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Downpour Thicket

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Downpour Thicket
Sector 5 – Area C
The starting area in Downpour Thicket.
Treasures 3
Pikmin available Blue Pikmin
Requirements Complete Valley of the Breeze via normal exit
Next area Bed of Fallen Leaves
Music Leafswirl Lagoon area
Leafswirl Lagoon area - back side

Downpour Thicket (おおあめの うたげ?, lit.: "Heavy rain feast") is the third main area in the Leafswirl Lagoon. This stage features clovers that provide cover for the droplets of dew that fall from the sky. If one lands on a Pikmin or Captain Olimar, it won't cause them harm, but will knock them back a bit, which could be a problem during combat, or when the player is trying to use the jetpack to travel between clovers. Some sections of the area take place away from the droplets though, like under an overhang or underwater.


The main element of this area is the constant rainfall in the majority of the level, which can be a nuisance for progressing in the area, and even dangerous: when Captain Olimar and the Pikmin get hit by a drop, they are slightly pushed back and unable to move for a short amount of time. In addition to this threat, enemies can be encountered at the same time, making progress in the area sometimes very difficult without losing any Pikmin. However, it is possible to stand under leafs, which can be used as a protection against the drops.

The first treasure, the Personal Odor Shield, is kept inside a Yellow Wollywog, in a section with streams of water. The Nostalgic Buckler is found in an underwater section, next to an Eye-Stalker Bulbeel. The last treasure, the Menacing Crusher, can be reached with the jetpack only, through drops of water.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Yellow Wollywog The Yellow Wollywog cutscene in Downpour Thicket. The player advances a bit past the first Sparklium flower. Two Blue Pikmin move up, and the one in front grabs a small, lone Sparklium Seed on the ground. Right as it does, a Young Yellow Wollywog jumps right next to it. The Pikmin looks at the creature, curious, until a Yellow Wollywog jumps behind the young one, with a massive thud. This startles the two Pikmin, causing them to run off to Olimar. The two amphitubers then turn around and go away.
Branch The branch cutscene in Downpour Thicket. The player enters the doorway to the right of the first Eye-Stalker Bulbeel and then swims up a bit. The camera focuses on a branch. Two Blue Pikmin stems pop out from behind it: one below, one above. They tuck back down, and then, the two swap places, showing the first stem now above, and the second below. They tuck down again, and show up on top, running around the branch happily. They run lengthwise, but also start getting closer to the sides of the branch, causing them to fall. Two other Blue Pikmin also show up and follow the same path.
Frame The frame cutscene in Downpour Thicket. The player enters the doorway above the Nostalgic Buckler and advances forward a bit. Two Blue Pikmin are near a frame that's half buried into the ground. On the other side of the frame, parallel to these Pikmin and mirroring their movements, are two other Blue Pikmin. While the rightmost Pikmin are looking at one another, the other two aren't entirely sure if this is a mirror or not, so they wave hands at their counterpart, and bounce a couple of times across the scene, both in sync. When they stop, one of them screams, scaring the other and making it fall backwards to the ground. It quickly gets up as all four Pikmin look in Olimar's direction.

Pikmin locations[edit]

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Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes





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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese おおあめの うたげ?
Ōame no utage
Heavy rain feast
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Wolkbreuk Cloudburst
Flag of France French Entre les gouttes Among the droplets
Flag of Germany German Wolkenbruch Cloudburst
Flag of Italy Italian Fronde fradicie Drenched branches
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Rocío persistente Persistent sprinkle
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Rocío Pertinaz Enduring Sprinkle