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Hello. I am SpeedyTheSonicChao, mostly known as JMS. I like Pikmin and many other videogames. This is my User Page. The place every user has to write all the junk he wants.

Who I am

I'm a Portuguese 13 years old boy who likes videogames. My favourite series are Sonic The Hedgehog, Pokémon, Pikmin and maybe some I can't remember now.

Pikmin information and Records

Well, I only played the first game so far, but I may get the second one soon.

I am bad at Challenge Mode. My records are:

I've cleared the game in 15 days, with all the 30 pieces, what shows that I'm even worse.


  • Favourite Pikmin Color: Still trying to decide. My favourites are the primary colors, but I like Yellow Pikmin less in Pikmin 2 because they can't carry bomb-rocks, at least I read that.
  • Favourite Character: Captain Olimar!
  • Favourite Enemy: Either Emperor Bulblax, I like to defeat it, or the Armored Cannon Beetle.
  • Most Annoying Enemy: Sheargrubs and Shearwigs, probably.
  • Favourite Level: The Distant Spring

What else do I need? Well, if you want to know something else, there's the Talk page.

Informations about my relationship with this wiki

Contributions. As you can see, I haven't done much here.

I like this wiki. It brought my interest on Pikmin back up, together with the Pikmin Speedrun video on YouTube.


If you want to know something else about me, use the Talk Page. I have an E-mail address, and I use MSN as well. My E-mail and MSN address is in this picture. Good luck reading it. Feel free to add me if you want.

I'm also on IRC alot. In EsperNet. Mostly on the #srb2fun and #srb2jte channels, which are Sonic-related, but sometimes on the #ISchat channel. It was for some friends, but they refused the channel, and now it's my test channel. It's useful. However, I can join any Pikmin-related channel if I find one...

Good bye.