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Every two months, Pikipedia's front page is updated. Since it involves a lot of steps, planning them out and using tools makes this painful task much easier. This page is here to help any staff member tasked with the update.

The updates happen on the first of February, first of April, etc. Because April Fool's lands on one of these days, the page should not be updated like normal, if there is a joke to be made. The first of April should update the front page exclusively for the joke, and the real front page updates should happen on the second of April.


Around an hour or so after midnight GMT, do the following:

Part 1: Poll[edit]

===  ===
{{old poll
|id     = 
|begin  = {{date|||}}
|end    = {{date|||}}
|votes  = 
|max    = 
|wvotes = 
| | 
| | 
| | 
| | 
| | 
| | 
  1. Go to the poll ideas page and
    1. Move community-accepted ones to the future polls list.
    2. Move community-rejected ones to the rejected ideas list.
  2. On the future polls list, decide a winner.
    • If further discussion is needed, talk to the community via chat.
  3. Create the poll on Crowdsignal (formerly PollDaddy).
    • Don't randomize the answer order (unless there's a very good reason).
    • Don't allow custom answers (unless there's a very good reason).
    • Keep poll open forever.
    • Repeat voters are blocked by the strongest option allowed (in a free account, at least).
    • Show results only to voters.
    • Allow comments.
    • Theme: If a custom theme is possible, then one that matches the wiki is preferred. Otherwise go with Plain Light, 300px size.
  4. Move the new poll from the future polls page to the archive.
  5. Add the old poll to the list of previous polls (tip: copy-paste that skeleton on the right).
  6. Update Template:Poll.

Part 2: Featured article[edit]

  1. Go to the featured article nominations page and decide the winner.
    • If further discussion is needed, talk to the community via chat.
  2. Edit the new featured article so that it follows the smallest policies and guidelines (tip: use Pikan).
  3. Move its nomination from the nominations page to the archive.
  4. Add the article to the list of featured articles.
    • Update the previous featured article's entry's end date on the list.
  5. Update the previous featured article to have the end date in the "featured" template.
    • Format: {{featured|{{date|start day|start month|start year}}|{{date|end day|end month|end year}}}}.
    • Move this to the bottom of the page, but keep it above any footer.
  6. Add the {{featured}} template to the top of the new featured article.
    • The format is the same as before, but without the end date.
  7. Update Template:Feature.
    • Copy a few of the introductory paragraphs from the article, but change them so they're more straight-to-the-point.
    • Copy an image, if at all possible. Ideally with a width of 250px.
    • Remember to update the "Read more..." link.

Part 3: Social media[edit]

  1. Tweet about the new featured article.
  2. Tweet about the new poll.
  3. Tweet about the old poll's results.
    • Format: Old poll: <verbose explanation about what fans voted for the most (+ vote percentage), and the least. If possible, include the other options, or at least the second most voted.>.
  4. Post on Facebook about all three things.
    • A verbose explanation of: the new featured page, with a link to it; the new poll, with a link to https://www.pikminwiki.com/Pikipedia:Poll; a more detailed explanation of the old poll's results than Twitter.