Gale-Force Glen

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Gale-Force Glen
Sector 5 – Area X
Gale-Force Glen 1.jpg
Treasures 3 (list)
Requirements Complete Valley of the Breeze via secret exit
Next area Bed of Fallen Leaves

Gale-Force Glen (もみじの ゆれる ばしょ?) is the secret area in the Leafswirl Lagoon. It takes place in a valley with strong currents of wind that show up in intervals. This wind is strong enough to blow some dried hanging leafs horizontally, making it possible to walk on them while the wind is up. Besides that, the wind also causes some aesthetic changes: Sparklium Seeds, vines, and other minor objects flutter with the wind, Captain Olimar hangs low to walk against the wind, or opens his arms to run with the wind, and Winged Pikmin are in a cowering position when idling, although they take this position whether there's currently wind or not. In the flip-side of this area, entered by doorways, it is always windy.

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This area is very windy, and the player has to use the wind in order to reach some areas, using the dried hanging leafs. For example, not so far after the start of the area, the player can find the Primitive Saw. In order to reach it, Olimar must wait for the wind to lift up a leaf that blocks the way to the treasure. The Museum-Quality Egg can be found in a separated room, behind a Mockiwi and a Hydroe bramble. Then, after a doorway, the Mood Slicer can be retrieved. It is located in a separate room too, placed on some dirt blocks. After that, the player can travel through the rest of the area, and reach the exit.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Floating can Gale-Force Glen can cutscene.jpg From the start, the player advances a bit forward. A Winged Pikmin is next to a floating can of fish conserves, with the lid facing down. Curious, the Pikmin flies against it, and while it manages to push the can back a bit, nothing else happens. A bit after that, the can is flung away, and the three Winged Pikmin that were keeping it afloat show up from underneath. They look to the first Pikmin, and then all four bundle together.
Sparrowhead attack Gale-Force Glen Sparrowhead 1 cutscene.jpg The player approaches the doorway above and to the right of the Mood Slicer. Four Winged Pikmin pop out from behind a pile of leafs. One of them notices something in the distance: a Sparrowhead that comes flying into the group. They dodge up, but then the enemy swoops in from the other side, forcing the Pikmin to dodge back down into the pile. One of the Pikmin pokes its head to see if it's safe, but the Sparrowhead flies by once more in an attempt to nab that Pikmin. The Pikmin manages to duck in time, however.
Sparrowhead chase Gale-Force Glen Sparrowhead 2 cutscene.jpg The player is lifted by the second liftable rock and proceeds forward a bit. Olimar and four of the Winged Pikmin in the group notice something up ahead. Oddly, despite noticing something to the right, the Pikmin start being chased by a Sparrowhead from the left, behind them. Captain Olimar moves into the scene to figure out the situation, but the Pikmin come flying in the opposite direction. As soon as he notices this, one of the Pikmin smacks against his helmet, knocking him out to the ground as the Sparrowhead swoops by. He gets up, turns to the now-gone group, and a speech bubble with angry squiggles shows up.

Pikmin locations[edit]

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Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes





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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese もみじの ゆれる ばしょ?
Momiji no yureru basho
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Waaiwoud Blowwood
Flag of France.svg French Falles rafales Gust falls
Flag of Germany.svg German Wald der Winde Forest of Winds
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Gola tempestosa Stormy throat
Flag of Mexico.svg Spanish (NoA) Vientos violentos Violent winds
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish (NoE) Vientos Violentos Violent Winds