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Plentiful Tank

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Plentiful Tank Treasure Hoard icon.
Plentiful Tank.png
Number 171 (EU only)
Series Massive Receptacle Series
Value Poko icon.png × 50
Weight 8
Maximum carriers 16 Pikmin
Location Shower Room
Challenge Mode levels None
"Honey" redirects here. For the nectar consumed by Pikmin, see Nectar.

The Plentiful Tank is a small Breitsamer honey jar, found only in the European version of Pikmin 2, on sublevel 6 of the Shower Room. Along with this sublevel's other two treasures, it can be found anywhere in the sublevel. Common locations are in a low stone arch underwater, behind a gate, or in one of the alcoves to either side of the long gray path, at the end of which the cave is often found. Enemies to contend with are Dwarf Orange Bulborbs, a Wollywog, a Bumbling Snitchbug, multiple small Dweevils, and an Orange Bulborb.

According to the label on it, this jar contains 67 grams worth of honey.


Olimar's journal

GameCube icon.png GameCube

The scale of objects found on this planet is overwhelming. I am sheer drowned in it! What instead of[sic] for the company, I brought this back for my family, that would buy us soo[sic] much food.

...Oh, I shouldn't really think about it.
Wii icon.png Wii
The sheer scale of the objects I've found on this planet never ceases to amaze me. Why, I could sink right to the bottom of this stuff! Just think how much I could save on my groceries if I brought this back for my family instead... No, I can't allow myself to think this way - I'm on a mission. I have to think of the company!

Sales pitch

Super mega size!!!

The large volume is overwhelming, tempting, a really massive food tank!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of France French Conteneur Pléthorique Plethoric Container
Flag of Germany German Tank des Überflusses Tank of Abundance
Flag of Italy Italian Vasca copiosa Copious Tank
Flag of Spain Spanish Tanque copioso Copious tank

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