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Estimated Object GF

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Estimated Object GF Treasure Hoard icon.
Number 167
Series Mystery Disk Series
Value Poko icon.png × 30
Weight 4
Maximum carriers 8 Pikmin
Location Shower Room
Challenge Mode levels None
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The Estimated Object GF (推定物体GF?) is a treasure exclusive to the Japanese version of Pikmin 2. It is an Ohayo-brand milk cover, and is found in Shower Room on sublevel 6.


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Olimar's journal[edit]

この星のあちこちで似たような物体を見かけるが、相関性はあるのだろうか? さまざまな推測が浮かぶが、真実はよくわからない。しかしだからこそロマンがあるといえる。

Machine translation[edit]

I see similar objects around this star, but is there a correlation? Various guesses come up, but the truth is not clear. But it can be said that there is romance.

Sales pitch[edit]


Machine translation[edit]

It is a mysterious object that I could not analyze even if I looked, hit it, thought, lick it, gnaw. Because it is enigmatic, the price is also a mystery. I want to say, but it is a big deal. Is there really anything worth it? Try to buy it with a gambling spirit!