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Antenna Beetle Piklopedia icon.
Antenna Beetle.png
Appears in Pikmin 2
Scientific name Mesmeri raiocontra
Family Kettlebug
Areas None
Caves Snagret Hole, Hole of Heroes, Dream Den
Challenge Mode levels None
2-Player Battle levels None
Attacks Attracts and pacifies Pikmin, interferes with Treasure Gauge

Antenna Beetles (カマドフマ?, lit.: "Cave Cricket") are creatures in Pikmin 2 that can pose danger to Pikmin, but not directly. They use their wings to produce sounds of a high pitch, which interferes with the Treasure Gauge and attracts Pikmin, much as the leaders' whistles do. That effect overrides any similar commands issued by Olimar, so they are able to take command of any Pikmin that are nearby; the only way to regain control of them is to kill it, or force it into leaping away again. Having Pikmin captured is where the danger comes in, because this creature may lead them into a hazard. The beast periodically jumps away and returns, stumbling as it lands, and can be led into disembarking in such a manner by attacking it. Approaching the beast often has a similar effect. In attack, it can be swarmed as it lands or have Pikmin thrown on top of; Purple Pikmin work the best, as they may stun it, preventing it from getting up and jumping away. If Pikmin lands on it, it will roll over, not much different from an Anode Beetle.

The Antenna Beetle is relatively rare, found in only a few underground locations. The Treasure Gauge being dysfunctional (the needle fluttering about and flashing a pinkish color) is an absolute indication that one is on the same sublevel as the leaders.


Weight Max.
Seeds Value Health Regen.
3 6 5[note 1] Poko icon.png × 5 700 No
  1. This enemy cannot be delivered to Onions in-game. This information is obtained from the game files.


Olimar's notes

This creature is able to control the Pikmin by way of the peculiar frequency of its roar, but its only objective seems to be defensive in nature, as it stops Pikmin from attacking and forces them to run away. This beast prefers humid, dimly lit environments, and has been known to inhabit empty and discarded containers. For this reason, it's wise to thoroughly ventilate any specimens that are recovered. Lifting off with one of these creatures in the hold can lead to a rupturing of the specimen during decompression, resulting in an explosive mess.

Louie's notes

Extract meat from the exoskeleton and sear on all sides in a hot wok to seal in the flavor. Top the dish off with a splash of spicy peanut sauce.

Nintendo Player's Guide[edit]

Although it can't defeat Pikmin, the Antenna Beetle can seriously confuse the sprouts and take them under its wing with a whistle of its own. Call the Pikmin immediately after the beetle brainwashes them. The bug also sends your Treasure Gauge out whack. Defeat it before you hunt for prizes.

Technical information[edit]

Other information[edit]

  • Size: Body length: 40mm, as per the e-card
  • Piklopedia number: #34


The creature is called Antenna Beetle due to it "whistling" an area around it, perhaps using its antennae, or perhaps because it mimics the way a spacesuit's antenna shakes when a leader is whistling. In Japan, its name is カマドフマ?, which is similar to カマドウマ?, or a cave cricket. Its scientific name is Mesmeri raiocontra, and in it, mesmeri is similar to the English word "mesmerize", and raiocontra could be considered a combination of raio and contra. Raio, in this context, is Portuguese for "beam", and contra is Latin for "counter", maybe referring to how the whistle's "beam" is used to counter the Pikmin's aggressiveness. Internally, the creature is called fuefuki, which in Japanese is ふえふき? (lit.: "Flute Player").

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カマドフマ?
Cave Cricket
French Scarabée à Antennes Antenna Beetle
Italian Antennottero From "antenna" and the suffix "-ttero" (pterum) commonly found in winged bugs



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