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This information is already given in the Smoky Progg article. Also, it is a pearl of some sort, and not a pellet. It isn't in any category, and if it were put in the Piklopedia, then it should be merged into the pellet article. Either way, in my opinion this article should be deleted... Once again...--Prezintenden(babble) 14:15, 15 November 2007 (UTC)

You mean Pikipedia, right? Maybe it could just be moved to an appropriately-named page with 'See also' links to Mamuta and Pellet, and possibly Pellet Posy. This one could remain as a redirect to that one. And why is my sig being forced onto the next line? GP

No, I did mean Piklopedia (aren't all the articles here in Pikipedia?). Well, as I said, it isn't a pellet. I find it looks like a mixture of a nut and pearl, and since the Progg lives in a egg that looks like a sea shell/clam, I would refer to it as a pearl. With that I mean that it should have nothing to do with pellets and only be associated with the Progg, which already is (the article still needs a picture of the pearl, though).

As for your sig... Uh, yeah... If you don't know why, then you can be certain that I don't either. I can only guess; I'd say it has something to with the box that you made for it, as it never happened before. Why are you typing {{User:Greenpickle/sig}} instead of ~~~~? Is it because it can't use something that complex as a sig? Ahh... I don't know, sorry.--Prezintenden(babble) 12:26, 16 November 2007 (UTC)

Okay, I think you should sort this out; I don't even own Pikmin 1, so I can't really judge.

As for my sig, I fixed it before you saw this. I'm actually typing ~~~, which produces the signature only (no time/date), but it saves as a link like that because I now have /sig2 linking to /sig. The reason is so that any changes I make to /sig are reflected wherever I've put it in the past. The absence of the date is because that gets shoved onto the next line, because every page must have a free line at the end, and the sig 'goes through' two pages. Hope that made sense. GP

Ah, yes, now I understand. And the article; well, I'd say delete it. I'll expand the info on the Progg page and add the picture this weekend. I'll keep relevent information and delete this pellet nonsense.--Prezintenden(babble) (Yay, only three tildes!)

Alright, it sounds like a plan, (hey I'm sorry I haven't been contributing much lately, I've been at school a lot and have had stuff to do in the after noon). -Me_just_inEarly Mushroom Pikmin.jpg