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Milky Cradle

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Milky Cradle Treasure Hoard icon.
Milky Cradle.
Number 179
Series Mystery Disk Series
Value Icon for Pokos. Used on Template:Pokos. × 30
Weight 4
Maximum carriers 8 Pikmin
Location Shower Room
Challenge Mode levels None
The leaf texture used in Pikmin 2<span class="nowrap" style="padding-left:0.1em;">&#39;s</span> Challenge Mode menu. (Used on Pikipedia in the &#123;&#123;stub&#125;&#125; template.)

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The Milky Cradle (ミルキーゆりかご?) is a treasure exclusive to the Japanese version of Pikmin 2. It is a Kitaama-brand milk cover, found in Shower Room on sublevel 5.


Olimar's journal[edit]

  • Text: 分析してもよくわからなかったため、私の思いつきでベビー用品として売り出すことにした。ミルキーな香りに包まれたゆりかごの寝心地はきっと最高だろう。
  • Translation: We couldn't find anything from analyses, so as my idea, we decided to to sell it as baby goods. Babies must have a good night sleep with this cradle, wrapped in a milky fragrance.

Sales pitch[edit]

  • Text: お手軽な子育てグッズが新登場。ミルキーな香りに包まれるゆりかご。これで夜泣きが8割減。
  • Translation: This useful childcare product will be coming soon. A cradle wrapped in a milky scent. Nocturnal crying will be reduced by 80%.


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