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Hello I am Unknown 12!!! I really hope that they make a pikmin 3 or pikmin for DS!

I think it's so cool that they have this place. I can't find anyother place like this one!

Walking pikmin.gif

Fave Pikmin



3.Bulbmin (You can't take them out of Caves)




Pikmin Ideas

Black Pikmin: Use them at night (Unlockable mode) Super strong, heavy pikmin but they are faster then reds but slower then whites.

Orange Pikmin: Combination of yellow and red (Long nose, big ears, immune to electricity and fire) BUT..... they need 2 pellets worth to make one and they are slowish.


The radar page in the US Pikmin 2 instruction manual.

This is so weird!

Open to page 35 and 34 of the "PIKMIN 2" instruction booklet

Look at the bottom of a green box and there are circles one of them is PINK!!!

For more info vist Forum:Pink_Pikmin???

Fave Monsters/Bosses

Here R my Favorite monsters and my favorite boss

Artwork of a Creeping Chrysanthemum.


1. Creeping Chrysanthemum

2. Fiery Bulblax

3. Gatling Groink

4. Mamuta

Artwork of a Man-at-Legs.

5. Decorated Cannon Beetle




Here R some glitches/easter eggs in the game!

1. If you get 20 red, yellow, blue, purple and white pikmin they will sing the tune to the first pikmin game.

2. At the main menu press (R), (X), (Z), (Y) to play around with the pikmin.

3. On some sublevels there R bulborbs (Adults) On the other side of a wall but they R lower than U and you R higher than normal. U can attack the bulborbs with olimar on the other side of the wall! Click here to see glitch

4. Very weird glitch! Yellow somehow survived the water under a bridge! Click here to see glitch

5. More pikmin that told! Click here to see glitch

6. Just plain wrong!!! Click here to see glitch

7. Killing the captain glitch Click here to see glitch

Pikmin 3 Covers

Click here to see the covers for pikmin 3 (Fan made)!

Pikmin 3(3).jpg


This is just a fake funny Cover for Pikmin 3. Remember this is NOT real!

Funny Pikmin video on youtube

Click here to see the video on youtube!

The Who

Check out these great songs (also see Forum:The who!!!)

Baba O' Riley

Won't Get Fooled Again

Pinball Wizard


You better You Bet

Guitar And Pen

Who Are You

My Generation

Slip Kid

Eminence Front


New Who Wiki

I have requested a Who Wiki and when its here a link will come HERE.