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The wiki has some maintenance tasks that will never be complete. They are just tasks that constantly show up. Examples include minor tasks that improve an article, cleaning up poor documentation, or fixing page problems. If you don't want to undertake a massive project, but still want to help out the wiki, this is a great place to get ideas from. Pick a task, select an article, and start contributing!

If a task has further details, you can click its name to go to the section on this page that elaborates on what to do.


Type Task Current article count
(If applicable)
Pikmin info Add more information to stubs. 140
Follow the to do list of minor tasks. 185
Upload images to articles that need them. 400
Create wanted pages.
Add knowledge about a specific game or version, if you have it. 12
Wiki structure; no Pikmin knowledge needed Provide translations. 2
Clean up articles or sections that need attention. 29
Add missing sources. 18
Update dead links. 2
Fix duplicate arguments in templates. 0
Correct any reference errors. 0
Fix unrecognized button icons. 1
Find and add the license to files without one. 0
Make use of unused files or mark them for deletion.
Discuss Nominate new featured articles or vote on existing nominations.
Nominate new polls or vote on existing nominations.
Discuss the fate of articles to be deleted. 53
Discuss the fate of articles to be merged. 2
Discuss the fate of articles to be split. 2
Browse and find improvements Find articles and sections that need improving.
Find articles that don't follow guidelines.
Find articles and files that are missing categories.
Find low quality images.
Find poor image descriptions.


Find articles and sections that need improving[edit]

While reading, you may find an article, or section of an article, that desperately needs to be improved. You can edit it and improve it yourself, or leave a note for future editors to clean it up. For this, place one of the maintenance templates.

Find articles that don't follow guidelines[edit]

You can compare existing articles with our policies and guidelines, and if you spot something wrong, like a game name that's not italicized, go right ahead and fix it! Alternatively, you can leave a maintenance templates.

Find articles and files that are missing categories[edit]

Some articles or even files are not under the categories they should be in. If you find one, please categorize it. Remember to use the deepest category possible! (Example: Categorize an image of a Red Bulborb on Category:Red Bulborb images instead of Category:Enemy images.)

Find low quality images[edit]

If you spot any image that's particularly low quality, upload a replacement, or add the {{image}} tag to it.

Find poor image descriptions[edit]

For any images you see that have an unhelpful or missing descriptions, please edit them and improve them!