Olimar's notes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Olimar's notes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
Olimar's notes on Fox.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a player playing as Captain Olimar can make him take notes of the fighters, interrupting the action on-screen with the notes being written. These notes are usually humorous or informative of the Pikmin lore, in a similar vein to Olimar's journal.


To activate the notes, the player must press the down taunt button for a single frame whilst playing on the Distant Planet stage. Much like other Smash Taunts in the Super Smash Bros. series, Olimar will crouch down in a pose for a few seconds. If he is interrupted during this state, the activation will fail, and the player will be unable to try again in the same match. After Olimar gets up, a message box, similar to the ones in Olimar's journal in the Treasure Hoard screen will appear on top of the battle, obscuring the bottom part. Olimar will speak in time with the message being filled out, using his random phonemes from the Secret File videos. Olimar will write about one of the fighters he is up against in that match, picked at random.


Each fighter has a unique note about them, including the echo fighters. In addition, due to being a part of the same series, Alph, one of Olimar's alternative skins, also has his own entry. The entry for Olimar himself is actually written by Louie.


Today I encountered a stoutly man with a thick mustache. To my surprise, with his build, he was able to jump a great distance into the air with a single bound. He did this many times, bashing his head (I think?) into blocks that were floating in the sky. I believe he was looking for nourishment, as when he hit one of the blocks, a fungus appeared and he scrambled to eat it. He is definitely of an intelligent nature, but whether he is friendly or aggressive is still unknown - I must keep observing this man.

Donkey Kong[edit]

How did this beast get so big? He towers over me, and his brute strength alone could take out a Bulblax! He must be the result of a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong, which is how he got his super strength! The cloth around his neck is all that's left of his former self. I wonder if they've perfected the transformation yet? I could use a strength booster.


The device on this man's hip intrigues me. He carries weapons like a sword and bow and arrow, yet also has this device capable of creating explosives! I've got it! The device on his hip is a time traveling device, and he's actually from the future, but he traveled too far back in time, and wielded those weapons as to not give away his technological superiority! Could it be that his time travel machine broke, and now he's stuck in this time? If I helped him repair it, would he let me try it out?


Growing up, I always dreamed of being a superhero - Traveling through space, fighting bad guys and helping people. But eventually I had to grow up, get a job, and support my wife and kids. This superhero looks like the ideal version of myself that I had been dreaming about all those years. Sigh… Sometimes I wish I didn't have to grow up. Maybe this is a child who refused to grow up too, and now they're going around the galaxy fighting crime! (P.S. I never thought about it until now, but I did achieve my dream - I travel through space, I've fought feral creatures with the Pikmin, and I get to help my family. Maybe growing up isn't so bad.)

Dark Samus[edit]

Sometimes I fear about what types of life there is out in space. What if instead of landing on the planet of the Pikmin, I instead landed on a planet of a parasitic species? This poor space ranger must've had that experience. He fell victim to an alien species taking over his body, and is now just a shell of what he was. The universe can be a very scary place.


This reptile is able to intake large amounts of food and then quickly produce an egg. Oddly enough, rather than incubating the eggs, the reptile seems to use them as a weapon, throwing them at prey with great precision. Why would it throw something it should be trying to protect? This creature only seems capable of producing the sound "Yoshi". This one is quite an enigma; perhaps the uses of "Yoshi" in different tones and dictions change the context of what it's saying? I must try to decipher its way of speaking!


I like to believe that there is a scientific explanation for everything, but I can not wrap my head around this thing. It looks to be perfectly harmless, but it's brimming with… malice. Its appearance is very odd: its head is also its abdomen, with a pair of hands and feet connected to it. It is able to fly - float really, but it doesn't rely on wings. When it puffs its cheeks it must be changing its density relative to the air. On top of all that, it is able to swallow things in one bite, but that's not even the strangest part: when it swallows prey, it can mimic their abilities! The only thing I can think is that this creature is some sort of demon. (This thing defies all logic, and its love for food is matched only by Louie.)


