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Rewind Time

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Rewind Time is a feature in Pikmin 4 that allows the player to return to a previous point in gameplay. It can be accessed from the pause menu, and presents the player with options for how far back in time to go. It is usable in both above-ground areas and in cave sublevels, and can also be used in Olimar's Shipwreck Tale. However, it cannot be used in Dandori Challenges (including the sublevels of the Trial of the Sage Leaf) nor Dandori Battles, which instead have an option to restart the challenge or battle from the beginning. After time has been rewinded, the player character, Oatchi and any stray Pikmin will be teleported to the current base and all tasks will be called off.

It partially replaces the "Restart Day" feature in previous games.


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Points that can be rewinded to[edit]

  • Start of a day or sublevel
  • Exiting of a cave into the overworld
  • Minute intervals

Minute intervals cannot normally be rewinded to in caves. The lone exception to this rule is sublevel 20 of the Cavern for a King.



  • Some specific endgame screens show the total time played, and the Rewind Time feature does not subtract it. The time that was played before the rewind still counts.

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