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Seat of Enlightenment

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Seat of Enlightenment Treasure Hoard icon.
Number 178
Series Mystery Disk Series
Value Poko icon.png × 30
Weight 4
Maximum carriers 8 Pikmin
Location Awakening Wood
Challenge Mode levels None
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The Seat of Enlightenment (さとりの座?) is a treasure exclusive to the Japanese version of Pikmin 2. It is a Hiruzen-brand milk cover, and can be found in Awakening Wood in the same spot that the Healing Cask and Hypnotic Platter are found in the US and European versions, respectively.


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Olimar's journal[edit]

この惑星には理解のおよばない物体が実に多い。これもそのひとつだ……。ドルフィン初号機の分析によれば、考えこむところにこの物体の価値があるらしいが、本当なのだろうか? どうもだまされているような気がしてならない。いやいや、自分の乗る宇宙船を信じられないようでは一流のパイロット失格だ。

Google Translate: There are so many things that we don't understand on this planet. This is one of them ... According to the analysis of the first Dolphin machine, it seems that this object is worth thinking, but is it true? I don't feel like I'm being fooled. No, it is a first-class pilot disqualification if you can not believe your own spaceship.

Sales pitch[edit]


Google Translate: I don't know what to use, but I think about it. That is the true value of this treasure. It will eventually lead you to a deeper world of meditation.


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