Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Box Art Final.jpg
North American box art.
Rating ESRB rating: E 10+ PEGI rating: 12
Console Nintendo Switch
Developer Sora Ltd. and Bandai Namco
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Fighting
Players 1 to 8 (depends on the mode)
Release date
Japan December 7th, 2018
North America December 7th, 2018
Europe December 7th, 2018
Australia December 7th, 2018
South Korea December 7th, 2018
Related games
Predecessor Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the fifth and latest entry in the Super Smash Bros. series. Like all games in the franchise, it has fighters from several Nintendo franchises battle each other, and just like the previous entries, it features some Pikmin elements. The first Pikmin-related information about the game was revealed in the Nintendo Direct that took place on June 12th, 2018.

Pikmin content[edit]

Captain Olimar[edit]

Captain Olimar's artwork.

Captain Olimar returns as a fighter. His moveset and appearance seem mostly identical to his Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U incarnation, meaning he can only have 3 Pikmin at a time, uses Winged Pikmin to recover, etc.

Some changes can be observed, however:

  • When grabbing, Olimar issues all Pikmin to lunge forward and pin the opponent in place. Olimar himself can then deliver backhanded slaps to the opponent as a grab pummel.
  • When Olimar is knocked back, his helmet can appear covered in cracks. The helmet returns to normal when the hitstun period is over, though. The helmet can also appear similarly cracked when he is Screen KO'd. This feature is only aesthetic.

As seen in Olimar's trailer, Alph is also playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as an alternate costume to Olimar. He plays identically to Olimar himself.


The following Pikmin stages return:


This game contains the following Pikmin songs:

Name Origin Availability Link Description
Main Theme - Pikmin Remix created for Ultimate Starter A remix of the title theme in Pikmin.
Main Theme - Pikmin Original from Pikmin Starter The title theme in Pikmin.
Forest of Hope Original from Pikmin Unlockable The Forest of Hope's theme. Plays the standard version first, and then the combat variant.
Stage Clear / Title Theme - Pikmin Remix created for Brawl Starter A remix with the sunset fanfare and the title theme, both from Pikmin.
Environmental Noises Track created for Brawl Starter Sounds from the wilderness that can be found within the Pikmin games.
World Map - Pikmin 2 Remix created for Brawl Starter A remix of the area selection theme in Pikmin 2.
Stage Select - Pikmin 2 Remix created for Brawl Starter A remix of the area selection theme in Pikmin 2, ending with part of the area selection theme in Pikmin .
Garden of Hope Remix created for Ultimate Starter Remix of the Garden of Hope's standard theme and Bingo Battle's nature stage theme.
Garden of Hope Original from Pikmin 3 Unlockable Garden of Hope's standard theme.
Mission Mode - Pikmin 3 Remix created for Smash 4 Starter A remix of Mission Mode's standard theme in Pikmin 3.
The Keeper of the Lake Original from Hey! Pikmin Starter The Keeper of the Lake's theme.
Flashes of Fear Original from Hey! Pikmin Starter Flashes of Fear's theme.
Over Wintry Mountains Original from Hey! Pikmin Starter Over Wintry Mountains's theme.
Fragment of Hope Original from Hey! Pikmin Starter Fragment of Hope's theme. This plays in the third phase of the fight against the final boss.


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Some characters from the series show up as Spirits:

Primary Spirits[edit]

Spirit info Augmented Fighter info
Name Type Class Slots Fighter(s) Stage Music Rules/Hazards Conditions
Burrowing Snagret Attack ★★★ 2 Giant Charizard Garden of Hope World Map - Pikmin 2 (Remix) • Assist Trophy Enemies • Item: Pitfall • Hostile assist trophies will appear • The enemy is giant
Empress Bulblax Shield ★★★★ 2 None (Enhanced from the Bulborb Spirit)
Fiery Blowhog Attack 1 Charizard (×3) The Great Cave Offensive (Battlefield Form) Mission Mode - Pikmin 3 (Remix) • Item: Fire Flower • Stamina battle • The enemy favors neutral specials
Louie Grab ★★★ 3 None (Summoned with cores from Snorlax, Postman, and any Grab core)
Mockiwi Shield 2 Giant Pac‑Man (ally: Olimar) Garden of Hope Over Wintry Mountains None • Join forces with a CPU ally • Stamina battle • The enemy is giant
Peckish Aristocrab Shield ★★ 2 Giant Ridley Garden of Hope Unknown Unknown Unknown
Plasm Wraith Neutral ★★★ 3 None (Summoned with cores from Hakkun, Eddy, and any two Neutral cores)
Purple Pikmin Shield ★★ 1 Tiny Donkey Kong team (×10) Distant Planet Forest of Hope None • Stamina battle • The enemy deals damage when falling • Reinforcements will appear after an enemy is KO'd
Bulborb Shield ★★ 2 Giant Yoshi Distant Planet Main Theme - Pikmin (Original) • Attack Power ↑ • Timed stamina battle • The enemy has increased attack power • The enemy favors neutral specials
Rock Pikmin Grab 1 Tiny Kirby team (×8) Garden of Hope (Hazards off) Garden of Hope (Original) • Hazard: High Gravity • Stamina battle • Your jumping power decreases • The enemy favors down specials

