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Revised Eternal Fuel Dynamo

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Revised Eternal Fuel Dynamo Treasure Hoard icon.
Revised Eternal Fuel Dynamo.
Number 158
Series Mystical Energy Series
Value Icon for Pokos. Used on Template:Pokos. × 160
Weight 15
Maximum carriers 20 Pikmin
Location Shower Room
Challenge Mode levels None
The leaf texture used in Pikmin 2<span class="nowrap" style="padding-left:0.1em;">&#39;s</span> Challenge Mode menu. (Used on Pikipedia in the &#123;&#123;stub&#125;&#125; template.)

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The Revised Eternal Fuel Dynamo (永久燃料 ダイナモ改?) is a treasure exclusive to the Japanese version of Pikmin 2. It is a National NEO Hi-Top C battery. It is found in Shower Room on sublevel 2. Its name is probably a reference to the Eternal Fuel Dynamo ship part from Pikmin (game).


Olimar's journal[edit]

  • Text: 未知のテクノロジーとは本当にすごいものだ……。この物体からは永久にエネルギーがわいてくるらしい。これで電気代が節約できれば、妻に私のこづかいを上げてもらえるかも……。
  • Translation: Unknown technology is really amazing... It seems that this object can produce energy indefinitely. If this helps lower the electric bill, my wife may give me my allowance back...

Sales pitch[edit]

  • Text: 永久につきることのないエネルギー! ホンマか? と、うたがってはダメ。信じる気持ちが大きな力を生むのです!
  • Translation: It stores energy that will never run out! "Seriously?" you ask? Don't doubt it! Believing gives great power!


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