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The logo for Super Nintendo World.

Super Nintendo World is a Nintendo-themed area at Universal Studios Japan. It had its grand opening on March 18th, 2021. It consists of a series of attractions, shops, and diners. There is also an upcoming Super Nintendo World area for the Epic Universe park in Universal Orlando.

Despite focusing primarily on the popular Nintendo franchises like Super Mario and Mario Kart, the park features a number of cameos and references to other Nintendo series, such as Pikmin.

Pikmin cameos[edit]

The following is a list of all known Pikmin cameos in the park.

Image Area Spot Cameo
Super Nintendo World Pikmin 2.jpg Piranha Plant Nap Mishap Below one of the Piranha Creeper's stalks, to the left and above the Kinopio's Cafe sign Several buried Pikmin, and two Yellow Pikmin trying to pluck them
Super Nintendo World AFD 1.jpg Luigi's Terror Coaster At the peak, and roughly 200 meters after that Some Winged Pikmin, facing the same direction that the coaster goes in
Super Nintendo World AFD 2.jpg Cheep Cheep Aquarium At the first curve to the left A Blue Pikmin on its back
Super Nintendo World AFD 3.jpg F-Zero Bumpers Ceiling of the northwest corner A Yellow Pikmin hanging from the ceiling
Super Nintendo World AFD 4.jpg Super Mario Land After the first two pipes Three buried Pikmin, one for each maturity
Super Nintendo World AFD 5.jpg Donkey Kong's Jungle Warrior At the back, below the main spotlight Seven Yellow Pikmin holding hands to power the light
Super Nintendo World AFD 6.jpg Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! Challenge To the left side of the receptionist's desk A Purple Pikmin peeking from the desk
Super Nintendo World AFD 7.jpg Mario for President! Exhibition On top of Abraham "Mario" Lincoln's left hand A Rock Pikmin sitting
Super Nintendo World AFD 8.jpg Super Mario Odyssey Simulator On the floor by the Odyssey A Blue Pikmin and a Red Pikmin carrying a wheel of cheese to the Red Onion

Pikmin merchandise[edit]

Besides cameos, there is also some Pikmin merchandise for sale at the park.

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