Support Spirits[edit]

Spirit info Augmented Fighter info
Name Type Class Slot cost Fighter(s) Stage Rules/Hazards Conditions
Blue Pikmin Shield ★★ 1 Tiny Squirtle Team (×12) Distant Planet N/A • The enemy's ice and water attacks have increased power • Timed Stamina battle • Water and ice attacks aren't as effective against the enemy
Brittany Shield ★★★ 2 Alph Garden of Hope (Battlefield Form) • Item Tidal Wave • Item: Food • Timed Battle • The enemy becomes more powerful after eating • Items will be pulled toward the enemy
Emperor Bulblax Attack ★★★ 2 Giant King K. Rool Distant Planet (Omega Form) N/A • The enemy has super armor and is hard to launch or make flinch • Stamina battle • The enemy is giant
Iridescent Glint Beetle Shield ★★ 2 Gold Squirtle Distant Planet N/A • Timed Stamina Battle • The enemy tends to avoid conflict
Red Pikmin Attack ★★ 1 Tiny Incineroar (×12) Garden of Hope (Battlefield Form) • Lava Floor • The floor is lava • The enemy's explosion and fire attacks have increased power • Stamina battle
Smoky Progg Neutral 1 Mario Distant Planet (Battlefield Form) • Metal Shift • The enemy will occasionally turn metal
Swooping Snitchbug Grab 1 Pit team (×4) Distant Planet • Item: Boss Galaga • The enemy is easily distracted by items
White Pikmin Grab ★★ 1 Tiny Kirby team (×13) Distant Planet (Battlefield Form) Unknown Unknown
Winged Pikmin Grab 1 Tiny Jigglypuff team (×12) Garden of Hope (Omega Form) Unknown Unknown
Yellow Pikmin Attack ★★ 2 Tiny Donkey Kong team (×10) Garden of Hope (Battlefield Form) Unknown Unknown
Yellow Wollywog Shield ★★ 1 King Dedede (×3) Distant Planet N/A • The enemy favors up specials

Master Spirit[edit]

Spirit info Augmented Fighter info
Name Type Fighter Power Stage Music Rules Conditions
Charlie Neutral Alph (×3) 1,200 Garden of Hope (Battlefield Form) Stage Select 2 - Pikmin 2 • Slippery Stage • Reinforcements will appear during the battle • The stage's platforms are very slippery • The enemy starts the battle with a Drill

Fighter Spirits[edit]



The Burrowing Snagret makes an appearance in this game as an Assist Trophy. When summoned, it will appear from the floor (even go through platforms) near an opponent, and will idle for a second before unleashing three quick stabs towards the opponent. It can peck at the ground or the air. It will then bury back down and reemerge elsewhere, repeating the process. Like other Assist Trophies, it can be KO'd if it takes enough damage. It makes the Burrowing Snagret death sound from Pikmin when it emerges, and also when it is KO'd.

The Hocotate Bomb returns as an item, and acts and looks the same as before.

In World of Light, Captain Charlie's spirit can be found by going west, south, south, and south. When defeated, the caves become available to explore, and Captain Charlie is the one who takes the player's spirits on the expedition inside the cave.



  • The official website, put up right after the E3 Nintendo Direct, has a page for Olimar as a fighter, but his name started off misspelled as "Olimer", in the banner at the back of the page.[1] This only happened in the desktop site, as the mobile site was fine. The problem was only fixed on June 19th, 2018.

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