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Miscellaneous pieces of Pikmin merchandise.

3DS Card Case[edit]

Club Nintendo released a Nintendo 3DS game card case in America and Japan. Each case came with alternate covers that you can choose between. America received a Pikmin-themed cover and two Super Mario-themed covers, while Japan received a different Pikmin-themed cover and three different Super Mario-themed covers. Each cover is reversible, so you can choose which design you want on the inside and outside.

Nintendo badge set[edit]

A set of 3 Nintendo pins were released for Japanese Club Nintendo members, featuring pins based on the The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, and Pikmin series.

Pikmin cork coasters[edit]

Certain retailers gave away themed cork coasters when pre-ordering Pikmin 3. There were two patterns: a red colored scrambled pattern, and a blue circular pattern, each featuring the main three Pikmin types.

Picnic sheet[edit]

In Japan, pre-ordering Pikmin 3 or purchasing it on the day of launch from the store Yamada Denki, would allow the buyer to choose from various Pikmin 3-themed promotional merchandise on a first-come-first-serve basis. One of these items was a picnic sheet featuring the Pikmin 3 cover art.

Pikmin 3 patches[edit]

There were Pikmin 3 patches representing the three original Pikmin types, given away at various locations such as E3 2013, and the Pikmin 3 GameStop Hands-On event.

Pikmin 3 clock in a can[edit]

EB Games offered an exclusive "Pikmin clock in a can" with Pikmin 3 pre-orders. It required customers to pull up on the metal tab of the can to see the clock, just like a canned food item.

Mini towel[edit]

A towel released by Ensky and is available in Japan. It was also available in America during E3 2013 on the second day.

Enksy Drawstring bag[edit]

Year: 2013 JAN: 4970381095321 Dimensions: 35×40 cm Material: 100% cotton Retail price: 450 yen

A Pikmin drawstring bag released by Ensky[1]. It has a green foliage pattern, featuring a Red Pikmin, Blue Pikmin, and Yellow Pikmin on one side, and the Romanized Japanese Pikmin logo on the other.

Pikmin 3 character decal stickers[edit]

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Ensky released packages of Pikmin 3-themed decal stickers in 2013. Each packaged contained two stickers, and one piece of Ramune Candy. There are 18 stickers in all.

Pikmin 3 puffy sticker sheet[edit]

A sheet of 35 PVC puffy stickers was released by Ensky on October 3rd, 2013 and sold for 380 yen[2]. They feature various characters from Pikmin 3. Dimensions: H175 × W90mm. Jan code: 4970381301347.

Pikmin 3 jigsaw puzzle sets[edit]

Many Pikmin 3 jigsaw puzzles were released by Ensky in 2013. Four of these were 52 piece jigsaw puzzles, which also included a piece of Ramune Candy and when assembled, and measured 25.7x18.2cm. There was also one 108 piece puzzle which measured 18.2x25.7cm, a 300 piece puzzle which measured 26x38cm, and a 352 piece puzzle which measured 18.2x51.5cm.

Pikmin 3 magnets[edit]

A set of 12 Pikmin 3-themed magnet cards were released by Ensky in 2013. Some of the cards allowed users to punch out Pikmin characters, while others used the entire card to display Pikmin 3 art. They were sold in packages which contained 1 magnet and 1 piece of candy.

Light switch decals[edit]

Three decal stickers were made by UlalaCube to be placed on light switches and other highly visible areas. They come in only one color, black, and they come in all variations from all of the Pikmin games. They were released to Japan on September 18th, 2013.


The following are various forks and bowls for Pikmin 3. They were made by Hasepro, and were available to Japan on November 26th, 2013. There were 2 bowls, 3 cups, 2 forks, and 2 spoons. They are made out of melamine.

Tissue box case[edit]

A Pikmin 3-themed tin tissue box case was released by Ban Dai in 2013. The dimensions are 257x130x58mm, and fits almost any regularly sized tissue box.


Towards the end of February 2002, Banpresto released a series of 24 3cm Pikmin buttons in Japan. These buttons were available in many of Banpresto's prize game machines located in various shops. The games consisted of balls falling from the top of the machine, and required the user to bat the balls away to avoid it landing in the "game over" hole. The games cost 100 yen each play and were generally pretty easy to win.

Pikmin magnet collection[edit]

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In December 2002, Takara Tomy Arts released a set of 7 magnets based on Pikmin called "Pikmin Relief Magnets". Six of the seven could be placed next to each other on a magnetic surface to display a line of Pikmin in whatever order the user wants. The seventh was just an emblem. They were sold in machines in Japan for 200 yen.

Nintendo Monopoly (2010 edition)[edit]

Although it isn't focused solely on Pikmin, Pikmin are featured on the sides of the box of the 2010 edition of Nintendo Monopoly. B&O Railroad has been replaced with a Red Onion, and the S.S. Dolphin is one of the metal playing pieces, but it is mistakenly called the "Pikmin's Rocket". Similarly, the Master Sword from the The Legend of Zelda series is called "Zelda's Sword".


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