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Early area

A map of the areas in Pikmin 3, with the possible location of the early area circled.

In the E3 footage of the prototype of Pikmin 3, an area was shown off, and it was seen as a very water and log based area with alot of overgrowth. No area resembles this one in the final game, but it is still partially referenced in the final product however. It is potentially the location seen in the title screen, and its area selection zone can be seen on the map screen before choosing where to land.

This area is also represented in mission mode as the Shaded Garden. It may seem as though, with "garden" in the name, that it was a representation of the Garden of Hope, but the Garden of Hope has almost no connections to logs at all. The prototype area was most likely going to contain Blue Pikmin as the species found, and it is also possible that the Quaggled Mireclops, a very water and plant based boss with wooden legs, was going to be the main boss of the area.