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I think that someone should either implement a list or start a list with each level and the number or posies found there. Would that be too much work? -Foxmin

also, whichever of you two reformatted the main paragraphs, you did a good job.

Here are the pellets for the Valley of Repose. Learner will edit this too if a mistake is noticed. There are three 5 pellet posies, one 10 pellet posy, and six 1 pellet posies. Now this one is the list for Awakening Woods, one 20 pellet posy, three 10 pellet posies, three 1 pellet posies near the two Burgeoning Spiderwort plants, and as a side note these three will NOT grow if the white mold is present and at maximun size. And there are seven 1 pellet posies total regurally,(these are not exact so do not post yet) and the Blue pikmin make a forth 5 pellet posy and add four more 1 pellet posies.

Oh, heh, I see what you were saying about the notes Prez. I think what happened was I was reading an earlier revision and then edited it. I didn't even notice. Sorry about that. —Jimbo Jambo

Ah, looks reasonable.--Prezintenden

Green, regarding your edit summary, where are there "10" posies in Pikmin 1? —Jimbo Jambo

Impact Site. Aren't there? If not, why does it say there are in paragraphs above, and why did I find them there?
Oh. Pellets. There aren't, then. GP
...Which is exactly what the article was saying. I'm going to add that again if you don't mind, though rephrased and in a different section. I think it's worth noting. —Jimbo Jambo

Pellet Posies or Pellet Flowers?[edit]

In the Piklopedia and the Creature Montage of Pikmin (NPC) call it a Pellet Posy. However, the Brawl trophy and official New Play Control! Pikmin website say it is a Pellet Flower. I call it a Pellet Posy because I'm used to it. Anyways, discuss.Pikmin1254

SSB games sometimes have stuff that doesn't agree with the original games since they're putting so many things in there it gets muddled up - and maybe all the translation doesn't help... In every case, take what it says in original games. GP

Bingo Battle[edit]

All the stages have pellet posies, but I don't know how to add that. Artwork of a Dwarf Orange Bulborb in Pikmin 3. Ninjabunny1234Artwork of a Dwarf Bulborb in Pikmin 3.

How can you add the Pikmin 4 game icon in the top right corner?[edit]

It probably has something to do with infoboxes. Kebbo (talk)

It should have been done automatically. I've fixed it now. — {EspyoT} 11:31, April 7, 2023 (EDT)