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Pikipedia has a poll system, where a poll is shown on the Main Page for users to vote on. These ballots can range from trivial things, like what the reader's favorite leader is, to interesting statistical polls, like comparing the number of players that use certain control schemes.

The current poll is changed every two months. To help decide what will be the next poll, editors are encouraged to add and vote on poll ideas. When it's time to change the poll, a trusted editor is tasked with choosing a poll from the nominations, and communicating with the community to settle tie-breakers and what options to add. The poll is created on crowdsignal.com, and is then updated, with the previous poll being archived (but still opened for viewers to vote, if they so wish). Detailed instructions for the editor tasked with updating the poll can be found here. More details on a poll's lifetime can be found at the policy page.

Current poll[edit]

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Previous poll
What do you think of Pikmin 4 so far?
Winner: I'm loving it (86.6% votes out of 5 options)

Older polls[edit]

See: Pikipedia:Poll/Older polls

Future polls[edit]

If you have an idea for a poll or want to vote on other proposed ideas, see Pikipedia:Poll/ideas. Poll ideas that have been approved for future use are kept at Pikipedia:Poll/future polls.