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My Pikmin 3 plot/characters/areas ideas.


NOTE: Loosley based off of User: Bucktooth_tuba's Pikmin 3 plot on Gamespot forum, because it's an awseome idea!

Pikmin 3 takes place after an un-specified amount of time after Pikmin 2. Olimar, Louie and the President have gotten on with their lives; Olimar re-bought the S.S. Dolphin, Louie started a resturant called "Louie's Gourmet" and the President has covered Hocotate Freight completely in "Lilydem" (Basically Hocotate's gold). It all starts well, Olimar has just finished a delivery to Planet Blobuloo (Reference to Super Paper Mario's Planet Blobule), landing back on Hocotate, Olimar greets the President (Who's real name is Shacho) and Louie who's returned from his resturant. Suddenly, an atomic bomb styled explosion happens, thousands of flying ships start to appear (Which are a mix of the Ark of Yamato from Ókami and the Airships from Super Mario Galaxy) and start shooting in all directions. The ships start collecting all of Hocotate's Ships, and other Hocotatians (Who all resemble video game characters). Olimar Louie and the President jump into their ships and blast of. The trio watch in horror as Hocotate, along with the Hocotatian System's planets are covered in inpenertrable forcefields. The President recalls their time on the Pikmin Planet, Olimar remembers all the powerfull war-like machines and blaintly shouts an idea out via radio "If we collect the machines on the Pikmin Planet, we could save Hocotate!" The others agree and thus Olimars greatest adventure starts...


Main (Playable)

  • Olimar: The main playable character and the only playable character in the first 1/4 of the game. Like Mario, he's the middle man; being average at speed, throwing and power. He meets Blue, Orange, Yellow and Cyan Pikmin.
  • Louie: The silent character, he rarely speaks and merely gets on with life. He is the fastest, but weakest captain. His Pikmin (Along with President) are Red, Orange, Purple, White and Green.
  • President: The comic-relief character, as he aways gets hurt in cutscenes. He powerfull, however slow and along with Louie are the only playable character during the second 1/4 of the game.
  • Olimar's Son: .A.K.A, Sagittarius, is Olimar's son and joins Olimar's team during the 3rd 1/4. He is fast yet weak but his small size allows him to fit through small spaces. For comic-relief, he sometimes talks in slang, much to the dismay of Olimar who can't understand slang.

Main (NPC)

  • Moon Army: Are heavily based off of the Moon Tribe from Ókami. They are humanoid and are completley silver with blue markings which resemble moon phases. They can jump hundreds of metres (In reality centimeters) high and despite their size of 5cm, are as light as a feather. They talk without contractions, and misuse idioms, such as calling a mobile phone a "phone of mobile" or instead of 'Dig it' they say "Dig the it" as they don't understand Hocotatian terms and their language to an extent. There technology is stereotypical alien technology such as ray guns



Hocotatian System

As stated above, Hocotate is located in a star stystem known as the Hocotatian System in the Andromeda Galaxy, it comprises of 5 planets (2 gas giants), 2 dwarf planets and 1 asteroid belt. All of which orbit a large, bright red dwarf. Links have been given to planets from other games which fit the description in terms of appearence.

  • Planet Tonas: A Venus sized planet, it is desolate with no life. Though blue from space, the blueness is not water but a blue coloured rock called "Tonto". Has no moons.
  • Planet Blobuloo: A dwarf planet around the size of Eris. It is barron and covered with craters. Despite this several species have formed on the Planet. Has 1 moon.
  • Planet Hocotate: The home planet of Hocotatians and the 'capital' of the Hocotatian System. It is covered in desert, but swamps, forests and springs exsist as well. Has 2 moons and 2 intersecting planetary rings. Around the size of Mars.
  • Planet Mishia: A planet composed of acidic gases, which kill most creatures when breathed. It's uninhabited and is the last terrestial planet before the asteroid belt. It is earth sized, has 3 moons and is covered in mountains and desert.
  • Planet Kamcho: A Jupiter sized planet and a gas giant like planet as it comprises of many gases yet has a sustainable solid surface. It is milidly covered in desert and only 1 known species; Gweeps, who are strange creatures who are composed of a red goo substance live there. Due to the amounts of rare minerals, it is being mined by both species. Has 3 near-dwarf planet sized moons and is the planet seen in the intro to pikmin 2 where it says "Hocotate Freight is a long-haul, deep-space shipping company".
  • Planet Dokian: Is a Neptune sized planet. It's the actual home of the Dirigibug family. As a gas giant, the species have developed air sacs allowing them to float. The species migrated to the Pikmin Planet after a pair if Careeing Dirigibug eggs were accidently left on the planet. It has 7 moons and 1 planetary ring (Not clearly visible).
  • Planet Pangoa: Last planet in the Hocotatian stystem. Is a fridged, icy dwarf planet around the size of Pluto. It is mostly un-explored for those reasons. Has 2 oddly shaped moons.