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This page provides a quick overview of the different types of user rights. A more comprehensive list can be found at Special:UserGroupRights.

  • IP addresses: editors who aren't logged in. When they save an edit, their IP is attributed to that edit.
  • Users: editors who have an account.
  • Autoconfirmed users: users that have an account "confirmed" to be non-destructive. They are given a few more powers over newly-created accounts.
  • Patrollers: users with a few staff abilities, such as being able to mark edits as patrolled so other staff don't have to check them too.
  • Administrators: users that can delete pages, block users, delete pages, and perform other maintenance operations.
  • Bureaucrats: users that have administrator powers, plus the ability to change other users' rights.
  • Developers: users that can read and write the wiki's database.
  • Bots: user accounts that are not used by humans, but rather, by bots that perform automated tasks. These users have special rights to help with their tasks.