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I think I have seen a poison hazard in Pikmin 3 albeit unused and unfinished. An interesting fact about it is that White Pikmin are in fact unable to be poisoned, while the the other types are able to be poisoned and killed. The only thing that can produce this poison hazard is the Fire Geyser with the unused "gas" setting. The graphics also appear to be unfinished for both the geyser, and the effect. Feel free to check if you want to. (No, I don't mean ink or dust; I mean the real poison. Also, I am not the one who found this in the coding, so please don't give me any credit for discovering it.) Mariotime315 Let's-a go! Artwork of a Purple Pikmin.

Yes, that video's a bit popular. More information needs to be gathered before adding it to the wiki, though. I'll take a closer look one day. — {EspyoT} 12:24, 10 October 2016 (EDT)


Probably, the purple from it should be changed based you put as its Pikmin 3, based in the 2 its red. In 4 now mint or i think it is. Or put its colors in all games based that thing changes color like a chameleon. Or the Smoky Progg's as red apparently a poison really but 2.0 apparently if that terror even kills Glow Pikmin then presumably no Pikmin that can resist that monstrosity even White Pikmin and apparently a instant death too. – Icon for the White Pikmin, from Pikmin 4's Piklopedia. Blower Pot (Talk page | Contributions | Pikmin Fanon)