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Hi I'm Ace Shadow. I like Pikmin and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Top 15 most annoying (hardest??) enemies in Pikmin 1 and 2

1.Emperor Bulblax (Pikmin 1 type)-A fat evil beast. 2.Titan Dweevil-A giant spider with a bunch of weapons. 3.Man-at-Legs-A robotic spider thing with a rapid-fire cannon. 4.Bumbling Snitchbug-A flying... thing that picks you up and throws you. 5.Pileated Snagret-A bird/snake thing that comes out of the ground and hops. 6.Burrowing Snagret (Pikmin 1 type) -Another bird/snake thing but lower health. 7.Waterwraith-Some weird water phantom that crushes your Pikmin. 8.Smokey Progg-A big brown, poisonous frog thing in Pikmin 1 only. 9.Spotty Bulbear- Like a Spotty Bulborb that roams the map with more HP. (more) 10.Segmented Crawbster-A weird crabbish thing with a big arm. 11.Ranging Bloyster- Some... thing that's hard to attack. 12.Gatling Groink- A weird metal thing with a cannon that's health regenerates. 13.Antenna Beetle- Some bug that calls your Pikmin and leads them into traps. 14.Careening Dirigibug- A thing with baloons that drops bomb-rocks. 15.Swooping Snitchbug- A flying pest that throws your Pikmin. (Just a pest.)

                          THAT'S ALL

I don't remember my password and my e-mail isn't working now because my computers broken, so I can't log in or anything so I just ask to possibly have the wiki people maybe retrieve my password if possible. Thanks.