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Greetings, fellow captains! I am The Migrant Lithopod. I'm here to help make this Wiki a better community and a reliable source of info on the Pikmin series. I am a HUGE fan of the series, and I've been fortunate enough to play the first two games. I have my records for the games posted below, and I have also posted a couple of my own ideas for Pikmin enemies as well. I would love to answer any questions you may have. 

-The Migrant Lithopod

Pikmin Records

Story Mode:

Fastest completion: 10 Days

Least amount of Pikmin killed: 10 Pikmin

Most Pikmin sprouted in one run: 5898

Challenge Mode:

The Impact Site: 176

The Forest of Hope: 456

The Forest Navel: 240

The Distant Spring: 407

The Final Trial: 239

The Migrant Lithopod's Ideas for New Pikmin Enemies

Voltaic Snitchbug

Scarpanica Galvinea

Scarpanid Family

This unique member of the Scarpanid Family has similar behavioral patterns to that of the Swooping Snitchbug, as it targets large groups of Pikmin. However, this species will attempt to electrocute any Pikmin it grabs using electric feelers that are attached to its arms. If the Snitchbug grabs a Yellow Pikmin, it will attempt to shock it. When it fails, it will throw the Pikmin to the ground. That being said, Yellow Pikmin are recommended to knock it down, as they are immune to electrical shock and can be thrown higher than other Pikmin. Once the beast is on the ground, swarm it. Its corpse takes 3 Pikmin to carry and produces 5 seeds when carried to the Onion.

-The Migrant Lithopod

Lurking Lilysnag

Mimicus Lilicus

Pseudosnag Family

These creatures disguise themselves as the lily pads that are used as transportation in Pikmin 3. When it detects that prey is on its pad, the Lilysnag will use its long, vine-like tentacles to snatch Pikmin from its disguised head. To defeat this sneaky, silent killer, take an army of Blue Pikmin and attack it from the underside. When attacked, this beast will attempt to shake off Pikmin. This action will also throw any Pikmin standing on top of the pad into the water, so make sure that you don't have a captain on top of it. The Lurking Lilysnag's corpse takes 8 Pikmin to carry and will produce a decent 12 seeds when carried to the Onion.

-The Migrant Lithopod