewalk. I evntually reached the crosswalk, but I kept going past it. I saw many old creatures living near the side of the sidewalk. I past them and noticed something. An Onion! A red onion!!!

I ran off the sidewalk and to the onion. I could only see the top of it because the rest is hidden behind a bush. When I reached it I called the pikmin out. The only thing was, there was no pikmin there! "Someone must've took the pikmin out already! But who?" I searched for any sign of someone. Nothing. I shrugged and moved along, looking for a sign of Louie. "Louie, where are you?!"

I kept going until I met an abrupt stop. I stopped at the end of the sidewalk, and what stood before me was not good. The Scorpon territory. I looked around. Nothing. "Louie? Are you over there? Somebody? Answer me!" I yelled. I nodded and went into the sand. A scorpon appeared. I ran past it, but another appeared! Faster now! Two more appear, one mini-scorpon, and one Armored Scorpon! Even faster!

The pikmin were having trouble catching up. Three more appear! Faster and faster we're going! Five more! As fast as I can! And then the Raging Scorpon! I stopped and turned around! I was surrounded by over 30 scorpons! I had nowhere to go! I through the pikmin over the crowd and dove down! The Scorpons pounced at me, but I dodged and grab my pikmin. Now I was being chased by over 30 scorpons, while carrying 10 pikmin and 50 other pikmin following!

I almost reached the sidewalk when suddenly 3 scorpons jumped out of the sand! I through the pikmin over them and dove past them! I finally reached the sidewalk! I watched the scorpons burrow under the sand and ignore me. I turned around and went on my way, until I heard a loud screech! I turned around to see the Raging Scorpon still charge after me, even though I was on the sidewalk! Suddenly an arm grabbed me and pulled me behind the bush. The pikmin followed me and hid behind that bush. The scorpon searched for me, but to no avail, didn't find us. It went back to the sand. I looked at my savior and was surprised to find that it was... Louie!

Part 9: Catching Up

"Louie what happened to you? Where were you?!" I asked.

"I was in my ship, looking for you, when I incidently forgot to fill the gas tank, so I crashed. Then I saw you, so I called you but you didn't answer me. I tried to run to you but there was a bush in the way. When I got around it you where gone." he replied.

"Oh, sorry" I apologized.

"Anyway, I kept wondering for days on end. Until I found the red onion. I got the pikmin and went hunting for some food. I kept lookig for you, but I never saw you again until today."

"Well, now that we're back together, let's get in the ship and head back to hocotate!"

"Okay, but we'll need to take this treasure too. I'm sure it'll be worth a lot." He said. We both were looking at a huge marbel. It was clear purple, and it shimmered in the sunlight. We took the marbel to the ship, protecting the pikmin carrying it. When we reached where I had landed my ship, we both noticed one thing... That my ship was gone!!!

"Where's the ship?!" I pondered angerly! "Now how are we going to get back! First a giant took my ship, then I got attacked by scorpons, now my ship's gone again, what next?!"

"I'm sure we'll - Wait, WHAT?!" Louie asked.

"I'll tell you later. Right now we need that ship, and I know just the place it'll be!" So we put the marbel down and head back, onto the sidewalk. Eventually we got to the crosswalk and we crossed. After crossing we went down the prking lot, and back onto the sidewalk. Down the steps, onto the grass, up the tree, and onto the balcony.

"Where, are we," Louie asked.

"At the Giant's house," I responded. We ran across the living room undeteced and ran to the right door, and into the giant's bedroom. We saw the giant and it's friend typing on the computer again. The friend was holding my ship. "They must've found my ship again and took it! Looks like we'll need to find a way to get it back."

Louie didn't say anything. When they got up we hid under the bed. They took the ship out the room and out the front door. We followed again. When they got to the parking lot, they went left, rather than the usual right direction. We followed them. "Olimar, it's getting dark!"

"Oh, no. Our onions are all the way back with the marbel!" I yelled! Louie's mouth dropped to the floor. What's going to happen now, Olimar?"

"Stand back, Louie!" The sun began to go down and the pikmin began to shriek! They dropped to the floor and their skin turned black! Their flower caught on fire! Their eye's turned yellow! And then they got up and stared at us. I could sense the fear in Louie.

"Are they still friendly, Olimar"

"Let's say that it's a good idea to stand back."

