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Pikipedia has a poll system, where a poll is shown on the Main Page for users to vote on. Each poll is shown for 2 months, and they cover a variety of topics, from favorite areas to preferred control schemes.

Current poll

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Previous poll
Which Pikmin game has the best tutorial?
Winner: Pikmin (37% votes out of 5 options)

Older polls

See: Pikipedia:Poll/older polls

Poll process

Anyone can suggest ideas for Pikipedia polls on Pikipedia:Poll/ideas, and it's encouraged for editors to visit the page to see upcoming polls and add comments or votes of support or opposition. When it's time for the next poll to start, a staff member looks at the ideas and selects one. (Detailed instructions for that editor can be found here.) After 2 months, the poll's final results are added to Pikipedia:Poll/older polls.

If you have an idea for a poll, please suggest it! Any multiple-choice question that's Pikmin-related can be asked as a poll, but an ideal poll is one that:

  1. Fans of the series want to answer.
  2. Can provide some interesting stats after the votes are tallied.
  3. Doesn't have any "maybe" or "depends" answers, since those are almost always what people vote for.
  4. Only has a few available options.

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