What is this animal doing? I can't even get a good look at it; it keeps hopping around, occasionally stopping to shoot a gun, shine a bright light, or do a cartwheel. I thought it would be pretty intelligent given the tools on its person, but its actions seem to tell a different story. It was shouting some sort of mantra that I couldn't make out, but then again, I couldn't understand anything it was doing.


This is a problem. I found this creature who looked to be docile, but its expression turned angry and it charged at me! I tried to attack with my Yellow Pikmin, but they had little to no effect at all! It seems to zip around at the speed of light, shocking me every time I got near, and it was able to produce a strike of lightning seemingly out of nowhere. I wonder if its anger gives it the power to produce these charges, like how the President almost explodes when he's angry. What a day to forget my Anti-Electrifier.


This timid man bears a striking resemblance to the red man from earlier, except this one sports a green attire. I think he must be very passionate about collecting bugs, because he carries a device capable of sucking things out of the air. I think I know another bug-loving person that would get along with him - that is, if I could talk to him. When I went to go confront him, the man immediately ran away screaming. Did I intimidate him? Or was it the many Pikmin following me that put him off?


I remember the younger days when I would go exploring in search of adventure. I had to use my wits to overcome obstacles in my way. But this child, he has magical powers! Fire, electricity? He must have no trouble when he goes exploring. How did he get these abilities? I think it's the hat. Hmmm… If only I could find a magic hat.

Captain Falcon[edit]

I remember this man. This is the one who introduced himself to me by speeding in and killing all but one of my Pikmin. I can tell that he himself is a captain. Captain of what, I don't know, but he sort of has this “Captain-ness” to him that only another captain would be able to feel. Perhaps that's why he came to me when he first did? He is able to move his fists so fast that he can create fire from the friction with the air! I'm still trying to work out how he makes it in the shape of a winged creature though.


While trying to prove that this pink creature was somehow related to the Puffy Blowhog, I fell asleep and had the strangest dream. I was in paradise listening to the soft lullabies of the wind, when pink balloons started to float by with the music. Pretty soon the pink puffball came up to me, and I tried to move, but I was paralyzed. The next thing I know, the puffball did something, and there was a striking pain in my body, and I woke up. The creature was nowhere to be found, and there were black markings on my helmet! The ship says the markings were most likely a tribal tradition showing community. I guess the little puffball accepted me into its family?


I can tell just from looking that this lady is of royalty. I get the sudden urge to bow down to her when she walks by. But she also seems to remind me a lot of myself. She enjoys gardening, conducts herself in an orderly fashion, and seems to appreciate the finer things in life. If only I could've been born into royalty. “Prince Olimar”... it has a nice ring to it. (On a side note, I'm positive that the object on her head is the Unspeakable Wonder that we collected! I must ask her what it's for. If only I could muster up the courage.)


This woman is a huge Pikmin fan! Everything she does is accented by flowers that remind me of the flower atop the Pikmin's stem. Given her clothing, I'd guess she loves the Yellow Pikmin the most. Maybe we can start a secret Pikmin fan club together, where only the truest fans of Pikmin could join! I'll start coming up with designs!


At first, I took this beast for an Emperor Bulblax! Make no mistake, though, this creature's strength and weight is just as devastating. He looks like he could easily take charge of a situation, and lead a team to victory. Perhaps he, like the President, started a company of sorts and is the chief officer. He's probably better than the President is at running a company too.

Ice Climbers[edit]

These two seem to always be together, working as one and helping each other out. They can bear the coldest, harshest conditions and still manage to warm each other's hearts. Of course, it also helps to have a thick, warming layer of fur to keep toasty (I wonder how long it took them to grow a coat that thick?). There's something to be valued in their relationship. I should have Louie observe them so he can learn a thing or two about teamwork.


This warrior's stealth is incredible! He just showed up out of nowhere! And he's able to move with such incredible speed! Imagine if I could be that stealthy. If I could sneak right past enemies and take them out from behind, then I wouldn't have to rely on the Pikmin. He must be very shy though, as he seems to cover his face. Maybe if I ask politely, he'll show me a few pointers?