Suddenly the pikmin jumped and us. Me and Louie ran for it. The 65 pikmin chased us until we reached the giants. Me and Louie hid under a rock. "What's going on Olimar? Why are those pikmin chasing us? Why does that Giant have your ship? Tell, me now!" He yelled infuriatingly!

"Okay, okay. Just keep your voice down." So I told him the whole story. About how we crashed, how my ship got taken away from me, how I was attacked by Scorpons. Everything.

"WOW! I'm surprised your still in one piece! What happened to me was nothing compared to what happened to you!" He shouted. That gave away our hiding spot and a pikmin jumped onto Louie! Louie managed to shake them off and we were running again. "Look, Louie! The sun's back!" We watched as the sun rose and the pikmin turned back to normal. "Now which way did those giants go?" ...


Part 10: A Ship in Trouble

"Looks like we're lost again!" "Beep, beep, boop! Sustaining vioice command. Activation enabled."

"Who's saying that? Are you trying to fool me, Louie?"

"It's not me"

"Than who's saying that?" We turned around to see the head engine of my ship floating before us!

"I managed to escape by ejecting me from the rest of my body. My battery is running low and there doesn't seem to be any fuel source here sufficient enough to let me run. Hurry! I know the way to the rest of my body!"

So without interruptions, we rushed to the Giant's friend's house. We went through the garage, which was open, and ran through the other door. We ran down to the end of the hall, where we stopped.

"Error! Error! My system's memory data tells me that my body's behind this door."

"But how are we going to get up to that knob, all the way up there." Louie questioned.

"Ship, when I say go, fly up as high as you can!" I said to it. Then I jumped onto it and yelled "Go!" The ship flew up as fast and high as possible! "Almost there, just a little closer!"

"Olimar, don't look down!" Sadly, I looked down. "WHOA!!!!" I yelled. Now's a good time to mention that I'm afraid of hieghts! "Careful, Olimar"

And then the worste thing happened. "LOOK BEHIND YOU, LOUIE!!!" He turned, only to be whacked all the way to the end of the hallway! He crashed into the wall and ran! He was being attacked by a giant, black and white, cat!

"Ship, what are you doing? No, go higher! Not lower!" I complained. "The president ensured that I would protect both of your guys life." The ship lowered down to Louie and Louie jumped on. The ship began flying back up but was shot down by the cat! The ship crashed and turned off!

"We're dead meat!" Louie whispered. And then the door finally openned! Two giants walked out and the cat followed them, forgetting us.

"That was a close call, Olimar." We went into the room and found the ship on the floor. We stuck the head back on it. It turned on and began glowing. "Masters, I fully automotable now! I suggest that we leave, as soon as possible. So we got in and flew off.

"Olimar, we forgot the marbel!"

"Foget the marbel! Aren't you just glad to be safe and sound in the ship again?"

"But you told me, that the president sent you here to find me, and the treasure?"

"Fine, fine. We'll go back and get it. But if something bad happens to us and we survive, I'm going to leave you here!" So we headed back to the marbel and the onions.

When we reached there, we stuffed the marbel in the cargo hold of the ship and jumped into the cockpit, and flew off. "I'm going to miss those cute, little, pikmin." I said as the planet got smaller and smaller until I couldn't see it anymore.

Part 11: Battle of Man vs Machine

We eventually landed on Hocotate. The president was waiting there. "Finally you're back. Glad to see you again, Louie. Anyway, I wan't both of you to unload that cargo, no flying off again either!" The president disciplined. The president walked back to the company building while me and Louie unloaded the treasure (no pikmin in sight). Suddenly, Louie fell back. He dropped the shaking treasure. It was that marbel! It began violently vibrating among the floor. It wasn't a marbel after all! It was an egg! The president turned around.

A crack soon formed on the egg’s shell. Soon enough, the egg fell apart. I walked up to it to take a peek at the newborn. Suddenly, immense mechanical legs shot out from the egg shell, and hit me, pushing me back (Boy, did that hurt!). I got back up and looked at the gigantic monster! It looked like that of a Goolix, except that it was purple and had four huge mechanical legs. The legs shot into the air, one leg at a time, and shot back into the ground. It was truly a sight to see. All four legs were now in the ground and lightning shot out of the ground in front of them. Me and Louie got out of the way and the president hid behind my ship.

The legs were pumping electricity out of the Town’s Energy supply! All the lights turned off! The monster's legs began to shoot lighting far distances. We stood very far away. Although, I knew we had to do something! So I picked up a rock and threw it at it. The rock got lodged in its machinery inside its gooey body and made it short-circuit. That made the creature mad.

