The Distant Spring

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The Distant Spring

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Ship parts 10 (list)
Hazards Water icon.png Fire icon.png
Obstacles White bramble gate icon.png Black bramble gate icon.png Gray reinforced wall P1 icon.png Black reinforced wall P1 icon.png Climbing stick icon.png Geyser icon.png Bodies of water Bridge P1 icon.png
Requirements Collect 12 ship parts
Music The Distant Spring

The Distant Spring (大水源?, lit.: "Big Spring") is the fourth area Olimar discovers on his first visit to the Pikmin Planet. It is part of a huge wetland at the edge of the forest (and thusly named "The Distant Spring"). The terrain is mostly aquatic with unique creatures spread throughout. This land also is home to a plurality of Captain Olimar's missing ship parts, of which there are ten. The Perplexing Pool bears resemblance to The Distant Spring. They feature similar maps and similar looking ledges, and the same tree trunks.

General layout[edit]

The Distant Spring is the largest area in the first Pikmin game. Water covers a great portion of the area. In the center lies the landing site, along with several hollow tree stumps. To the north is a small pond where the #2 Ionium Jet and the Chronos Reactor can be found. To the east, there is a wall maze with the UV Lamp, blocked by a small path filled with Spotty Bulbears, Puffy Blowhogs, and Dwarf Bulbears. To the west are the areas with the Gluon Drive, Zirconium Rotor, and Pilot's Seat, which are located in large tree stumps. Finally, to the south lies a small river with some islands where the Smoky Progg (before day 15) and the Interstellar Radio (inside a Puffy Blowhog) can be found. There are several Water Dumples in this area.

In this area, bomb-rocks in groups of 5 (though sometimes 4 appear instead) are found in giant skulls; the creatures they once belonged to being as of yet unknown. One of them is inside a hollow tree stump guarded by a Spotty Bulbear near the landing site, and another one in the beach where the Massage Machine is found. There is another skull near the pool with Wogpoles to the West.

In the main story mode, the area is laid out with Spotty Bulbears, Dwarf BulbearsYellow Wollywogs, and Water Dumples. After day 4, two Swooping Snitchbugs survey the area, looking for Pikmin to capture and throw into the ground.

In Challenge Mode, Red Bulborbs are found all over the land area, instead of Spotty Bulbears. Pearly Clamclamps are also found in different locations, and two Puffstools walk around in different areas.

Key sections[edit]

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Ship parts[edit]

  • Repair-type Bolt icon.png Repair-type Bolt: Immediately beside the landing site is a ledge. Guiding Pikmin along this ledge leads to the part.
  • Massage Machine icon.png Massage Machine: Near the landing site, going straight from the Dolphin, is a bridge leading to a beach containing a Spotty Bulbear, two skulls containing ten bomb rocks total, a Lapis Lazuli Candypop Bud and this part.
  • Interstellar Radio icon.png Interstellar Radio: Going into the vast water, past the Smoky Progg egg are several Water Dumples and a Puffy Blowhog. The Blowhog has the part.
  • Gluon Drive icon.png Gluon Drive: Going past the two Bulbears and two Blowhogs behind the Dolphin leads to a river that has bridges on both sides. The part on the other side of these bridges.
  • UV Lamp icon.png UV Lamp: Beyond the reinforced gate near the landing site is a complex structure, found to the right. The part is at the end of the series of ledges that form a path.
  • Zirconium Rotor icon.png Zirconium Rotor: Beyond the Gluon Drive is a gate guarded by two Yellow Wollywogs. Destroying this gate allows access to this part.
  • Pilot's Seat icon.png Pilot's Seat: There are three tree trunks opposite the Zirconium Rotor. This part is located inside one of the trunks.
  • Bowsprit icon.png Bowsprit: Near the landing site are a series of large tree trunks that can only be accessed from the opposite side. Inside the one nearest the landing site is an Armored Cannon Beetle that has the part.
  • Chronos Reactor icon.png Chronos Reactor: Traveling in a straight line from the reinforced wall beside the landing site leads to this part, atop a tall ledge. Both a Lapis Lazuli and Golden Candypop Bud are located nearby.
  • Ionium Jet icon.png Number 2 Ionium Jet: Directly beside the Chronos Reactor is this part, sitting atop a stone structure.



Plants and fungi[edit]


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Challenge Mode[edit]

Pikmin source Seeds Amount Total
Starting Reds 5 5
Starting Yellows 5 5
Starting Blues 5 5
Red 1 pellets 2 3 6
Red 5 pellets 5 1 5
Red 10 pellets 10 4 40
Yellow 1 pellets 2 3 6
Yellow 5 pellets 5 1 5
Yellow 10 pellets 10 2 20
Yellow 20 pellets 20 1 20
Blue 1 pellets 2 3 6
Blue 5 pellets 5 1 5
Blue 10 pellets 10 2 20
Blue 20 Pellets 20 1 20
Pellet Posy 2 4 8
Dwarf Red Bulborb 4 19 76
Fiery Blowhog 8 3 24
Iridescent Flint Beetle 14 2 28
Mamuta 15 1 15
Pearly Clamclamp 50 3 150
Puffstool 30 2 60
Puffy Blowhog 15 3 45
Red Bulborb 12 4 48
Yellow Wollywog 13 10 130
Total 752



  • The enemy reel shows The Distant Spring having different enemies, ship parts, and being more plain, without the hollow tree stumps. This is most likely a prototype version leftover.
  • The perfect score in challenge mode is 752 points. Currently, it hasn't been reached by any player in real-time (with the closest score yet being 712[1]), but it has been reached via a tool-assisted superplay.[2]
  • In the Formidable Oak, the area where the Plasm Wraith is fought in has a pattern on the floor similar to the pattern of the ground where the Smoky Progg's egg is found.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Quebec.svg French (NoA) La Source lointaine
La Source Lointaine
The Distant spring
The Distant Spring
Flag of France.svg French (NoE) La Source Lointaine The Distant Spring
Flag of Germany.svg German Die Ferne Quelle The Distant Spring
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Fonte Remota Distant Spring
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 거대한 샘 The Huge Spring
Flag of Mexico.svg Spanish (NoA) La Gran Laguna The Great Lake
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish (NoE) La Gran Laguna The Great Lake

See also[edit]


  1. YouTube video with a completion of the Challenge Mode level with 712 points
  2. YouTube video with a tool-assisted superplay of the level and reaching 752 points