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Hi and welcome to my user page. If you want to see my pikmin favorites, read on!

My Favorites

  • Favorite pikmin: Bulbmin
  • Favorite normal enemy (either game): Goolix
  • Favorite Boss enemy: Titan Dweevil and Ranging Bloyster
  • Least favorite enemy: Volatile Dweevil it once killed 98 out of 100 pikmin! (I reset, of course, but still...)
  • Least favorite pikmin: Blue Pikmin
  • Best Pikmin-related moment: Getting 10,000 pokos
  • Worst Pikmin-related moment: Getting anililated by the Emporer Bulbalx (Pikmin 1) when it only had a little health left!

Pikmin 2 Discoveries/Acomplishments

  • I completed the Dream Den, after I cleared all the treasures another time, with every enemy defeated.