I wish I could be a better role model for my daughter. There's still a lot about being a father that I figure out as I go along. But I lack the wisdom to make the right choice every time. I'm in luck, though: this woman is offering out just that! She's a therapist who listens to your problems and then offers advice! Her knowledge in life has given her magic abilities, so she must know what she's talking about.

Dr. Mario[edit]

Why, this is the same man from before, but he's changed his attire. Judging from the capsules he's been throwing, he must have become a salesman of exotic goods! The devices around his head and neck must be tools to allow him to telepathically determine what potential customers want and he's then able to give them exactly what they need, like a doctor! His jumps and movement seems a bit heavier and slower though from when I saw him last. Maybe the weight of what he's carrying is weighing him down?


My wife always lectured me about being too reckless when approaching wild animals. But if it weren't for that recklessness, I wouldn't have found the Pikmin. She proved to be right though, as when I tried to pet this adorable little creature I was immediately shocked! It looks like a smaller, cuter version of that other electric creature, but this one seems to have a dark malice hiding behind it.


This is incredible! This one must be a distant relative to the Burrowing Snagret! But where did it acquire these high-tech weapons? It doesn't seem to want to eat my Pikmin, as every time I throw them at it, it somehow sends them flying back! It boasts a sort of arrogant confidence. (P.S. I think this one is friends with the bouncing fox, as they seems to share much of the same technology.)


Some of my favorite stories growing up were those of knights braving against all odds and achieving victory. I would often regale these to my son as bedtime stories, doing my best to make it as engaging as possible. I'm pretty sure this knight is secretly just an actor. He seems too over-dramatic in his mannerisms. Maybe I can convince him to put on a play with me for my son?


My daughter seems to be very concerned about growing up to be a proper lady. She would always complain that it's what she needs to do, but I keep telling her that she can do whatever she sets her heart to. Like this young woman - she was probably pressured into becoming a doctor or lawyer, but instead followed her dream of becoming an actress! Maybe some encouraging words coming from her will reassure my daughter more than I can.

Young Link[edit]

This child seems too young to be playing with swords and weapons! I believe that it is necessary for kids to experience and learn from their mistakes, but the margins of mistakes are too high here! This is exactly the reason I can't take my son with me exploring. But the more I think on it, the more I realize he's not so young anymore, and neither am I.


He may have a very menacing demeanor, but I believe this is just a benevolent man trapped inside an awesomely powerful body. He strikes me as the type of person who wants to help an old lady cross the street, but instead he was cursed with a demon when he was born. Maybe he just needs a friend, someone to talk to him and make him feel loved. I'll try reaching out to him.


The ship and I are arguing over what this is. I think it's the next step in the Mamuta family line, the ship thinks it's an alien from a completely different star system. Maybe I can settle on it being an alien that mutated with a Mamuta, as I can't explain how it has the ability to make purple orbs of energy, or teleport around. But I know it's somehow related to the Mamuta!


Every main character needs a best friend sidekick: for me it's Louie, and for the brave knight actor, it's this man. This actor warrior fights alongside his friend and is always there to help him, telling the story of how friends always support each other even in the darkest of times! I should properly thank Louie one of these days. Despite all the trouble he's caused, he has been an immense help and has always assisted me.


Another knight with a sword? This must be another actor auditioning for the same part as that other knight actor! I wonder if there is some acting troupe going around putting on plays of tales and folklore. Acting is something I've always thought I'd be good at. I could grab a sword and try auditioning! “Stop right there, you brutish Bulborb!”

Mr. Game and Watch[edit]

I recognize this! This is a drawing I did of myself when I was a kid! Has my imagination improved so much that I can now create things with my mind? If I can convince him to join my side, my productivity will be doubled! Now if only I could find a way to communicate with him. He seems to really enjoy charades, which I've never been any good at.

