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Hi! I own New Play Control! Pikmin and Pikmin 2 on Gamecube. I haven't completed them but I am halfway through Pikmin 3 and have 100% completed Pikmin Adventure. I currently have the demo for Hey! Pikmin on my 2DS but I don't play it much. I discovered Pikipedia years ago but only now I have an account. Careening Dirigibugs are my favourite enemy but Toady Bloysters and Beady Long Legs are cool too. I have gotten to Twilight River on Pikmin 3 and on day 2-3 on New Play Control! Pikmin. I am English and can't wait for Pikmin 4 coming out for Nintendo Switch later on in 2018. For now, completing Pikmin 3 is my main thing and I'm on day 52. I haven't got enough room on my Gamecube SD Card so I have gotten to day 3 but it didn't save. I hope you had a great time reading this and, HAPPY PIKMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brittany is my favourite Captain.OLIIIIIIIIIMAR!!!!!!!!!!

About Me

I dislike Pikmin because when I first played, in 2013, I drowned all my Red Pikmin. Pikmin 2 is more chilled so, MORE FUN!!! Pikmin 3 is just fun.


Pikmin is fun and I have read about it since 2012!

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Pikmin 4 needs to come out.

New Weather Suggestions!

Toxic Rain

Random death chance and Sporovids and Snavians can spawn.

Sand Storm

All Pikmin get thrown about and can choke if idle. White and Pink Pikmin are weakest and Purples are immune.

Meteor Storm

Boulders fall and crush your army. Only on the final day.


Any non Yellows can die and Anode Beetles, Anode Dweevils and Vehemoth Phosbats spawn (baby phosbats too.)

Rainbow Happiness Magic!!!!!!!

All Pikmin are powered up and enemies are blind so are easier to kill. Specifically for day 1.


I have a new Pikmin type, behold, THE PIKLIK!!!! It licks.


YouTuber I subscribed to!

Dazzletsplays Dazzreviews PikminDaily Nintendo Scruffy