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Blower Pot
Artwork of a White Pikmin on top of a Purple Pikmin.
White Pikmin favorite
Gender Demi-boy
Pronouns They/Them, He/Him, He/They
Location Brazil
For my account from Pikmin Fanon and Fandom accounts, see Blower Pot and Paintsoldier.

I'm also on Fandom as Paintsoldier, i'm asexual.

I hate no Pikmin types, but the Pikmin designs which were much worse made than the recent games based... Well, what do you think? On that times they didn't had enough stuffs to make much high graphics stuffs on those times. Anyways, the Pikmin designs for them scared me a bit, specially the Blues with their dead eyes.

My 2nd favorite pikmin is the Rock Pikmin, but for combat of not throwing them, then the thing is much less epic.

No joke, but i confused the Bearded Amprat as a dog, ummm... I just didn't know what it was. But its fur that covered its face made it look like some specie(s) of dog.

Mockiwi look like a duck, well, it is actually based on a Kiwi bird, look like a duck and makes chicken sounds, what sort of triple animal crossover is that.

I like to call the pellets as bottle caps becasue i think and when i saw Pikmin games before i thought those looked like bottle caps, ones with one color and a number in this case.

Apparently the aren't tired of changing the poison's color every game, on Pikmin 2 it is reddish-purple, on Pikmin 3 REAL purple (unused), on Hey! Pikmin reddish-purple again, now on Pikmin 4 turquoise? Or it or that's a poison that always VARIES each game or can't decide, but i was more familiarizated with the red poison, like, the turquoise poison my be different but its like a thing of cyan so most would think that's the freezing thing due to this color being very close to cyan, and somehow peoples call it green.

Talking sounds

So, know the Crazy Dave from PvZ? When he talked in the game it was the talking sound like "Blebergh blirblirblag" or even "Qmreclicau". And the voice from the Pikmin characters... The same thing. So many i'll now make a whole section for those.

Those are their switching or talking sounds...

  • "Doybo" - Olimar
  • "Louie." - Louie, maybe the one i could most understand what he's saying
  • "Choy choy" - The President
  • "Yehow" - Alph
  • "Ya" - Brittany
  • "Hugh" - Charlie
  • "Twofle" - Collin
  • "Twenow" - Sherperd
  • "Wapinin" - Russ (maybe my favorite)
  • "Waaaa" - Yonny

We should be glad they at least put the speech box cuz it would be very hard or even impossible to know what the characters are saying.

Useless Fun Facts

  • After Pikmin 3, the name of the Pikmin don't is based on the color, but now its characteristics and oter stuffs of it.
  • After Pikmin 2, the Pikmin got more unique characteristics instead of just looking like the same as in Pikmin which all had the same body shape except their additional and unique characteristics that all were on the head, Reds with long and pointy nose, Yellows with long ears and Blues with a mouth. But after that they made Purple Pikmin and White Pikmin which had more unique body features along with the head, Purple was bigger with a different body shape and with 6 hairs, and White was smaller with a red big eye making it look more like a wacky albino pikmin mutation. Then in Pikmin 3 here we have Rock and Winged Pikmins, Rock's bodies are like of a rock which lighter-color limbs and stem come out and also with eyes of course, Wingeds are smaller than the White, have google-like big blue eyes and have a also unique body shape quite resembling Purple's with also the notable wings like of a bug, specifically a bee, and also a darker strip like of a, also, bee. The Ice Pikmin is like a hybrid of a Rock, normal Pikmin and the ice into that. The Glow Pikmin is lime or green and is more like some sort of ghost
  • After Pikmin 3, Rock and Winged have unique souls, Rock is shape more different and is larger than most, while Winged is like of any pikmin except now with visible wings.
  • White Pikmin is the only triglobitic pikmin specie to resist a elemental hazard. (not counting Ice Pikmin becasue it wasn't released yet and we don't know if it'll be found... Well, their discovery cutscene the background is a cave so they may be a triglobitic specie, becasue on this game apparently the caves will be back, for me it sounds like a mix of Pikmin 2 and 3, ummmm... This has just became a whole upcoming 4th sequel ignoring the Hey! Pikmin and Pikmin Bloom becasue both are spin-offs due to the fact they don't coincide with the lore of the games by what i know, at least for some. And yeah, it is ice resistant, so White Pikmin ins't alone, not much happy maybe with this fact).
  • Titan Dweevil's treasure weapons all coincide with the elements of the 4 other Dweevil family enemies (excluding the Volatile Dweevil).
  • The bud and flower maturity of each Pikmin from the series are different. In the original Pikmin all the 3 first pikmins have white ones. In Pikmin 2 the Purple and White have pink ones, or that's what i see, it also seems magenta. In Pikmin 3 Rock and WInged have purple ones. And which wasn't released yet but will, in Pikmin 4 the Ice Pikmin will have a yellow one and the Glow Pikmin too, but unlike the Ice Pikmin, its petals are different being more triangular and stretched.
  • Empress Bulblax can kill their own larvas, this can happen when they are rolling trying to crush any pikmin. Makes sense, becasue its not like on those games which what is from their team can't hurt them. Oh, and not forgetting the 3th Empress Bulblax that drops many boulders, the Bulborb Larvas aren't safe too from those. And again, makes sense. Wonder if the Empress Bulblax is affected, but well, the question is if it'll try in first place, but i don't think it'll have agility enough.
  • Fiery Bulblax and Dwarf Fiery Bulblax are the only enemies with "Bulblax" to not to be a boss, Empress Bulblax and Emperor Bulblax (aka The Bulborb that Drools a lot) were bosses on the games, but the adult and Dwarf Fiery Bulblaxes are normal enemies there. But it is presumed it was meant to be a boss based its icon is larger than the other enemies like the ones of a boss.
  • Doodlebug has flies around it, apparently, the flies aren't much bothered by the fact it farts poison.
  • Pyroclasmic Slooch's mouth resembles the one of a catfish.
  • As i noticed on Pikmin 2 videos, when a Pikmin that isn't our best White Pikmin by poison they also fall on the ground as i saw too after running around though at this point they still won't die until any more time when they fall becasue well, real life poisonous stuffs have similar effects like convutions and etc, don't sounds worse? Well, good for you becasue there's nothing more i'll say then.
  • The three things from the Segmented Crawbster resemble like of The President, not i'm saying he just became a monster but quite resembles, at least for me.
  • Purple, White and Winged Pikmin are the only types from Pikmin 4 to be discovered from candypop buds, the rest is like by the Onion or wild Pikmin in caves, though i think the thing of obtaining except the Red, Yellow and Blue Pikmin would be cooler if they were found in candypop buds for me, well, getting Pikmin on caves for free sounds bad... Actually, i think based most other types are much better than the three classic Pikmin types, so i think they should be more fitting on caves just like as in Pikmin 2.
  • Ultra-bitter spray was apparently meant to be yellow because Pikmin 2 pre-release images had a mysterious yellow spray on its place.