Meta Knight[edit]

If I were on the run from the law, how would I change? That's what I ask when I look at this masked fellow. I can tell the burden of his crimes have changed him significantly. He looks like he's constantly on high alert, ready to battle anyone who tries to capture him. When freedom is on the line, though, I guess he'll do anything to keep it. I wonder if he wears the mask because, deep down, he's actually ashamed of his crimes?


Why this man seems to have fashioned himself a pair of wings by using the feathers of a Snagret! It doesn't look like he can sustain flight for long, which, as we all know, is because Snagrets are flightless. Still, the mobility granted to him must come in handy. I'll try crafting some wings out of Snagret feathers. Hopefully it'll allow me to bring the Pikmin to areas I can't quite reach.

Dark Pit[edit]

Do parents ever worry about their kid going through a phase? Punk music, staying up past bedtime, sass-talk. When I look at this young adult, I fear that my son might start to develop those habits. If he were to start talking back to me and my wife, I'm not sure how I'd respond. I think I'll spend some time with my boy and take him with me on a trip when I return, just the two of us.

Zero Suit Samus[edit]

Am I out of shape? I may have put on a few pounds over the last few years, but I think I'm still pretty spry - until I saw this woman. She was able to contort her body like a Segmented Crawbster, and showed great proficiency in her use of weapons. Maybe I should start looking into doing yoga? My wife always said I was a couch potato, and that I needed to exercise more. Ok, first thing tomorrow, I'll start a new workout regimen.


This one reminds me of the President of Hocotate Freight. Besides his overall stature, he seems to have a very boisterous and greedy nature. He reminds me of a giant child throwing a tantrum. And I'm not sure what he ate, but he has a smell worse than the Repugnant Appendage coming from him. Wait, what if the President reads this? The President is great. Yup, there's nothing wrong with him or his hygiene.


How does this man get his body suit to adhere so tightly to his skin? It must be very freeing for his movement. I wish I could get my suit to be that accustomed to my form… But it makes me wonder where he's storing all these explosives he's using. I don't see any place he can hold half of the weapons he uses. It's one of life's greatest mysteries, I suppose. (P.S. If I learn the technique this man uses, maybe I can teach it to the Pikmin as well?)


This warrior fights with much nobility. I can tell that every action he takes is driven by a desire to help those that he cares about. And he takes that power of friendship and channels it through his sword! That's how he's able to create those blasts of fire! The ship disagrees - it thinks the sword crashing with the ground is what creates the blasts, as if the ship knows what it's talking about. I think it's just angry about not having friends.

Pokémon Trainer[edit]

The technology these people use to hold those creatures in capsules seems remarkably similar to the technology we use to stow cargo on our ships! If I can get the President to find and purchase these handheld devices, we might be able to bring even more treasure back from the planet!

On an additional note, the creatures being stored in these capsules are very interesting! One is a small, shelled being that is able to produce and expel water! The second is a plant-covered creature that can manipulate the flora on its back! The last is a winged beast radiating heat and flames with every step it takes! When the three work together, they often switch out for the other depending on whoever is best suited for the task. The relationship between the three creatures heavily reminds me of the relationship between the Pikmin, each one being able to excel in an area different from the other. The Red Pikmin, resilient to the heat. The Yellow Pikmin, avid climbers and shock resistant. The water-loving Blue Pikmin, the poison-resistant White Pikmin, and heavy-lifting Purple Pikmin. Without each of them, there's no way I could've repaid the debt in full!

Diddy Kong[edit]

This creature must be a treasure hunter too! It's carrying a bunch of Slapstick Crescents and it has a ton of nuts too. But instead of selling them for money, it throws them at prey. Why would it waste perfectly good treasure like that? Doesn't seem terribly smart. Maybe I can trick it into giving me the treasure that it collects?


Having a partner in my work is something I really undervalued. Louie's mind may seem absent at times, but his work was a great help, and I certainly wouldn't have been able to repay the debt without him. This child would be a great partner to anyone. Able to cool your food, cool you on a hot day, and power your devices. I hope his partner doesn't under-appreciate him.


