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Logo for Super Nintendo World.
The logo for Super Nintendo World.
This article is about the real-life Nintendo theme park. For the Wii U game, see Nintendo Land.

Super Nintendo World is a Nintendo-themed area at several Universal Studios theme parks. It consists of a series of attractions, shops, diners, and photo opportunities with various characters.

The original area is located in Universal Studios Japan, and opened on March 18th, 2021. A second Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Hollywood opened on February 17th, 2023, and future parks are planned for Orlando and Singapore.

Despite primarily focusing on the Mario series, the park features a number of cameos and references to other Nintendo series, such as Pikmin.

Pikmin cameos[edit]

Universal Studios Japan[edit]

The following is a list of all known Pikmin cameos in the original park in Universal Studios Japan.[1]

Photo Area Spot Cameo
Some Pikmin in Super Nintendo World. 1-UP Factory Atop the red block to the right of the sign A Red Pikmin, a Yellow Pikmin, and a Blue Pikmin
Some Pikmin in Super Nintendo World. Piranha Plant Nap Mishap Below one of the Piranha Creeper's stalks, to the left and above the Kinopio's Cafe sign Several buried Pikmin, and two Yellow Pikmin trying to pluck them
Some Pikmin in Super Nintendo World. Yoshi's Adventure On the cliff above the sign Several Pikmin relaxing, with a Red Pikmin buried
Some Pikmin in Super Nintendo World. Pit Stop Popcorn Atop a green platform at the bottom of the binoculars' balcony Several Pikmin carrying a coin
Some Pikmin in Super Nintendo World. Yoshi's Snack Island On the wall to the right of the sign Four Red Pikmin
Some Pikmin in Super Nintendo World. Yoshi's Adventure On the porch above the pre-show A Yellow Pikmin and a Blue Pikmin carrying a berry

Universal Studios Hollywood[edit]

Photo Area Spot Cameo
Nintendo World CA Pikmin 1.png Mario and Luigi meet-and-greet Atop a red block above three ? Blocks Several Pikmin carrying a coin
Nintendo World CA Pikmin 2.png Binocular Look-Out Point Atop some leaves to the left A Red Pikmin, three Yellow Pikmin, and two Blue Pikmin (one buried, one waving at the viewer)

Pick out Pikmin[edit]

Pick out Pikmin is the name of a stamp in the Universal Hollywood App. It is one of many stamps one can earn from exploring Super Nintendo World and each earns the player coins (which function as their score). To obtain Pick out Pikmin, one must first find a vantage point near the entrance to Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown where they can use a pair of augmented reality binoculars. There are several secret spots that will cause the screen to "zoom in" and play an animation. One such spot can be found near a hill above the 1-Up Factory sign, said by the app to be Mt. Beanpole. It will zoom in to reveal an animation involving Pikmin. In it, a Red Pikmin watches a Blue Pikmin carrying a fruit, who trips and drops it onto a Yellow Pikmin.[2]. This awards the player the stamp and 65 coins.

Shopping Bags[edit]

A scan of artwork used for Super Nintendo World shopping bags.

The artwork used for the Super Nintendo World shopping bags contain six pikmin hidden within its artwork. Here is a list of each:

  • A bud Blue Pikmin grabbing onto a green balloon on the top left.
  • A bud Yellow Pikmin jumping up from a ? Block on the top right.
  • A flower Yellow Pikmin dangling from a different ? Block above a Toad.
  • A flower Red Pikmin hiding to the left of Luigi.
  • A leaf Red Pikmin in the mouth of a Piranha Plants to the right.
  • A flower Blue Pikmin on top of a street lamp on the far left.

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