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Articles about games in the Pikmin series should have the following sections, in the following order, except when not possible or not applicable. On top of these, the "usual" article content policies and guidelines make sense here too, like the infobox and the existence of a gallery. Remakes are mostly identical to the originals, so their articles should focus on the differences instead. Secondary games, like the Super Smash Bros. series shouldn't really follow these guidelines.

The opening paragraphs (before any section) should give an introduction to the game, and should also mention the following points:

  • The platform it is on.
  • What games were released before and after.
  • Where the game takes place in the timeline.


This section should give an outline of how the main plot in story mode works.


This section explains all of the game's endings, how they play out, and how to obtain them. It should start with a {{spoiler}} template.


This section should explain the general gameplay. If this is a sequel, this section should focus half on the general gameplay, and half on what changed between the previous games and this one.

Game modes[edit]

Quick list of game modes, and an introduction to each. Include links to the game modes' pages.



Types of Pikmin present in this game. For types that have been introduced in previous games, explain how they changed from their previous appearances. For new types, give them a brief introduction. Always link to the actual Pikmin type's page with {{main}}.


Explain how to access new areas and list them. Do the same for caves if they exist. Add a one-line description of each area, too.

Ship parts / Treasures / Fruits[edit]

A link to the article that lists them all, with {{see}}. Also, include a quick description of the collectibles in this game, like their purpose, the theme(s) they follow, how many there are in total, if they change between versions, if only one of them appears in the whole game, etc.


A link to the section that lists the enemies in this game, in the enemy article, using {{see}}, as well as a quick description of how enemies work in this game, specially when compared to previous titles.

Plants and fungi[edit]

A link to the section that lists the plants and fungi in this game, in the vegetation article, using {{see}}, as well as a quick description of the vegetation in this game.


Quick list of the main characters in the game. Enemies shouldn't count, so this should just be the leaders, for now.


A link to the section that lists the controls in this game, in the controls article, using {{see}}, along with a brief description of the control peripherals and an outline of what actions players can perform.



Links to articles with in-game quotes and transcripts, using {{see}}.


Links to the game's music article, using {{see}}.

References to other series[edit]

If there is an article and section for it, link to it with {{see}}. Otherwise, this section contains a list of things in other media that this game references, if any exist.

Easter eggs and secrets[edit]

Just a link to the section in the Easter eggs page, with {{see}}.

Regional differences[edit]

Just a link to the game's regional differences page, with {{see}}.


Just a link to the mistake page, with {{see}}.


Simply a link to the glitches page, with {{see}}.

Prerelease information[edit]

Just a link to the game's prerelease information page, with {{see}}.

Unused content[edit]

Just a link to the game's unused content page, with {{see}}.


This section explains events that happened to the game throughout its history, even past the launch day. The sub-sections here are not mandatory, just recommendations.


Info about the game's development. What consoles it went through, what inspired its creation, etc. prerelease information, regional differences and unused content should be mentioned and linked to, but only very briefly, as there are already full articles dedicated to them.


When the game came out, in all regions, plus info about any re-makes and demos.


An explanation of all versions of the game, linking to the relevant articles using {{main}} at the start of the section. These include regional versions, software versions, and ports.


How well the game was received, including sales, reviews, and fan reception.

Downloadable content[edit]

If the game has downloadable content, use {{see}} to link to its page, and give a quick outline of what the game's DLC is about, as well as its total price.

Connections to other games[edit]

This section should start with {{see also|Canon}}.

Plot connections with other games. Start with games from the series, and only add games outside the series second. This section should only give a very brief highlight of how the game's plot is related to other games. In other words, it shouldn't explain that the Red Pikmin in Pikmin 2 are shaded a similar tone to the Red Pikmin in Pikmin, but it should explain how the plot starts right after Olimar's return from Pikmin. It should also serve as a way for readers to understand if they need to play a different game first before this one, so they don't miss out on any plot.


Just a link to the section in the credits page, with {{see}}.


Boxart, disc images, links to the manuals, etc., for every version of the game. Links to promotional material should also be added with {{see also}}.

External links[edit]

Besides any links needed by the article itself, you should also include links to:

  • The game's official website (or an archive).
  • Its page on StrategyWiki.