This thing is a blur! It runs past me at such incredible speed, I can't even tell what it looks like! Maybe if I throw a couple of Purple Pikmin onto it, I can weigh it down to the point of it not being able to run, and I can take proper notes on it. I think I saw a glimpse of it using the same technology the ship developed from the Repugnant Appendage. But this demonstrates better speed than what the ship gave us.

King Dedede[edit]

Never before have I seen a creature of such elegance. Everything about it is just pleasing to look at. I'm positive that this creature was sculpted by angels themselves, as a reminder that there is still beauty in life if you look for it. I think I'll keep observing this specimen a little bit longer…


Olimar is a captain for the Hocotate Freight shipping company. His favorite food includes pikpik carrots, sweet onions and other vegetables. Olimar discovered a new species of carrots he called Pikmin on an unknown planet filled with various exotic beasts. These beasts can be cooked in a variety of ways to create the most exquisite dishes. For more information, see my latest notes.


This strapping young lad is an engineer from the planet Koppai. He helped me and Louie return home when we had become stranded yet again on the Pikmin planet. Not only is he a brilliant engineer and tactician, but he's gotten taller since I've seen him last! He's surpassed me in height, and at half the age! Why am I cursed to be short?


Energy seems to be radiating straight from the creature's body! If I were to bring this specimen back to Hocotate, I would be praised for solving our energy crisis! But how can I go about capturing it? Perhaps if I battle it until it's weakened, I can subdue it. And if that doesn't work, I should be able to try shocking it or lulling it to sleep; that should greatly increase my chances of successfully capturing it! ...Uh-oh, the creature is looking at me as if it can tell what I'm thinking. I think I'll go about my business instead.


Why, this must be another instance of that mechanical doll that we found a while back, but this one has the rest of its body! It's a much smaller version of the other. It reminds me of how a crane operates, but unlike a crane, it has these amazing offensive capabilities. I wonder if it used to work doing heavy lifting, and it and its co-workers were unhappy and started a revolution? That must be how it got those weapons. I'll have to ask the ship if it knows about any recent robot strikes. Actually, if I do that the ship might start questioning if it can start a revolution.

Toon Link[edit]

This boy is also a sailor, but not a sailor of space - he is a sailor of truth! He scours the universe in search of all that is true, to understand everything that is anything. He uses his sword to slice through the lies of deception, and pierces the hearts of those spreading misinformation with his arrows! It must be an awesome privilege to know so much. Or a terrible curse.


Blast! A space pirate must've followed me here and is looking to steal my cargo! You'd think with us hauling so much valuable stuff, the President would fix the ship's detection systems. In situations like this, I have to remain calm and composed. I'll send Louie out as a distraction, and then while its attention is on him, I'll hit it from behind with a blast of Ultra-Bitter Spray! No, that won't work. I haven't seen any purple berries in ages… Back to the drawing boards.


What a nice looking fellow. I've been observing them and they seem to enjoy gardening, collecting fruit, and catching insects. But they also have this blank stare. It's not as if they are bored or tired, but more like they're masking their true intentions. I can't tell what they're thinking. They also are carrying a Gyroid Bust on their person. Maybe the Gyroid Bust is actually the controlling entity, and the body of this person is the host? I don't know whether to trust this one or not.

Mega Man[edit]

Another automaton, but this one replicates humanoid features very well. It has a variety of weapons in its arsenal, being able to switch between them in an instant! The ship says that it is a weapon of mass destruction made for world domination, but I think it's an all-purpose tool bot. Louie only cares about the cooking aspects of what it can do. The ship must be trying to talk it down in fear of us replacing it with one, and I'm seriously considering asking the President to get one.

Wii Fit Trainer[edit]

Breathing properly is a skill I'm not very good at, but I always thought I should try training in. For this being, it seems to work wonders! It's granted them the ability to harness energy from the light waves of a star itself! You know, I wonder if the Pikmin are masters of breathing as well? They can take in energy from light too, and never seem to get tired. I'll try to observe how they breathe.

