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Bed of Fallen Leaves

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Bed of Fallen Leaves
Sector 5 – Area D
Hydroe bramble covering a red Sparklium Seed in the Bed of Fallen Leaves.
Treasures 2
Pikmin available Winged Pikmin
Requirements Complete Downpour Thicket or Gale-Force Glen
Next area Troop Commander
Music Leafswirl Lagoon area 2
Leafswirl Lagoon area 2 - back side

Bed of Fallen Leaves (ふきあれる かぜのなかで?, lit.: "In the raging wind") is the fourth main area in the Leafswirl Lagoon. There is a constant gust of wind blowing to the right in this area, and if Captain Olimar is held in the air with Winged Pikmin, he'll actually be taken to the right by the wind. Because the wind is so strong horizontally, Olimar and the Pikmin can move up and down freely, but not left. This area has some goodies and Winged Pikmin that can be missed if the player takes the wrong choices when the path splits, and also features some branches of Hydroe bramble that block the way and retract in intervals, making it important to fly left against the wind to stay in place and wait for an opening.

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The area is very windy, and the player can only rely on Winged Pikmin, because the floor of the area is covered with poison, thus making it impossible to walk in the level. Olimar is carried by Winged Pikmin and pushed by the wind, and must navigate through enemies and Hydroe brambles, while being careful of the ever-present poison. At some point in the area, the player can get the Altitudinal Unlimiter, which is placed on a dirt block. Some time after this, Olimar can enter a doorway. On the other side, he can retrieve the Alien Ceremony. After that, the player only has to reach carefully the end of the area.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Sparrowhead chase The Sparrowhead cutscene in the Bed of Fallen Leaves. From the start, the player advances a bit forward. Four Winged Pikmin fly behind a twig on the floor. Right behind them, a Sparrowhead swoops in but when it reaches the log, it stops. Unable to find the hiding Pikmin, it flies away. One of the Pikmin pokes its head out, looks around, and hides back in.
Doorway twig The twig cutscene in the Bed of Fallen Leaves. The player enters the bottom doorway when there is one above the other. Two Winged Pikmin come out of the doorway, and notice a twig lying on the floor in front of the doorway. They go down, grab it, carry it sideways, and drop it off the ledge. Then they idle next to the doorway waiting for Olimar and the others.

Pikmin locations[edit]

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Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes







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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ふきあれる かぜのなかで?
Fukiareru kaze no naka de
In the raging wind
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Bladerdans Leafdance
Flag of France French Tempête de feuilles Storm of leaves
Flag of Germany German Tanz mit dem Herbstlaub Dance with the Autumn Leaves
Flag of Italy Italian Pianoro fogliasecca Leafdraught plateau
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Aires otoñales Autumnal airs
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Aires Otoñales Autumnal Airs