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Valley of the Breeze

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Valley of the Breeze
Sector 5 – Area B
Gusts of wind in the Valley of the Breeze.
Treasures 3
Pikmin available Winged Pikmin
Requirements Complete Fragrant Forest
Next area Downpour Thicket (normal exit)
Gale-Force Glen (secret exit)
Music Leafswirl Lagoon area 2
Leafswirl Lagoon area 2 - back side

Valley of the Breeze (かぜのふく たに?, lit.: "Windy valley") is the second main area in the Leafswirl Lagoon. it takes place inside a cave with multiple vertical shafts. These shafts have Sparklium Seeds, treasures, and enemies in them, so Captain Olimar has to be carried downward slowly by the Winged Pikmin in order to reach every nook and cranny. Some parts of the cave also have gusts of wind that throw Olimar in specific directions. At the final room of the area, if the player quickly makes their way to the left, they can land on a branch that takes them to a secret exit, which opens up the path to Gale-Force Glen. If not, they will have to land on the floor and go through the normal exit, that leads to Downpour Thicket.

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Right at the start, the player can call 8 Winged Pikmin, that are coming from two bushes. Those Pikmin are needed to go down a huge hole filled with Hydroe brambles. During the descent, the player can call some Winged Pikmin, hiding in a bush placed on a wall of the hole. There are also some drafts, that deviate Olimar during his descent. However, the player needs to be close to the right wall of the hole to get access of the Slimmerized Cell.

At the end of the hole stands a Mockiwi. After this, there is a second hole, filled this time with Coppellers holding some Sparklium Seeds. At some point in the descent stands a small aperture in the left, leading to a doorway. On the other side, there is a breeze that goes upwards, and allows the player to retrieve the Probable Teapot. After that hole is a third one and, once again, the player has to go down in order to make progress in the area. This gap is filled with Spiny Coppellers and Hydroe brambles, so the descent may be more difficult than the previous ones. If Olimar manages to enter the aperture in the right wall of the hole, he can call some Winged Pikmin and retrieve the King's Sanctum, thanks to a breeze. After this, the player just has to keep going down until the end of the hole, while being careful of the many Spiny Coppellers that stand in Olimar's way.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Stuck Sparklium Seed The seed cutscene in the Valley of the Breeze. The player enters the first doorway, located in the second big drop. Two Winged Pikmin come out of the doorway, and notice there's a Sparklium Seed standing at the doorway. The two swoop in to get it, they grab on, and start tugging up, since the seed is a bit buried under the ground. Eventually, it pops out and is launched into the air. At this point, a third Winged Pikmin exits the doorway, and the seed lands right on its head. This throws the Pikmin to the ground, dizzy. One of the first Winged Pikmin grabs onto the seed, and the two look at their friend to check if it's all right. The Pikmin eventually gets up and starts flying like normal.

Pikmin locations[edit]

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Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes







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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese かぜのふく たに?
Kaze no fuku tani
Windy valley
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Vleugelvallei Wing valley
Flag of France French Courants d'air Air currents
Flag of Germany German Das stürmische Tal The stormy Valley
Flag of Italy Italian Vallata della brezza Valley of the breeze
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Fosa ventosa Windy pit
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Fosa Ventosa Windy Pit