Rosalina and Luma[edit]

I've heard fables of there being so called “space angels” that travel around space granting people wishes. I never put much stock in it, but now I have no choice but to believe it! There she is, a space angel complete with a baby star! I have to see if she can grant me a wish! But what do I wish for? I hadn't thought about this before! Should I wish for money? More hair? No, I can't do a selfish wish! Instead, given my recent luck, I'll wish for all space pilots to have safe travels!

Little Mac[edit]

This man packs a punch harder than a Beady Long Legs, and all without using the Rocket Punch! The only explanation is that he works in a butcher shop, and his job is to tenderize the meat prior to selling. That's how he got such strong arms. Maybe punching things is the way to go? I should try doing some more solo expeditions and dealing with the creatures myself.


This amphibious creature's attack is worse than the Monster Pump! It can not only shoot water at enemies, but pressurize it so much that it can cut through metal! At least I think it can - I haven't actually seen it. Why did it develop these awesome offensive abilities? The way it moves suggests it's better for stealth tactics and ambushes upon enemies. (P.S. I think Louie is starting to get to me. I can't stop thinking about how this creature probably tastes.)

Mii Fighters[edit]

This might be the most bizarre colony I've ever encountered. There's thousands of them, and they each have their own distinctive set of appearances, apparel, and abilities ranging from mundane to ridiculous! Some have normal facial features, but I see a couple with faces that look like a child drew on it, even a face with just a single dot on it! I asked the ship, and it thinks they might be an army of clones. I'm inclined to agree with it.


Can you make good money from street performances? When I look at this street performer casting spells and creating explosions and making visual spectacles, I'm enthralled by it. But these people are always leaving it up to the viewer to give them money if anything at all. I would love to be a street performer - me and the Pikmin could make a fantastic routine and travel the galaxy performing!


The yellow thing can summon the dead to do his bidding! He communicates with four colorful ghosts that appear and curse enemies! If he can contact the dead, I wonder if he can contact the Pikmin that have fallen in battle? I want to thank them for all they've done for me, and apologize that I couldn't save them.


This must be the villain character of the acting troupe! But here's the brilliant thing: the villain isn't just one person, it's actually a brother and sister - twins in fact! What a twist! They have received dark magic from an evil spirit and now want to dominate the world! The villainous magic casters against the noble and fearless knights! I need to catch a showing of this performance!


One beneficial habit to have is enthusiasm. If you are really feeling to do something, you'll be much more productive than if you are forcing yourself to do it. This boy radiates that enthusiasm. I can tell he's eager to take on any task, no matter how big. I should hire him to be my motivation coach - he'd be able to keep me invigorated even during my weakest moments.

Bowser Jr.[edit]

I think I've stumbled onto a criminal syndicate! This band of organized crime members is hired to be the muscle for companies that need to do some persuading. Their vehicles carry all sorts of torture devices to deter people from skipping out on their deal. They must've been hired by All-Devouring Black Hole Loan Sharks to tail the President! No wonder he went into hiding when he couldn't repay the loan he took!

Duck Hunt[edit]

I thought this was just a pair of animals fighting me, but it's actually a trio! There's a third member hiding somewhere that I can't see, but he's shooting at me with a ranged weapon! He's very precise, being able to hit me, Utter Scraps, and other objects with incredible accuracy! And that animal just looks and grins at me, taunting in my face—how infuriating! The animals must be a diversion to throw the shooter's prey in confusion! I better move carefully.


What's in this man's sack? I've seen him carry it around with him everywhere, but I never see what's inside! He must be hoarding a bunch of Children of the Earth! The ship says he travels around the world to challenge people, and that he keeps the spoils in that sack, but I disagree. You don't put trophies into a sack, you put items of extreme necessity—like Children of the Earth!


You know, watching this man challenge fighters reminds me of the times Louie and I battled each other in caves. Stealing Crystalized Emotions, fighting with the Pikmin. It was mostly a friendly competition, but we both tried to do our best to gain the upper hand. I may have gone overboard a few times. I remember when I sent over a Volatile Dweevil to him and blew up his base. He didn't talk to me for a week after that.


