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Obsessive Mario Fan
Gender Male
Location Earth
Pikmin (game) icon.png Don't own
New Play Control! Pikmin icon.png All Ship Parts
Pikmin 2 icon.png Don't own
New Play Control! Pikmin 2 icon.png Saved Louie, but didn't get all treasures
Pikmin 3 icon.png All fruits
This icon represents Hey! Pikmin on Pikipedia. It is based off of the game's logo. All Treasures
Pikmin Adventure icon.png Didn't beat

Hello everyone! I'm an Obsessive Mario Fan. My user name says Mario is my favorite, but I like Pikmin too! I hope to be of assistance to this wiki.

I also have a sandbox containing unfinished revisions for pages, and templates. I also occasionally use it for testing.

215 edits and counting!

My signature: Artwork of a Spotcap. Obsessive Mario Fan A flower-bud Blue Pikmin flies in the air.

Stuff I do

Current projects

  • Upload images of data-rendered models from the Models Resource.
  • Fill out articles on Hey! Pikmin treasures and enemies.

Other important things

  • Check the Recent Changes regularly.
  • Fix any spelling/grammar mistakes.
  • Rewrite any poorly written content (if I have time or feel like doing it).


These are other places you can find me:

Pikmin games I own



10/10 9/10 8/10 7/10 6/10 5/10 4/10 3/10 2/10 1/10 0/10
Outstanding Excellent Great Good OK Average Bad Terrible Garbage Abysmal Shovelware


Artwork of a Spotty Bulborb. Loop of Beginnings icon in Hey! Pikmin. Probable Teapot icon in Hey! Pikmin. Deluxe Something-or-Other icon in Hey! Pikmin. Flashy Monument icon in Hey! Pikmin.
Cannot be completed Not completed Main game completed In process of 100% completion Completed 100%
Game Pros Cons Rating Completion
Box art of New Play Control! Pikmin.
The game that started it all!
This game has very unique areas, especially The Forest Navel.

Olimar is a very likeable, developed character.
Which is important, because all of the game's dialogues are from him.

Great soundtrack.

Not much to do after all 30 Ship Parts are obtained.

Challenge Mode did not really feel all that rewarding...
Flashy Monument icon in Hey! Pikmin.
Got all Ship Parts.
Nintendo Selects Pikmin 2.jpg
Pikmin 2
This game really expanded upon its predecessor.

Caves are usually fun to explore, and sometimes introduce new concepts!

New characters including Louie, The President, and the Hocotate Ship make the game more interesting.

I love reading the Piklopedia entries.

Two Player Battle mode is lots of fun.

Great soundtrack, as before.

The game gets more challenging as you progress, and in the right ways.
Purple Pikmin are a bit too overpowered.

The Titan Dweevil fight dragged on for way too long.
Deluxe Something-or-Other icon in Hey! Pikmin.
Saved Louie, but didn't get all treasures.
Pikmin 3
Beautiful graphics! I love how the scenery looks in this game.

Best character interactions.

Mission Mode is very enjoyable.

Bingo Battle is just as much fun as the previous game's Two Player Battle!

Soundtrack is great, as always.

The 'Go Here' feature makes inactive leaders seem more useful.
Blue Pikmin are unlocked way too late in the game.
Not only that, but they are required to get a lot of the fruits!

Story Mode felt like it ended too quickly.

No Piklopedia?
Deluxe Something-or-Other icon in Hey! Pikmin.
Got all Fruits, didn't get a platinum medal in all missions.
The box art for Hey! Pikmin.
Hey! Pikmin
I actually really liked this game.
Not as much as the main-series games, but more than most people did.

Making the game 2D adds new mechanics. My favorite was Over Wintry Mountains.

Log entries are finally back!

Great, underrated soundtrack.
This game is a spinoff, but it doesn't feel different enough to have its own identity.

Most (but not all) of the puzzles felt too easy and uncreative.
Deluxe Something-or-Other icon in Hey! Pikmin.
Got all Treasures, but not all Pikmin Medals.
Nintendo Land Box.png
Nintendo Land
Lots of fun minigames to play, especially with multiple people!

Plaza decorations make the hub world more interesting.
About half of the game relies on multiplayer, which is a problem for me because I don't always have someone to play with.
Loop of Beginnings icon in Hey! Pikmin.
Didn't get a star on any of the attractions.
Box art for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Lots of modes makes there a lot to do!

Character roster, music, and stages are great.

Visuals are amazing, like other Wii U titles in this list.

With this out, there's not much of a reason to own the 3DS version...
...Unless you really enjoy the exclusive modes...
...and the two stages that didn't make it into Smash 5.
Smash Tour wasn't all that great. I'd say it's average.

Not everything from Brawl returned.

Not many unlockables.
Loop of Beginnings icon in Hey! Pikmin.
North American box art for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
The Ultimate Smash Bros. game, as the name states.

Every fighter is here, even Pichu.

Lots of stages and items.

Classic Mode is improved from before.

The game is overall very polished.
Not every stage is included.

There are less modes, making there less to do compared to SSB4.

World of Light is good, but gets boring after a while.
Spirits are good, but I miss trophies.

Aside from Classic Mode, this game's single player content is weak.
Still a 10/10.
Loop of Beginnings icon in Hey! Pikmin.