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Article content from Challenge Mode (Pikmin 1 ) a Misspelt duplicate. Discordance 01:21, 12 January 2007 (UTC)

Challenge mode, in Pikmin 1, is a separate from the main game and is selected from the title screen. The goal of Challenge Mode is to raise the largest Pikmin Army you possibly can in a single day; at the end of the day the amount of surviving Pikmin is counted and the top five scores are saved. In Challenge Mode, you are able to pick from any of the areas you've been to (in the story mode), but the areas are very different from the layout in story mode. Challenge Mode is unlocked once all three Onions have been found in story mode in at least one file.

Tempo change[edit]

So I figured we should have an exact number on how much the tempo increases in Challenge Mode. I went ahead and listened to the songs in-game, both in normal and in Challenge Mode, and compared the tempo. This is the conclusion I reached

Area Normal BPM Challenge BPM % increase
The Impact Site 100 120 20%
The Forest of Hope 112 134 19.64%
The Forest Navel 120 144 20%
The Distant Spring 116 140 20.06%
The Final Trial 94 113 20.21%

Wow, it's short of surprising; just a simple 20% increase. But now we can say that we have concrete values, at least. — {EspyoT} 20:46, 2 August 2013 (EDT)

Interesting... I never noticed the tempo increased in Challenge Mode. However, you say you figured this out by ear? Not to sound condescending, but I wouldn't consider this "concrete values". Are you in possession of a metronome, or a smartphone that can download an app to function as a metronome? Being a piano player, I have one myself; unfortunately, my copy of the first game has been misplaced. -Los Plagas

Yes, I admit inaccuracies via human error are possible, but I did use a BPM measuring tool, so it wasn't just "Dum... Dum... Dum... yeah, this sounds like... iunno, 94BPM.". I used this tool. — {EspyoT} 07:25, 3 August 2013 (EDT)

Perhaps you simply didn't notice. Regardless, it's always seemed like the music played a bit faster in Challenge Mode, but I assumed this was already here on the wiki, and I didn't make a big deal over it. ~PikFan23