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Artwork of the bomb rock.

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Check out these great songs

Baba O' Riley

Won't Get Fooled Again

Pinball Wizard


You better You Bet

Guitar And Pen

Who Are You

My Generation

Slip Kid

Eminence Front

THE WHO ROCKS!!! —???Unknown 12??? video game master

I agree.

SirPikmin,File:SIRPIKMIN.JPGYour bold Pikmin Knight!

The dumb, deaf, blind kid sure plays mean pinball. :P I'm ~LonelyRedpikminsprite.jpgTurret~ And I approve this message.

Here are more!

Squeeze Box

Magic Bus

The Seeker


Sister Disco

Going Mobile

Behind Blue Eyes

Music Must change

New Song

How Many Friends P.S. Try to listen to this song without almost crying!

The Who in MOTHER 3

In the game Mother 3 I'm playing through Chapter 4. There's a poster up on a wall and this is what it says when you examine it:

"WANTED! My Generation! (It appears to be an old concert poster put up by someone. But... who?)"

Is that awesome or what?! Portal-Kombat

Here are my favorite Who songs:

1. Baba O' Riley (Who's Next)

2. You Better You Bet (Face Dances)

3. Who Are You (Who Are You)

4. Guitar And Pen (Who Are You)

5. Won't Get Fooled Again (Whos Next)

Favorite Album: Who Are You (1978) What are your faves? —???Unknown 12??? video game master

I fixed the other page, the one you removed from the forum listing; you can move whatever back there now. Also, all these images goes against the purpose of the wiki: I don't think we're here to host loads of user images on random topics; you can always embed external images instead if you want. If others agree, I'm removing the images.GP

That's fine. U can delete the images if you want but do you mean of this page of off the upload thing window? But how did you fix the other page??? And How the heck do you request a new wiki. If I find out than this will be posted on the who wikia but i cant get to the third part! —???Unknown 12??? video game master

What exactly dose the who have to do whit the wiki? Last Onion

Not much but I could not find a Who Page so I dunno I just posted it and people liked the who. If anyone maybe could request a wiki called "The Who" that whould be great cause I dont have an email. —???Unknown 12??? video game master

I fixed it by adding '
This topic is closed: non-wiki discussion is no longer handled on these forums.
' back to the top. I meant delete the images from the wiki, not just remove them from the page. You can request a new wiki RequestWiki; you don't need an e-mail address if you already somehow managed to create an account without one: your username/password here will work there too.GP

Yeah I now that but i dont have an email so i can't get past the 2nd step. So maybe (and U really dont have 2) you could request a wiki called "The Who" unless you can request one without an email. —???Unknown 12??? video game master

Just get one from a free provider such as Yahoo or Google.--Prezintenden

Yes I got an email and I requested a wiki called "The Who" but its not out yet. I will tell U guys on this page if the wiki is out yet —???Unknown 12??? video game master

This just in. The new Who Wiki IS now WORKING AND READY TO GO SO LOG IN AND CREATE AN ACCOUNT THERE IF YOU WANT. —???Unknown 12??? video game master ________________________________________________________________________________


Songs in these albums:

Does Not Include Bonus Tracks

The Who Sings My Generation(1965) (Website shows the deluxe version)[edit]

1 Out In The Street

2 I Don't Mind

3 The Good's Gone

4 La La Lie's

5 Much Too Much

6 My Generation

7 The Kids Are Alright

8 Please, Please, Please

9 It's Not True

10 The Ox

11 A Legal Matter

12 Instant Party

Whos next:(1971)[edit]

1 Baba O' Riley

2 Bargain

3 Love aint for keeping

4 My Wife

5 The Song Is Over

6 Getting In Tune

7 Going Mobile

8 Behind Blue Eyes

9 Won't Get Fooled Again


1 I Am The Sea

2 The Real Me

3 Quadrophenia

4 Cut My Hair

5 The Punk And The God Father

6 Im One

7 The Dirty Jobs

8 Helpless Dancer

9 It's In My Head

10 I've Had Enough


1 5:15

2 Sea And Sand

3 Drowned

4 Bell Boy

5 Docter Jimmy

6 The Rock

7 Love, Reign O'er Me

The Who By Numbers:(1975)[edit]

1 Slip Kid

2 However Much I Booze

3 Squeeze Box

4 Dreaming from the waist

5 Imagine A Man

6 Succes Story

7 They Are All In Love

8 Blue Red And Grey

9 How Many Friends

10 In A Hand Or A Face

Who Are You:(1978)[edit]

1 New Song

2 Had Enough

3 905

4 Sister Disco

5 Music Must Change

6 Trick Of The Light

7 Guitar And Pen

8 Love Is Coming Down

9 Who Are You

Face Dances(1981)[edit]

1 You Better You Bet

2 Don't Let Go The Coat

3 Cache Cashe

4 The Quiet One

5 Did You Steal My Money

6 How Can You Do It Alone

7 Daily Records

8 You

9 Another Tricky Day

It's Hard (1982)[edit]

1 Athena

2 It's Your Turn

3 Cook's County

4 It's Hard

5 Dangerous

6 Eminence Front

7 I've Known No war

8 One Life's Not Enough

9 One At A Time

10 Why Did I Fall For That?

11 A Man Is A Man

12 Cry If You Want

Then And Now:(2004) (completion of many songs from other albums)[edit]

1 Can't Explain

2 My Generation

3 The Kids Are Alright

4 Substitute

5 I'm A Boy

6 Happy Jack

7 I Can See For Miles

8 Magic Bus

9 Pinball Wizard

10 See Me, Feel Me

11 Summertime Blues (Live)

12 Behind Blue Eyes

13 Won't Get Fooled Agian

14 5:15

15 Love, Reign O'er Me

16 Squeeze Box

17 Who Are You

18 You Better You Bet

19 Real Good Looking Boy

20 Old Red Wine

???Unknown 12??? video game master


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