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Wiki editing[edit]

If you haven't edited a wiki before, it can seem a bit confusing, but it's actually very simple. We have a quick start guide that explains the basics, and if you want a reference on how wikitext works, see Help:Editing. It's recommended to create an account so your edits can be attributed to a username instead of an IP address.

What needs doing[edit]

With a new game, a lot of new information needs to be documented, and a lot of old information needs to be updated. On top of significant information about things like the plot, there are many smaller details to document, such as the layout of areas and behavior of enemies. Each new Pikmin game also introduces major changes to the series, so things that have been true for all 3 previous games might no longer be the case. While reading the wiki, if you notice something that needs updating, update it! You can edit any article with the Edit button at the top of the page or section.

As well as small changes, some more substantial information needs to be documented, and for that, there'll often be a game help box in a section of an article. This will explain what needs doing, and doing that task and removing the box once it's done is one of the best ways to contribute information. And if you want to start documenting something entirely new, you can create a new article about one of the many new topics in the game.

Creating articles[edit]

Before you can create an article, your account must be at least 24 hours old and have made at least 1 edit. This restriction may be annoying but it is necessary to avoid spam.

Once your account meets these requirements, you can create a page, either by using the form below or by entering the desired title into the search bar. There are buttons on the article creation page to pre-load the structure of certain common article types. Make sure the article you're creating doesn't already exist.

What articles need creating?[edit]

When the full game comes out, we'll need many new articles. Topics that will need articles include:

Moving information off the Pikmin 4 article[edit]

Up until this point, per the new game guide and new game policy, all Pikmin 4 information was documented on the Pikmin 4 article itself, to simplify organization. Now that this policy no longer applies, this information can be moved off that article into new ones. When creating a new article, make sure to check the Pikmin 4 article to see if there's any information which can be moved over, to save work. Also be sure to remove that information from the Pikmin 4 article once it's been moved over.

Uploading images[edit]

We'll need a lot of images of things in the game, but fortunately, uploading images from the Nintendo Switch is easy. There's a guide on how to do it, and also other information about image uploading, at Help:Files.

Organization and getting help[edit]

During this period, there's a lot of uncertainty over what the best way to document something is. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the Pikipedia channel of our Discord server.