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Since this subject has no official name, the name Enemy reel is conjectural.

The enemy reel is a video sequence that plays at the end of Pikmin, after the credits sequence, but only if the player successfully completes the game with all 30 ship parts. It shows brief clips of each enemy in the game, as well as some important plants, and then pauses to give its name and some details. In this way it is similar to the Piklopedia that appears in Pikmin 2.

In New Play Control! Pikmin, the enemy reel plays like in the GameCube version, but takes up less of the screen, and has a flowered animated background behind it. One can tell that the gameplay footage on the clips has not been updated, given that, amongst other things, Captain Olimar uses the GameCube game's cursor. However, the names of the Pearly Clamclamp, Wollywog, Yellow Wollywog, and Wogpole have been updated to Clampshell, Wollyhop, Yellow Wollyhop, and Wolpole for the European version. Additionally in the European version of either port, the enemy reel text remains in English, even when the game's text is set to a different language.


This list shows the enemies in the same order as they appear in the reel on the GameCube version of Pikmin, i.e., with the Swooping Snitchbug out of place. As noted above, in the European port of New Play Control! Pikmin, some enemies were renamed. The Clampshell was moved to its correct alphabetical spot, but the Wolpole was not.


Some object placements and level geometries are different between what is in the reel and the final game. This, in addition to slightly different graphical effects, camera work, and a minor ordering oversight, leads to the conclusion that the reel was created somewhat early during development. The following has been noted to be incorrect in the enemy reel:

The following partial discrepancies can also be noted:

  • The presence of a can near the Armored Cannon Beetle suggests there was another way to damage the boss, by using bomb rocks, as cans in Pikmin normally house bomb rocks. It's also suggesting that the Radiation Canopy is in the Armored Cannon Beetle instead of being out in the open. In the final game, bomb rocks do no damage towards the Armored Cannon Beetle when thrown, and nothing happens when a Yellow Pikmin carrying a bomb rock is thrown into the blowhole; the fight simply continues as normal.
  • The Gravity Jumper seems to be yellow, on the Shearwig clip, although it's probably an issue with the lighting. Also, Honeywisps are seen in the background near the Gravity Jumper, but they shouldn’t spawn there, despite being in the area in the final game.
  • The Mamuta, a Spotty Bulborb, a Pearly Clamclamp and an Iridescent Flint Beetle appear in The Distant Spring. This is only possible in the final game in Challenge Mode, but it's unlikely that the footage for these clips was taken in Challenge Mode. That mode must have been added later into the game than the time in which the clips were recorded, and it would make more sense to show clips of enemies as they were encountered during the actual adventure, and not the non-canon Challenge Mode.
  • It seems that Blue Pikmin weren't unlocked yet on the Smoky Progg clip. While it is possible to get to The Distant Spring without Blue Pikmin, it is highly unlikely that the player would have not unlocked Blue Pikmin before even being able to access The Distant Spring.
  • In the Smoky Progg clip, the Smoky Progg's eyes are shown to be green, and not pink as they are in the final release.
  • The enemy reel states that the Spotty Bulbear has "A certain indefatigability", meaning it doesn't get tired. However, in Pikmin, Spotty Bulbears spend much of their time sleeping.
  • It seems that 3 Pikmin are carrying a 1 pellet in the Breadbug clip. In the released version of the game, only 2 Pikmin may carry a 1 pellet at a time. There are some mysteries surrounding the possibility of three Pikmin carrying a 1 pellet together, and it is not clear if what's seen on the enemy reel is a gameplay mechanic available before the game's release, or if some of the "carrier" Pikmin are actually idling near the Onion's beam.
  • Because there's a Lapis Lazuli Candypop Bud on the ground by the lake in The Forest Navel, a player could skip the Blue Onion and get Blue Pikmin right away. This might be the reason why the Goolix and the Candypop Bud were removed, although it may also be possible that the order that areas were unlocked in was different in this revision, and the player would have obtained the Blue Pikmin before going to The Forest Navel.


The enemy reel as it appears in the New Play Control! version.

A video of the enemy reel in the GameCube version.

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