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Lord Breadbug
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Hello! I’m one of the three people that first got into Pikmin because of the Luigi’s Mansion movies, and I’ve been a huge fan of the series sense! Pikmin is my favorite video game franchise, with Pikmin 2 being my favorite game (though Hollow Knight is a rather close second). As such, a majority of my edits on the wiki will be directed towards articles on that game, though I’ll still edit other pages periodically.

In case you couldn’t tell from my username, I also happen to be a breadbug enthusiast! Breadbugs are most simply some of the most interesting enemies in gaming, as far as I’m aware. They simultaneously manage to be cute, cool, and mechanically interesting, all at the same time. Only one other video game character rivals my interest in Breadbugs, with that being the [[number1ratedsalesman1997]] Spamton G. Spamton from Deltarune.

Red Pikmin Challenge

Perhaps the most interesting Pikmin related thing I’ve done is this run-through of Pikmin 2. What the Red Pikmin challenge entails is simple - you can only ever discover Red Pikmin. While this may sound simple at first, many may also realize that such a thing would prevent you from getting the Spherical Atlas and leaving valley of repose. What makes this challenge interesting is the existence of the discovery skip glitch. Technically speaking, Pikmin are officialy discovered in Pikmin 2 when one plucks their type for the first time of whistles their type of wild Pikmin. The Pikmin discovery skip glitch is simple, you must press a to pluck a Pikmin with another leader in your party, cancel it before you actually pluck the Pikmin, and then exit the cave you’re in right after your other leader plucks a second Pikmin. This allows you to obtain White and Purple Pikmin without actually discovering them! The problem is, these Pikmin can’t be withdrawn from the ship until you officially discover them, locking them behind the stipulation that their Candypop Bud must be available in the area. Another glitch can be done exclusively in the New Play Control version to get Yellows and Blues, where you shove the wild Pikmin to nectar grass and have them join your party after plucking it, though they both have minimal use due to being area locked. Overall I managed to obtain 126/201 treasures using various glitches and tricks, though I believe that 129 should be possible with better execution (Notably, the Decorative Goo via the scale glitch and carry charge glitch, the Conifer Spire via the yellow-less method, and the Talisman of Life via a corpse bounce). Currently I’m speculating on whether it’s possible to get into Shower Room without Blue Pikmin via the cutscene water immunity glitch. I would definitely recommend the run to anyone with any interest! It’s a great new way to play Pikmin 2!