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Scientific Name Pikmikinus Playius
Family User
Areas Pikipedia
Underground Areas None
Carry Weight 174,000
Max. Carriers 174,150 Pikmin
Seed Worth ?
Treasure Value 1,000,000 pokos
Attacks Controls Olimar

Pikminplayer0810 is the newest addition to the Pikipedia roster. He appeared in 2008. He is a very skilled player in the Pikmin Series. He is the tyre of person who cleans up the articles to try to make it perfect. This creature is very skilled at technical tolls such as image editing to video editing. He is a pikmin fanatic and knows alot of it by heart. His favorite Pikmin is the Purple Pikmin. His all-time favorite and hardest enemy is the Titan Dweevil.

How to Defeat

Pikmin and Captain

Due to dime-size of the Pikmin and the Captain, this creature will not be able to be defeated in any way possible.



1. Titan Dweevil 2. Bulbmin 3. Waterwraith


1. Flare Cannon 2. Shock Therapist 3. Invigorator


1. Purple Pikmin 2. Yellow Pikmin 3. Red Pikmin