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This one could do with an in-game shot. I'll do one now, but no promises on the quality.--Prezintenden

Well, it's better than i thought, but not superb.--Prezintenden

any ideas why only 5 enemys fly (excluding woloywogs and mature emprors, and yellow pikmin)?I am rocky0718 and i PWN

Wait...what? Why did you ask this here? And, what's so surprising about that? They just didn't make more flying enemies... —Jimbo Jambo

Olimar's notes, NTSC and PAL difference?[edit]

I swear that olimar's notes he starts saying how he thinks that the feather was the bird's prized pocession, and how he thinks thst it's watching him, waiting for a chance to attack! It's obvious that the notes on the article are from the american version, mines the UK PAL version, so that may be why, anyone else have similar notes? User:Joshazilla23

Yeah, it continues from what's on the page with: "Maybe it's just because I haven't encountered them yet. Oh no... What if they saw me take this feather? They could be watching me, waiting for the perfect moment to take their sweet revenge!!". I have the same version as you, so I'll wait for someone with NTSC to confirm if the person who added this just missed the end. It was added by an anon. user - but research tells me it's actually pre-registered JJ (= NTSC). GP

Comment by Dave10772 on 13th May 2014[edit]

Could this be a snagret feather? We don't know how snagrets nest, is there a queen? Are they varied in size? Could this feather have come from a colossal snagret? Burning questions. (He is burning) [It's probably from a bird, but one can wonder...] - Dave10772 (talkcontribs)

It looks more like the down feather from a goose... - Jpmrocks7 (talkcontribs)