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A swarm of Ujadani.

Ujadani are small creatures that appear in the Wistful Wild from Pikmin 2 in intervals of 30 days, technically starting on day 1. The name comes from their e-Reader card. They are very small, orange bugs with a 5mm body length that scuttle about in swarms of many and are not documented in the Piklopedia as other enemies in the game are. Upon closer examination, they appear to have tiny scuttling feet before their bulbous backs. Two swarms of 70 can be found on the days they appear. One of the swarms is located near the entrance of the Hole of Heroes, and the other is in the black stone area to the right of the black gate leading to the Dream Den, on the edge of the clearing of Creeping Chrysanthemums. Since they appear so rarely, some players go through the game without knowing of their existence.

The creatures can be attacked – this is similar to the way Pikmin attack rubble and nectar weed – and doing so releases vast quantities of nectar and spray drops. This makes the secret bugs the best source of sprays and nectar in the game. Non-White Pikmin are affected by the poison the swarms release when attacked, which acts like any other instance of poison in Pikmin 2. The insects rarely attack, however, so it's possible to beat all insects without any non-White Pikmin being poisoned.

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