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The leaf texture used in Pikmin 2's Challenge Mode menu. (Used on Pikipedia in the {{stub}} template.)

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Play Nintendo is a division of Nintendo's official North American website. It showcases contemporary Nintendo games, and primarily targets Nintendo's younger audience. The websites content is split into five categories: Friends, Activities, Media, Printables, and News & Tips.



Character Image Description
Pikmin Artwork of some Pikmin carrying a Disguised Delicacy from Pikmin 4. When it comes to walking vegetation, there is definitely strength in numbers.
Space travelers take note: Pikmin are plant-like creatures that have different colors and abilities. Want to collect some spaceship parts, battle enemies, or break down walls? Just toss over some Pikmin!
Captain Olimar Official render of Captain Olimar. A cosmic castaway becomes a brave leader of Pikmin.
When his spaceship crash lands on a mysterious planet, Captain Olimar could use a few friends—so he figured out a way to grow some new buds.
Red Pikmin The artwork of Red Pikmin used on Play Nintendo. These fire-proof fighters can take down a foe in nothing flat!
All the Pikmin will work hard for you, but will they walk through fire for you? Probably. But you should use the red guys for that job—so nobody gets hurt.
Blue Pikmin A Blue Pikmin from Pikmin 4 (reused from Hey! Pikmin). We’ve got a sinking feeling that you'll like these amphibious creatures.
Most Pikmin don’t like it underwater, but not these tiny troopers: they dive into hazardous waters to reach new areas, and can even attack aquatic enemies.
Yellow Pikmin Yellow Pikmin 3 Artwork 01 Stage 3.png These awesome, unshockable diggers soar through the air with greatest of ease!
Dig this! Toss yellow types high in the air, like they just don’t care—because they fly super far when you need to get to distant objectives.
Rock Pikmin Rock Pikmin render from the Play Nintendo Website Chunky Rock Pikmin will do you a solid when obstacles are in your way.
Throw these heavy-duty hunks of helpfulness to smash hard objects and defeat enemies that are too troublesome for the other types of Pikmin.
Winged Pikmin Winged Pikmin with a flower from the play nintendo website. Special delivery! Have these flowered flying friends hoist the burden for you.
If you throw enough Pikmin at something, they’ll probably carry it, but sometimes you need a special buddy to carry it through the air. Luckily, you have such a buddy.
Purple Pikmin Purple Pikmin stage 2 from the Play Nintendo Website. Purple flower power will give you the strength to carry on.
Nothing beats a Purple Pikmin when things get heavy. When the wind starts blowing down your other friends, these sturdy little spuds will keep moving forward.
White Pikmin Transparent image of a bud White Pikmin from Pikmin 3. Sure, these little guys are poisonous—but only to your enemies. Feel free to hug them!
They’re small and not particularly strong, but the White Pikmin leave a lasting impression on hostile critters with their cuteness and, um, long-lasting poison.
Louie Artwork of Louie from Pikmin 2. Captain Olimar’s second in command is hungry for adventure.
Louie is a great assistant if you're going on a mission to a dangerous planet. Just keep him away from the cargo hold, because he has some appetite control issues.
Alph, Brittany & Charlie Alph, Brittany, and Charlie from the Play Nintendo website. Three brave explorers enlist the help of Pikmin to save their starving home planet, Koppai.
This talented triple team has a crack pilot, an engineer, and a botanist—it’s a full-on expedition! They always work toward a common goal, even when they're separated from each other.
Bulborb Bulborb render from the Play Nintendo website. A file of this already exists, but that file has a white background, unlike this one. These big-eyed predators aren't really “bad” guys—they just missed breakfast.
What's that thing going bump in the night? It's an adorable Bulborb, and it won't stop eating Pikmin until you defeat it.
Ice Pikmin Render of an Ice Pikmin in its flower stage. The chilliest Pikmin of the bunch.
These cool little creatures are very helpful when it comes to exploring puddles and lakes. Ice Pikmin can freeze an entire body of water, letting you and other Pikmin to safely cross. Plus, Ice Pikmin can freeze enemies in their tracks. Brr!
Glow Pikmin Artwork of a Glow Pikmin from Pikmin 4. Strange Pikmin that thrive in the dark.
These tiny creatures can also turn into a ball of light so shiny that it can stun enemies in their tracks. If you're heading out to explore at night, bring along Glow Pikmin on your adventure!
Oatchi Official render of Oatchi. Adorable rescue pup and all-around good boy.
Oatchi (pronounced Oat-chee) can help get the job done during all sorts of adventures. Oatchi can help Pikmin carry items, smash obstacles in your way, and even carry you can your Pikmin over land and water. With the Pikmin and a powerful pup at your side, no challenge is too big!