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Like most wikis, Pikipedia has a set of policies and guidelines that help organize the wiki, solve conflicts, and maximize the wiki's quality. Policies are standards that should be followed to make sure the wiki does not go out of control. Guidelines are just hints on how to polish an article; they aren't mandatory, but following them makes the wiki all the cleaner and more organized.

A wiki is a complicated thing, so it's only expected that these policies and guidelines won't apply 100% of the time. Common sense and community consensuses can help figure out exceptions.

The purpose of the policies and guidelines is to explain what to do in ambiguous cases. So, just because a policy or guidelines doesn't say you should do X, it doesn't mean you should do X. Just because there's no policy about writing in all capital letters doesn't mean you should start doing it. In addition, editors are assumed to use a bit of common sense when simply using the site. For instance, the mainspace pages have objective Pikmin content, and talk pages are the place to go to discuss things personally.

The following is a list of all policies and guidelines for the wiki, as decided by its community. To suggest or discuss policies or guidelines, use the proposals page.