It shrieked and withdrew its legs. Immediately after, it shot out seven mechanical legs and attached four of them to make claws. After that, it charged after me and smacked me in the face with it’s first arm, sending me fling backwards twenty feet! It withdrew it’s claws and dug it’s legs into the ground even deeper this time!

He was very tough "If only I hadn’t picked up that egg, thinking it was a treasure. Stupid, Louie!" I thought to myself. "If it uses electricity, than the only way to get to it was to use…" I wondered. "Use what? What?!" And then it came to me! "Rubber! Rubber conducts electricity! My suit is made out of rubber (and meatal)!" So I simply walked up to it and threw my hand into its mechanical pipes and pulled out a red pipe. The pipe began letting out steam and the creature shrieked! It swung it’s one of it’s leg at me and kicked me back! I got back up and threw my hand back into him. He kicked again but I dodged and pulled out a second pipe. They were both letting out steam. The creature shrieked again. All while this was happening, Louie and the president were watching.

The creature drew out an engine-like machine from it’s face and attached a pipe to it’s front right leg. It turned to face me and began breathing fire on me! I jumped out of the way but my waist and down were scorched. I screamed in agony. I managed to get up but the pain pulled me down. "If only I had a pikmin!" I crawled back up and moved behind a rock. The rock acted as a shield from the fire. I had to find way out of this! Then it came to me again. "It felt pain when I messed with its machinery so I just have to... have to... have to... Have to what?"

"It must gain energy when it pumps electricity into it’s legs. So I just have to break it’s legs and it’ll be defenseless!" I carefully crawled away from the rock, hoping it wouldn’t see me. When I managed to reach it’s legs I puched them as hard as I could. That bent them but not enough. The creature turned around and kicked me extremely hard. I rolled along the ground, but I got up and charged at it. It blew fire at me but I dodged and rammed it's legs. They snapped in-two and it came crashing down with a huge explosion. Four parts of him went flying into the air and landed near Louie and the president.

They included a small engine, a small propeller, and an electrical pump. I pushed the three to the back of our ship and the ship recorded it as worth one-thousand pokos each! Our dept soon went from critical to normal. Now we had fully re-paid our dept and were back on buisiness. Now that we all were back safe and sound, the pikmin were back in their own home, and our dept was gone, everything went back to normal. Although, a few things were different. I got promoted to treasure collector, Louie took my old job, and the Hocotate Frieght Shipping Company's business sky-rocketted. We were all happy. Except me because I had to clean up all the goo from the mess!

- Pikmin 7890

Volcano Pikmin[edit]

Volcano pikmin are encountered in Volcano island and is immune to lava and blow their tops when startled. Brittonbubba


i think ive seen the fanfic before... I am rocky0718 and i PWN

Go figure...ReplayTy

Can we please put that under a collapsible table? —Jimbo Jambo

Be my guest.--Prezintenden
Don't know how. Green usually does that stuff. —Jimbo Jambo
Done. GP

Pikmin 3 FAKE Walkthrough[edit]

On Gamefaqs Hinsburg has a FAKE Pikmin 3 Walkthrough that has more than I could ever expect from the sequel, seeing as how they'll make it easier for the casual audience instead of brutally harder, which this fake version is. My only problem is that you can't play as Louie in it, and I don't like the idea of Pink Pikmin, I'd rather have Green or maybe Black. Check it out anyways. Portal-Kombat

give us the link--Large pixal snowy bulborb.PNGSnowy bulborb

Oops. That's pretty important. Here it is: So... what do you think? Portal-Kombat

Playing at Night[edit]

I have a good idea for black pikmin.

When you beat a certain boss you get an item (helmet light). This light goes on olimar's head and then he can see in the dark so he can play at night. When you play at night you find a BLACK ONION with 10 BLACK PIKMIN near it

The black pikmin are very strong (1.5 times as strong and heavy as purples) They are as fast as reds and they have a dying leaf/bud/flower and two red eyes (to see in the dark)

When playing at night there are 2-3 times as much enemies but you have the blacks which are strong.