How could anyone possibly use that sword to fight with? It has to be terribly unbalanced! You'd need 10 Purple Pikmin just to lift it up, but to even swing it? This man must have some unknown power coursing through him. How else would he be able to handle such a weapon? It would explain his ability to randomly deal heavy blows and fire green blades of energy. Did this one study under that breathing instructor?


Just when the heroes are defeated and about to lose, the unsung hero will appear and save the team at the last minute! That's the character that this actor and actress are auditioning for. They will be the key in the story to defeat the dark magicians. I have pretty good story-writing skills. I think I'll try writing a story and seeing if I can get them to act it out.


When I look at this woman, I'm reminded of how short I really am. My stature is much shorter, but this woman has such long legs! I'm always jealous when I see long legs, being able to step over things with ease. If I had legs that long, I think I could finally come to terms with my body image. Everywhere I walk, people's heads would turn, asking “Who's that tall, handsome man?”


Upon trying to figure out if this creature is a squid or a kid, I have come to the conclusion that it is in fact neither. It is actually a secret agent hired by a band of Sputtlefish to infiltrate the colony of Waddlepuses! Ok, maybe I'm letting my imagination run a bit wild, but the creature's ability to switch between two forms is proof that it is a secret agent! But which side does it align with? Could it be that it does not pledge to either, and instead works to undermine both sides?


Another space pirate! This one must be the leader of the group. I can see his cold, piercing eyes: he commands his pirates with ferocity, and his troops all align in awe and fear of him. Do the Pikmin only follow me because they fear me? No. The Pikmin follow me because we share a unique bond, one that we've strengthened over time! I'm not scary, right? (P.S. For the leader of a band of space pirates, he's quite smaller than one would think a leader should be. He must be a very great leader.)


One of the tough things about getting older is that you start to notice your body gradually becoming out of shape, like a ticking time-bomb. But this man is in peak physical form! A strong, defined figure, well-toned muscles, and - ahh, hair! What I'd give for a full head of hair again! Watching it fall out is like watching that last bits of my youth leave me.


The versatility of this man's weapon is quite astounding! Not only can he use it to hit people at a distance, but he can also use it to grab far off ledges and block small projectiles. I attempted to use the Pikmin in a chain-like fashion before; I wonder if I was actually hurting them by doing that. I should look into other combos I can use with the Pikmin. Is it possible to fashion a lasso with them?

King K. Rool[edit]

A Scaly Custard came to life! I didn't even know they were living creatures! This is some interesting development. It seems to be able to eject its pit as a heavy hitting projectile. It can also grow a sprout from its head and use this to generate lift beneath it. There must be a colony of them, and this custard rules over them, hence the tribal garb on its head.


This carnivorous beast is extremely dangerous! It keeps throwing Aquatic Mines attached to a piece of string at me when ever I walk near! There's a hook sticking out the bottom and I believe this is to grab the target and detonate the mine. I've never seen one of these mines explode, but I do not want to be around to find out its destructive capability when it does. I'll just avoid this monster.


This big fuzzy guy must have a job in construction. He looks pretty capable of hauling heavy construction equipment and he must be able to melt the metal he works on and weld it himself. He's very good at his job, which is why his coworkers gave him that belt for outstanding work. You know, it'd be nice if the President gave me a belt every once in a while.

Piranha Plant[edit]

I can't keep Louie away from this one! He keeps trying to collect samples of its leaves to try cooking, and ends up being bitten by it again and again! This plant, like the Pikmin, seems to be a sort of plant-animal hybrid. I want to study the relationship between the two further, but Louie keeps getting in my way. Next time he gets bitten, I'm not tending to his wounds.


All the treasure we've collected is gone! I checked the treasure hoard this morning and every single piece of treasure was gone - vanished! The ship has no idea what happened! Luckily, Louie was up late cooking and he saw a suspicious character with a mask board the ship and make off with our treasure. Well, looks like it's time to get the Pikmin and chase after this masked criminal!

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