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Is it just me,or are whiptongue bulborbs very cute?Yet again,all bulborbs are cute.Then again,there may be something terribly wrong with me... ~The noob pokeking132!


I think this enemy looks really cool, probably a new bulborb. I am wondering if there will be a dwarf form, and the speed with which it attacks and the number of pikmin it can catch makes it look really tough.

Comment by Yellowpikmin5555 on 5th May 2014[edit]

He looks like Sniffles from HTF XD - Yellowpikmin5555 (talkcontribs)

Actually, the Whiptongue Bulborb is based on a kiwi bird, not an ant-eater. - CraftedPbody (talkcontribs)

Comment by Mac Mackenzies on 7th June 2014[edit]

He looks creepy as hell. - Mac Mackenzies (talkcontribs)

Please refrain from cursing, or at least censor it. Thank you. - AeroBlaze777 (talkcontribs)

Comment by GamelonBLOX on 9th June 2014[edit]

This enemy gives me problems, I suppose I just charge through and that's my problem. Distant Tundra had one guarding some of Brittnay's Bridge-pieces, to get to it you used Geysers, right? I lost A LOT OF pikmin because I was not only attacked by the Bulbord, I was attacked the by Beetle Larva too! Hmph! First time I've ever left pikmin to die at Sunset. I sure hope this isn't just me.. - GamelonBLOX (talkcontribs)

Comment by Silvery2 on 30th July 2014[edit]

Maybe I know it's scientific name! ;) - Silvery2 (talkcontribs)

Take a look! ;) - Silvery2 (talkcontribs)

Comment by RainbowPikmin on 30th July 2014[edit]

It looks skinny compared to other bulborbs, but it weighs 12 pikmin, compared to the others' 10. :/ - RainbowPikmin (talkcontribs)

Comment by Tromble the Amazing on 30th July 2014[edit]

But hell isnt a curse word. Even if it was it wasnt being used in a derogatory sense. - Tromble the Amazing (talkcontribs)

Sigh... on the wiki, it is. - AeroBlaze777 (talkcontribs)

What do you think their family name is? I think it is Oculus Slurpicus lickern[edit]

What do you think? The preceding unsigned comment was added by Green Shy Guy 54 • (talk) • (contribs)