NOTE: the enemies can't enter the onion area —???Unknown 12??? video game master

What, collecting treasures to repay another debt? You don't think they should change it up a little? —Jimbo Jambo

Hey dude I had already made black pikmin. They are like white pikmin but they have swords (LOL).- P

When you browse threads like these, you realize that a lot of people come up with similar, if not identical ideas. I for one can imagine Black Pikmin with flowers like black-eyed Susans. —Jimbo Jambo 06:29, 17 January 2009 (UTC)

Unknown 12 Story Idea[edit]

I think that the story should be about His boss having louie and olimar go back to the pikmin planet to get something else with the pikmin. NOT TREASURE! It should be something like objects for something. Here is what I think the story should be like:

Olimar and Louie and the prez return to their home planet. They sell the remaining stuff and they find a RED PIKMIN on the ship that stowed away with them (they left the purple and whites behind on the planet). They realize that they must go back to the distant planet to get the pikmin back home cause the pikmin can't breathe on their home planet. They return to the planet to take the pikmin back.

BUT.... Olimar's son sneaks his way on the ship and gets lost on the planet. They must now find olimar's son. The pikmin must collect items above/underground to get to new areas and stuff like that. To get back his son from the distant planet they need to use a tracker that shows were he is exactly (Olimar placed it on him when he noticed that his son was with him) but he was snatched by a red bulborb taking the tracker thing and ripping it apart and throwing it around the place giveing the parts to the child bulborbs and they took them away! Olimar tries to chase the bulborb but he is no match of it and the bulborb children attack him. He wakes long after being attacked and his son and the parts of the tracker are long gone.

The object is for olimar to have the pikmin (6-7 different colors) collect the parts of the tracker (There are 50 parts). Then to find his son which will be guarded by the final boss (I'll let Nintendo figure out the final boss) in the final area at the end of the final cave (Kind of like louie in pikmin 2!)

There should be 5, 6, or 7 areas. Many bosses. They should keep all the boss exept 4 and add more! Unlockable challedge mode and a new mode called cave/area maker where you can create your own cave/area with monsters onions land stuff etc.! Wi-fi mode must go on the game! And a mode where you can play at night (Explained above). And nintendo should add in anything that they think will do good in the game!

???Unknown 12??? video game master

Unknown 12 I Have to say that was an AWESOME STORYLINE. Brittonbubba

Thanks but a bunch of the story got cut off so i will summerize it for you. After you beat the final boss he comes back to life with 3 times the power and he can use bulborbs and stuff. After you beat him you go back home and return olimars kid but... you notice that There is a new building on your planet and it says "Hocatate Zoo: where all the strangest creatures are. OPENS In 15 days. You must go back to the pikmin planet and collect all of the enimies in the game by 15 days! TO collect them you kill them and take them to your ship and they bring them back to life when they are in the zoo behind the fence. This is a second challegde mode so you don't have to do it. BUT if you do then you get to unlock a clip where it shows the zoo and people cheering it on. —???Unknown 12??? video game master

I think that scince it showed a variaty of onion colors at the end of the original we should use some of them. Black Pikmin-can be set to do a task at night and will still be alive during the next day. Orange Pikmin-Uh the initial thought is imunity to fire but reds have that already so no ideas. Also I would like to see onions for the purple and white pikmin, or at least make the flowers more common. I would like to not see any caves but rather a completly above ground adventure like in the first game. I would also like to see a sense of urgancy and a time limit like the original had. I want the sense that if you don't use the pikmin and collect the stuff you will die there. and no one will ever know. Basicaly I want pikmin 1 only with more pikmin colors. Metroidhunter32 18:57, 19 January 2009 (UTC)



  • Distant snoring*
  • CRASH!*

Olimar: Uh???

  • Gets out of ship*
  • Yawn*
  • Louie burps*

Louie:Ohh.. What happened last night?

  • Burps out poison*

Louie: It could be that poison sheargrub i ate last night or it could be...WHITE PIKMIN!!!!

  • Olimar is alarmed*

Olimar: A meteor...woo h...

  • Falls asleep*
  • Louie uses the pee in sleep prank*


  • Olimar runs around ship*

Louie: Ha! Hot water Always works.

  • Holds up bottle that says"nuclear hot water"*

Olimar: LOUIE!!!!

  • Chases louie*


  • Runs to ship and shuts off tractor beam*
  • Fart*

Louie: I hope that door isn't open.

  • looks*


  • Screams*
  • Shuts door*
  • Olimar crashes into the closed door*

Olimar(Muffled): GET BACK HERE, LOUIE!

  • Shudders*

Louie: Just taking a shower!

  • Takes off*
  • Olimar gets so mad his helmet cracks under the pressure*

more coming soon... I'm RedpikminFire.PNGFlamethrower And I approve this message.