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This photo lives rent-free in my head
Gender Male
Location Chile
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Wiki icon to represent Pikmin 1 (Nintendo Switch). Don't own
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Wiki icon to represent Pikmin 2 (Nintendo Switch). Don't own
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Icon for Pikmin 3 Deluxe. This uses File:Pikmin 3 icon.png and applies a rescaled "D" from the official logo. Own
Game icon for Pikmin 4 articles, from the September 13th, 2022 Nintendo Direct. Own
This icon represents Hey! Pikmin on Pikipedia. It is based off of the game's logo. Don't own
Wiki icon to represent Pikmin Bloom. Made by giving the official app icon a transparent background and scaling it down. Don't own
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This user can handle the following languages: English and Spanish.

Hi, I'm Kebbo, yeah I really don't know what else to put here.

Thing I usually edit here

I normally fix typos and add "Names in other languages", mostly Latin American Spanish, since I normally play the 4 main games in that language.

I probably will not edit something major or create a page, since I'm awful at explaining things.

I may edit this Wiki alot or forget about it for a few months depending on what my current hyperfixation is.

I don't have any way to record or take screenshots of the first two games (or at least in a way that doesn't look horrible)

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