Sector 5, Leafswirl Lagoon, as seen from the area select screen after having been 100% completed with no deaths.
The area selection screen for Leafswirl Lagoon.

Sector 5: Leafswirl Lagoon (かぜとおる もみじ?, lit.: "Red leaves blowing in the wind") is the fifth sector in Hey! Pikmin. It introduces the final Pikmin type, Winged Pikmin, and has a total of 15 treasures. It is themed around an autumn forest overgrowing a cliff side. Various red and orange trees decorate the area, as will as a few tree stumps and a lone river.



Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
  Japanese かぜかおる もみじ?
Kaze tōru momiji
Red leaves blowing in the wind
  Dutch Herfstige hoogtes Autumnal heights
  French Vallée vermillon Vermilion valley
  German Herbstliche Höhlen Autumnal Caves
  Italian Laguna autunnale Autumnal lagoon
  Spanish (NoA) Laguna otoñal Autumnal lagoon
  Spanish (NoE) Cañón de la Hojarasca Canyon of the Leafstorm